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Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
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November 30, 2015
Tiny Book, Big Message
What is no bigger than a granule of sugar but has 1.2 million letters etched into it? The Nano Bible contains the entire Old Testament and requires an electron microscope to read it. But you don't really need special equipment to read God’s Word.  
November 23, 2015
Choosing Thankfulness
Davey Blackburn has a reason to not be thankful. A few weeks ago his pregnant wife was killed in their home. Can a person choose gratitude even in the midst of this kind of horror?  
November 16, 2015
Day of Evil
Horror struck Paris on the evening of November 13 when a series of terrorist attacks killed 129 people and wounded 415 more. The assaults were the deadliest in France since World War II. What can we make of this terrible tragedy?  
November 09, 2015
Faith in the Land of the Red Dragon
Christianity in China, the largest official atheistic country in the world, is growing rapidly despite the government’s attempts to control the spread and practice of religion. Is it a sign of the end?  
November 02, 2015
Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Errors
Another bestseller about heaven attempts to confirm the realities of life after death through a study of near-death experiences. Can we trust these phenomena to guide our beliefs about what happens when people die?  
October 26, 2015
Grave Deceptions: Halloween in America
The numbers are astonishing when it comes to people celebrating Halloween in the United States ...  
October 19, 2015
The New Addiction
Research confirms that "millennials" are addicted to social media. And the biggest fallout is that it causes them to be … less social. Does the Bible offer any insight into how Christians should regard media like Snapchat, Tinder, or Facebook?  
October 12, 2015
A Burning Mistake
Should we hear more sermons about hell? Some Christian believe this is a neglected topic in the pulpit, yet some long-held beliefs about hell-fire are more pagan tradition than real Bible teaching …  
October 05, 2015
Without Self-Control
A mass shooting took place on October 1, 2015, at Umpqua Community College just north of Roseburg, Oregon. Nine people were fatally shot and nine others were injured. A shocked and grieving community naturally wonders, “Where is God?”  
September 15, 2015
The Pope, America & Prophecy
Protestants in America have a history of mistrusting the Catholic Church, but attitudes are rapidly changing as many—from all faiths and no faith at all—are opening their arms to welcome Pope Francis on his first visit to the United States. Is this a good sign?  
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