W.O.R.D. Center Video Update - Winter 2019


Have you ever noticed in Scripture that during times of revival among God’s people, a building project was often taking place?

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For instance, Elisha was building the school of the prophets. Nehemiah was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. King Hezekiah was preparing for an Assyrian invasion by building “up all the wall that was broken, [raising] it up to the towers, and [building] another wall outside” (2 Chronicles 32:5). King Solomon’s reign, one of the most prosperous periods in Israel’s history, was marked especially by the construction of a magnificent temple for the Lord.

These stories remind me that as Amazing Facts continues to build the W.O.R.D. Center, the new headquarters we’ve dedicated to God’s glory, my hope is that this much-needed evangelism center will also be used by God to help inspire worldwide Christian revival—and real growth in your walk of faith.

Of course, the proclamation of the full gospel is still our primary mission! Some may ask, “Why build something new so close to the second coming of Jesus?” I’m reminded of Noah, who was called to a major building project just before the Flood. Indeed, every person in the world today owes their life to Noah’s building program!

Likewise, all the hammers now being swung on the site of the W.O.R.D. Center affirm our last-day mission. We know that every nail driven and every brick laid will provide a powerful platform to expand this ministry’s vital work. It is through this structure, by the power of the Holy Spirit, that you and I together will amplify the three angels’ messages so that the entire world can hear it before it’s too late.

So if you see me with a Bible in one hand and a hammer in the other, it’s because I’m following the example of our forefathers—building His kingdom during a critical time in history!

The W.O.R.D. Center Structures

The new Amazing Facts campus will be comprised of two adjacent buildings.

First, a 35,000-Sq. Ft. office headquarters for Amazing Facts International.The W.O.R.D. Center Structures image one

  • There will be room for more workers to broadcast, publish, teach, and train—ministries that can’t grow now due to a lack of space.
  • New broadcast and film studios will meet our need for different sets, better sound and picture quality, readily available for live broadcasting, editing, reproduction, and streaming.
  • We will also have adequate room for all the vital support functions required to keep an international ministry functioning—from finance and human resources to IT and shipping.

Second, a 61,000-Sq. Ft. media evangelism, worship, and training center.The W.O.R.D. Center Structures image two

  • By partnering with the thriving congregation where Pastor Doug serves as senior pastor, Amazing Facts will benefit from a large pool of volunteers and a lively audience for productions of new programs.
  • It’s designed to meet the needs of a growing congregation, while helping with construction costs for a media-ready worship center through which Amazing Facts will steadily stream Sabbath services, evangelistic programming, revivals, prophecy seminars, children’s programs, health events, and discipleship training—including Sabbath School Study Hour.

Progress Report …

Progress Report … image oneProperty. 

Paving the main road is now complete, and the parking lot lights are set. All underground utilities are in, and all off site paving, striping, and signalization is finished.

The Sanctuary. 

The concrete walls are up, and structural steel is being installed. All steel and roof joists are on site, and the roof is near completion.

Progress Report … image two

The Office. 

The tilt walls are up, and the structural frame is complete, along with joists and decking. The roof is now finished, and work on the second floor decking is completed, along with the framing of the interior walls. An audio/visual team is working on the design and build of the media system.

Construction Timeline

Construction Timeline image one
  • Summer 2017 — Site prep and foundations laid
  • Winter/Spring 2018 — Floors and walls poured
  • Summer 2018 — Rough shell raised
  • Fall 2018 — Structural steel, roof and exterior placed
  • Winter/Spring 2019 — Interior work begins
  • Summer 2019 — Estimated completion of office
  • Fall 2019 — Estimated completion of church

Current Funding Process

Current Funding Process image oneW.O.R.D. Center Buildings and Site Work Cost $28,100,000

  • Commitment & Funds Received - $20,856,663 (74%)
  • Granite Bay Church Member Campaign - $3,500,000 (13%)
  • Sale of Existing Offices and Real Estate - $2,849,000 (10%)
  • Still Needed - $894,337 (3%)

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