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Margaret’s Crystal Goblet

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AN AMAZING FACT:  Early in the 16th century, Holland was ruled by Margaret of Austria. In those uneasy days of intrigue and murder, rulers took every precaution against sudden death. Margaret was no exception. She feared death by poisoning, and because it was believed that pure rock crystal would disclose the presence of poison, she would drink from nothing but a goblet made of this rare mineral.

One day a servant, handing Margaret a drink, dropped the goblet to the stone floor. The shattered crystal was carefully swept up, but one tiny fragment flew unnoticed into Margaret’s slipper. The splinter of glass worked its way into her foot, which soon became painful, then grew red and swollen with infection. By the time the doctors were called, gangrene was far advanced. Immediate amputation was necessary, but the great Margaret of Austria did not survive the terrible ordeal. Ironically, she died of poisoning caused by the very crystal she believed would protect her from such a death.

Friends, did you know that many today are placing their confidence in something that not only cannot satisfy but could even cause their death? In a desire to have power and know the future, some people are seeking out the help of channelers, sorcerers, and witches. Assuming they are speaking with great people who are dead, some look for valuable information that will help them in their lives. But it is all a fraud of the devil.

King Saul, in desperation, went to the witch of Endor to supposedly speak with Samuel the prophet, who was dead. Yet God clearly commanded that spiritualists be driven out of Israel and be put to death. The Bible unmasks all spiritualism as the work of demonic and satanic forces. Saul had already rejected the counsel of Samuel, and when he inquired of God for help, the Lord did not answer. What Saul saw when he visited the witch was something that he “perceived” looked like Samuel. Since the “dead do not know anything” (Ecclesiastes 9:5), it was Satan masquerading in the form of a dead person.

The ultimate end of Saul’s visit with the witch of Endor was not life and happiness, but ruin and death. He came looking for help, but had already rejected the word of God that was repeatedly sent to him. His visit with the witch, like Margaret’s crystal goblet, was (he hoped) going to save him. In the end, it was a final step to the grave. Friends, don’t be deceived by the devil’s substitutes!

See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil;
- Deuteronomy 30:15

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