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Why did the dogs not eat Jezebel's hands, head and feet?

Scripture: 2 Kings 9:30-37
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Why did the dogs not eat Jezebel's hands, head and feet? It was prophesied that Jezebel would be eaten by dogs which is taken to mean someone who is greatly accursed. We don't know exactly why, but in other parts of Scripture we know that the mark of the beast will be on the hand and in the forehead. Perhaps there is a connection here.

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Caller:  My question is about Jezebel’s death.  I want to know why the dogs didn’t eat her skull, her feet, and her palms of her hands.

Pastor Doug:  You know, Brenda, you’ve done something that doesn’t happen often.  You’ve asked a question that nobody has ever asked me before.  I’m acquainted with the story and I’m going to shoot from the hip here and just tell you that it’s probably because she had bony hands and there wasn’t much there to eat.  Laughter 

Dogs typically and this is a little gruesome but the Bible says the eunuchs threw her out of a window that was on the wall.  She lived high up on the wall in the city of Jezreel, and when Jehu rebelled against her son who was the king, she stuck her head out the window and she said “Has Zimri peace who slew his master?” I’m doing this from memory now.  He called to other eunuchs to throw her down and some eunuchs who were disgusted with Jezebel’s leadership tossed her out the window and it was quite a fall, I guess.  She hit the ground and died.  They trode over her with the horses because the people in Israel had such contempt for Jezebel.  She’d introduced Baal worship, she’d killed the prophets of God she was a wicked, wicked woman. 

They tromped her with the horses and went to eat, and when they came back they thought, ‘You know, she was a king’s daughter’, she was the daughter of another king’s realm, and they thought ‘We should at least give her an appropriate burial’ and they came back and the wild dogs, the jackals and the dogs that lived outside the city, had disposed of her except for the hands and head.  And isn’t it interesting that the Mark of the Beast is in the forehead or it’s in the hand. 

So there is, I think at least, a spiritual parallel there.  But if you want to know from a pragmatic point of view, there’s not a lot of meat on an old lady’s bony fingers.  That’s probably why the dogs-.  I don’t usually deal with these issues, but it is in the Bible and we try to answer any question.

Caller:  I thought maybe it had significance.

Pastor Doug:  Well, the spiritual significance, like I said, is in the forehead and in the hand is a symbol for what’s in your heart and what’s in your hand.  And the infamous way she died, without a proper burial, was a symbol that she was cursed. 

Caller:  Okay.  That makes sense.

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