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Request free offers from past broadcasts of Amazing Facts Presents and other programs. Each offer is unique and provides useful information on the resource being investigated. You will be taken directly into our store shopping cart to receive this offer for free.

Please Note: Because of shipping costs, free offers are only available to residents of North America.

Offer #123
 Offer #123:  1,000 Years of Peace (SG)  Aired week of: 10/19/2014
As offered on the Everlasting Gospel broadcast:
You can be certain that it's coming - an incredible millennium that will be ushered in after Christ's return. And the devil doesn't want you to know about his 1,000-...

Offer #113
 Offer #113:  Lost Day of History, The (SG)  Aired week of: 10/19/2014
As offered on the Amazing Facts Presents broadcast:
Did you know there is a very important day that almost everyone has forgotten about? It's astounding that only a few people are aware of it, because it's one of the ...

Offer #603
 Offer #603:  Who Do You Think You Are (BK-WDYT)  Aired week of: 10/19/2014

Offer #121
 Offer #121:  Purity & Power! (SG)  Aired week of: 10/12/2014
As offered on the Everlasting Gospel broadcast:
Are you tired of hurting your loved ones and wounding your conscience? Do you live in constant regret for your past mistakes? Have you ever wished you could take a b...

Offer #156
 Offer #156:  High Cost of the Cross, The (LS14)  Aired week of: 10/12/2014
As offered on the Amazing Facts Presents broadcast:
Delve to the very heart of our faith with this classic, heart-changing journey into why Christ had to die the second death to free us from the penalty of our sins....

Offer #708
 Offer #708:  Tips For Resisting Temptation (PB)  Aired week of: 10/12/2014
Get solid, biblical advice for overcoming the perils that threaten your relationship with the Father. By following Jesus' example, your life can be filled with victo...

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An issue at the end of time will be a focus on worship. The beast of Revelation 13 seeks to force all to worship the image of the beast. What is this all about?
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The false doctrine of an ever-burning place of torment controlled by the devil has caused many to stray from God and distrust His loving character. But now you can have biblical evidence against a hell of eternal suffering and punishment and find assurance in God's love and mercy. Perfect for sharing!

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The book of Ruth is the story of redemption. It begins with wandering and poverty and ends with rest and exalting. Ruth and Boaz were Jesus' ancestors. The future of the world was altered by the love story in the barley field..
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"Though it's not easy, and often goes against our nature, true love involves a substantial amount of risk and calls us to tear down barriers that separate us as people, both outside and (especially) inside the church."
The Book of James
"Salvation begins by seeing who we really are, not who we imagine ourselves to be."


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