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Here We Stand
Here We Stand
Join speaker Pastor Doug Batchelor for 10 thrilling messages of restoration and reformation that will cover crucial Bible teachings such as the law and the gospel, the Sabbath, state of the dead, spirit of prophecy, true revival, and more! These sermons bring a change of life to listeners.

Duration: 60 minutes

Program Listings for Here We Stand


Dilemma and Deliverance

This series called '07 Revive: Here We Stand and this talk is called "Dilemma and Deliverance." The ...

The Rest Of The Story

"Here We Stand" is the title of this '07 Revival series and this specific sermon is called "The Rest...

Confusion in the Cemetery

This sermon comes from a series called "Here We Stand" and the title of this talk is "Confusion in t...

The Rich Man And Lazarus

"Here We Stand" is the title of the '07 Revival series. This sermon is titled "The Rich Man and Laza...

Cleansing of the Temple

This series is called "Here We Stand", and this specific talk is titled "Cleansing of the Temple." W...

A Nation of Kings

This '07 revival series is called "Here We Stand". The focus of this talk is the church of God and t...

Messenger for a Movement

This '07 revival series is called "Here We Stand" and this message is titled "Messenger for a Moveme...

Power In Purity

"Here We Stand" is the name of this '07 revival series. This talk is called "Power in Purity." If we...

Miraculous Medicine

This '07 Revival series is called "Here We Stand" and this specific sermon is "Miraculous Medicine."...

The Day of the Lord

"Here We Stand" is the title of this series from '07 Revival. This sermon is titled "The Day of the ...

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