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Request free offers from past broadcasts of Amazing Facts Presents and other programs. Each offer is unique and provides useful information on the resource being investigated. You will be taken directly into our store shopping cart to receive this offer for free.

Please Note: Because of shipping costs, free offers are only available to residents of North America.

Offer #154
 Offer #154:  Down From His Glory (PB)  Aired week of: 02/01/2015
As offered on the Everlasting Gospel broadcast:
Fully divine, fully human ... or both? A study of Christ's human nature in the context of His earthly life....

Offer #144
 Offer #144:  Does God Inspire Astrologers Psychics?SG  Aired week of: 02/01/2015
As offered on the Amazing Facts Presents broadcast:
If some self-proclaimed prophet suddenly arose and began drawing crowds with stirring messages, healing the sick, raising the dead, bringing fire from heaven, and re...

Offer #778
 Offer #778:  Determining the Will of God (PB)  Aired week of: 02/01/2015
As offered on the Sabbath School Study Hour ›› Proverbs broadcast:
How do you know what the will of God is for your life? Find out how to know the path God has for you. With practical, biblical advice, this little book will help you...

Offer #714
 Offer #714:  Alone in The Crowd (PB)  Aired week of: 01/25/2015
As offered on the Everlasting Gospel broadcast:
How can you be part of the group without compromising your principles? This little book provides encouragement as well as answers....

Offer #113
 Offer #113:  Lost Day of History, The (SG)  Aired week of: 01/25/2015
As offered on the Amazing Facts Presents broadcast:
Did you know there is a very important day that almost everyone has forgotten about? It's astounding that only a few people are aware of it, because it's one of the ...

Offer #158
 Offer #158:  Square Circles and Carnal Christians (PB)  Aired week of: 01/25/2015
As offered on the Sabbath School Study Hour ›› Proverbs broadcast:
Proves you can have a fulfilling, vibrant life giving up wordly habits and living for Jesus....

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