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Catholics and Protestants come together - Hands across the gulf
Does this latest ecumenical push fulfill prophecy?

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Seven Unusual Reasons to Be Thankful  
AF Blog
November 2014
During our annual seasons of thanksgiving, it can be pretty easy to make a list of obvious blessings for which we might be grateful. If you’re sitting around a bountiful table filled with delicious food, thankfulness more readily flows from heart. When your children are healthy, your job is steady, and your relationships are intact, it’s less challenging to praise God. But...

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Revelation: History Not Mystery
In Revelation the apostle John tells of a vision of a struggle between good and evil, a battle that has raged since the dawn of time. From the kingdoms and rul...

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November 2014 | #104
In a time of so many distractions from television, to the internet, movies, and more, Bible study is ...
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Where in the world is Pastor Doug?

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"Landmarks of Prophecy" is already having a tremendous impact!
Is Jesus a created being? Did He have a beginning?
Here's another great way to watch AFTV on your television!

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The lungfish of South Africa is an extraordinary creature with remarkable abilities. While the lungfish has gills like any other fish, it can also bre...

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