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Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
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April 07, 2010
Rescue From a Prowling Predator
The tragic story of kidnapped teenager Chelsea King represents the worst nightmare for any parent. What parent or grandparent wouldn’t shudder at such heartless, wicked predators preying upon the young and innocent? Yet even as we mourn this senseless act, we need to remember that another cold-blooded predator is relentlessly seeking to destroy the hearts and minds of our young. Who will protect them from this “angry lion seeking to devour”? Learn more from Pastor Doug about the dangers threatening our youth and what Amazing Facts is doing to make a difference before it’s too late …  
March 08, 2010
The Cycle of Evangelism
Jerry attended a Bible prophecy series presented by an Amazing Facts evangelist and was won over by the power of God's Word and the love of Jesus. Following his baptism, he was inspired to attend AFCOE, where he learned to share the gospel anytime, anyplace, and with anyone. Today he is now back in his home church and has already conducted his own evangelistic meetings. As a result, even more lives have been changed by this dynamic domino effect of evangelistic power! Read more from Pastor Doug Batchelor!  
January 14, 2010
Horror in Haiti: What does it mean?
URGENT: On January 9, Eureka, California, experienced a 6.5 earthquake.  That’s huge, but because the epicenter was 10 miles deep and 20 miles away, damage was minimal.  Just three days later, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, experienced a direct seismic hit.

Does the Bible have anything to say to us during times likes this? Pastor Doug takes a closer look ...
January 13, 2010
Checklist for Eternity
An Amazing Fact: On July 23, 1983, Air Canada Flight 143, a Boeing 767, ran out of fuel at 41,000 feet on its way to Edmonton. When the aircraft’s cockpit warning sounded to indicate a fuel problem on the left side, the pilots assumed that a fuel pump had failed and turned off the alarm. A few moments later, a second fuel alarm sounded. Soon both engines, starving for fuel, went silent, terrifying the 63 passengers. The nearest landing site was a closed airbase at Gimli, Manitoba, 20 miles away. The pilots didn’t know the decommissioned runway was being used that day as a drag racing strip and was full of cars, campers … and people. Miraculously, the crew was able to safely glide the jumbo jet to an emergency landing. Although the nose wheel collapsed, no one was hurt. The subsequent investigation revealed that someone had miscalculated the fuel because the airline had recently adopted the metric system in place of the imperial system.

Neglecting the basics of flying a plane can be utterly fatal! That's why before a good pilot takes to the air, he or she will typically visually inspect the plane and go through a preflight checklist. Well, every once in a while, we need to do the same thing with our faith! How long has it been since you reviewed a basic checklist on your spiritual health?  
December 16, 2009
2009: A Phenomenal Multiplying of Fruit
Don't miss this last message of 2009 from Pastor Doug Batchelor!  
November 24, 2009
Amazing Facts on the Discovery Channel
An Amazing Fact: In the 13th century, Kublai Khan — the grandson of the mighty Genghis Khan — wanted to bring Christianity to his people. He sent a letter to the pope through merchants Maffeo and Nicolo Polo, the father and uncle of the famed explorer Marco Polo, to bring 100 priests to China in an effort to convert the nation. When the request reached Rome, the pope showed little interest. After the pleading of the Polo brothers, he reluctantly sent two Dominican monks to China. One died in route, and the other turned back discouraged. Historians now believe that had the Catholic Church seized the opportunity given to them, the religious makeup of China, the world’s largest atheist country, would be principally Christian today!

The famous American author Mark Twain once said, “I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.”  In other words, most people don’t recognize a golden opportunity until it’s out of reach.

Well, by God’s grace, Amazing Facts isn’t going to let that happen.  We’ve been blessed with an extraordinary opportunity that, with your help, can transform the eternal destiny of millions of more souls than we have ever been able to reach before!
November 03, 2009
A Full Evangelistic Series … in Your Pocket!
An Amazing Fact: Scientists in Israel have successfully etched the entire Hebrew text of the Old Testament onto a tiny gold-plated chip that is smaller than a pinhead! These nanotechnology experts at the Technion Institute of Haifa say that the microscopic words were imprinted with a device called the Focused Ion Beam. As the machine blasts a beam of tiny particles (called gallium ions) at the surface, the gold atoms bounce off, exposing the silicon layer underneath, thereby causing the etching effect. This marvel has created the smallest Hebrew Bible in the world! Now ... what if we told you that Amazing Facts has developed a new way to condense an entire evangelistic series — all the powerful messages, all the intriguing charts and lessons, all the thrilling music — onto something you could fit in your pocket? Discover more about it from Pastor Doug!  
October 15, 2009
A Cure for the Health Crisis
An Amazing Fact: Alexander Fleming’s accidental discovery of penicillin in 1928 was an historic event. Doctors realized this miraculous mold had the potential to heal from infection and save thousands of lives. The big challenge became how to isolate, purify, and mass-produce this wonder medicine. Progress was very slow. Even by March 1942, in the midst of WWII, half of the total American supply of penicillin was used on one patient! By June 1942 there was just enough U.S. penicillin produced to treat 10 patients. Then after much prayer and a worldwide search in 1943, a moldy cantaloupe discovered in a Peoria, Illinois, market was found to contain the highest-quality penicillin. Combined with a new fermentation process, this allowed the United States to produce 2.3 million doses of penicillin in time for the D-Day invasion — saving the lives of an estimated 12 to 15 percent of Allied forces! Today, Amazing Facts is already sharing the cure for sin; we just need to multiply it and get it out!

One thing that the healthcare debate has taught us is that Americans are passionate over this issue! Which isn’t that surprising when you consider that the healthcare crisis touches two of our most precious commodities — our health and our wealth. Now, see how the healthcare issue also has a lot to do with our spiritual well-being and the last-day message in this important message from Pastor Doug.  
September 15, 2009
Streams of Light
An Amazing Fact: The Northeast Blackout of 2003 was the most massive and widespread power outage in history. On the sweltering-hot day of August 14, at approximately 4:15 p.m., Ontario, Canada, and eight Northeast U.S. states lost all electricity. That evening, more than 50 million people battled the darkness. For up to 25 hours, the blackout paralyzed life, jamming traffic, closing businesses, and shutting down airports. Industry experts blamed the power loss on old, unmaintained grid connections. Nothing is more important than your connection with God. Your inner peace, your witness, and ultimately your salvation all depend on a solid relationship with Jesus. And this connection must be maintained or you will experience a major power failure and … the light will go out. Would you like to learn how to always be getting closer to the Lord? Learn more from Pastor Doug Batchelor!  
August 20, 2009
Prophecy News ALERT!
An Amazing Fact: The Vatican is the world’s smallest country.  That’s right — country.  In 1929, under the terms of the Lateran Treaty, Vatican City was established as an independent state of 109 acres within Rome.  Less than 1,000 people live in this small country governed by the pope, who has absolute executive and judicial powers. Yet despite the tiny territory, 177 sovereign countries have formal relations with the Vatican.  That’s why it should not surprise us that Bible prophecy foretells that the pope will play a major role in the world’s final affairs.

On July 7, while the world was mesmerized with the spectacle of pop idol Michael Jackson’s flamboyant funeral, major prophetic events were transpiring in Rome virtually unnoticed. But Jesus told us to watch for the signs that point to His soon return (Mark 13:37). And have we just seen a whopper! Pastor Doug explains …  
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