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The Power of a Seed

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AN AMAZING FACT:  The oldest known viable seeds were found in 1954 in a lemming burrow in Canada’s frigid Yukon. The frozen burrow, buried in silt and sediment, was 4,200 years old. When the arctic tundra lupine seeds were placed in favorable conditions, several seeds sprouted within 48 hours. One of the plants later bloomed.

There is power hidden deep within a seed. It is the power of a promise that, given the right conditions, a plant should sprout and grow. Today’s amazing fact illustrates that even ancient seeds can retain this power. Bean seeds have even been found in the 3,400-year-old tomb of Egyptian King Tutankhamen. After planting them in rich soil and providing proper water and sunshine, the seeds sprouted and grew into healthy plants.

God promised a seed of blessing to Abraham and his descendants that a Savior would come from his lineage. This birthright was to be passed from generation to generation through the eldest son. In Genesis 27 we discover that through trickery, Isaac blessed Jacob. Even though Jacob deceived his father, he still received the power of this blessing. The words spoken by the aging father to his second son came true. Esau later came and begged for his father to pray over him, but it was not with the same richness as Jacob’s blessing.

The Savior of the world did come through the lineage of Jacob. The seed of Abraham did sprout and bear fruit. Jesus Christ came as a son of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This birthright is available to us today. We may receive a promise of eternal life if we do not despise God’s hand, which reaches out to bless us. Let the seed of faith be planted in our hearts. Let us water and nourish our hope every day. Then we will watch with amazement as the tiny seed, no matter how old it might seem, sprouts and grows into a life that will last for eternity.

And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.
- Genesis 22:18

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