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Request free offers from past broadcasts of Amazing Facts Presents and other programs. Each offer is unique and provides useful information on the resource being investigated. You will be taken directly into our store shopping cart to receive this offer for free.

Please Note: Because of shipping costs, free offers are only available to residents of North America.

Offer #773
 Offer #773:  Hellfire, A Twisted Truth Untangled (PB)  Aired week of: 03/01/2015
As offered on the Amazing Facts Presents broadcast:
The false doctrine of an ever-burning place of torment controlled by the devil has caused many to stray from God and distrust His loving character. But now you can h...

Offer #191
 Offer #191:  Satan's Confusing Counterfeits (LS09)  Aired week of: 03/01/2015
As offered on the Sabbath School Study Hour ›› Proverbs broadcast:
Outlines the two main strategies Satan uses to cause even the most religious people to sin....

Offer #737
 Offer #737:  Is it a sin to be tempted  Aired week of: 02/22/2015
As offered on the Everlasting Gospel broadcast:
Find the power to be victorious when faced with temptation....

Offer #119
 Offer #119:  Is the Devil in Charge of Hell? (SG)  Aired week of: 02/22/2015
As offered on the Amazing Facts Presents broadcast:
Well? Does God really keep the devil on His payroll - is he the chief superintendent of hell measuring out the punishment of the lost? Nearly the entire world holds ...

Offer #187
 Offer #187:  Is It Possible to Live WO Sinning(LS 16)  Aired week of: 02/22/2015
As offered on the Sabbath School Study Hour ›› Proverbs broadcast:
Provides assurance that it is possible, through Christ, to achieve total victory over sin....

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There are some difficult passages in the Bible about Hell that are frequently misunderstood. This program explains how the traditional views of Hell are not correct and there actually is good news about it. (Part 2)
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You better believe it! See a glimpse of the place we can all look forward to when Jesus comes.

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Abraham in Pasian hopihna atelzak mahmah laitakin khuavak nailo hi. “Abraham aw, na it mahmah khat bek na neih na tapa Moriah mualte lakah kong lahna munah hong paipih inla kithohna, biakpiakna-in hong pia in.” Piancil 22:1,2.
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More and more of the world is turning to renewable forms of energy to power their needs. But in many places, the potential for all this power isn’t being harnessed. Interestingly, that very same phenomenon is happening in our spiritual lives—we're not harnessing the power God has in store for us to live a Christ-like life. How can you change that?
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The brightest manmade light in the world resides atop the famous Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, but what is its purpose?


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