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Eugen Sandow, a Prussian man born in 1867, is known as “the father of modern bodybuilding.” Besides performing feats of strength with barbells, Sandow was one of the first individuals to develop his muscles to exact proportions. He greatly admired the classical Greek and Roman statues. When he visited museums containing these statues, he would carefully measure them. He then used these figures to build his physique to the same proportions, which he considered the “Grecian ideal.”

Eventually, more people became interested in bodybuilding, and Sandow later created a gym and shared his knowledge on how to develop muscles. He is credited with initiating and popularizing the fitness craze that continues to this day. Sandow’s strength and muscles were only moderate compared to those of modern body builders. Take, for example, Isaac Nesser, who holds the record for the largest naturally obtained muscular chest and arms. His chest measures 74 inches around and his arms bulge at 29 inches in circumference. He has bench pressed as much as 820 pounds and curls barbells up to 315 pounds.

This is impressive, but a small feat compared with the exploits of Samson. According to the Bible, he was the strongest man who ever lived, and he killed thousands of the enemies of his people. When he was tied up with new rope, he simply broke free. Another time he picked up the gates of a city and carried them to the top of a hill. He even killed a lion with his bare hands! How many people do you know who could do that? Can you imagine the size of Samson’s muscles? Yet, when it came to spiritual muscle, for most of his life Samson was a real wimp, chasing after heathen women and making other disastrous moral choices.

The Scriptures tell us that God is the one who gives us strength, both physical and spiritual. “The Lord will give strength to His people …” (Psalm 29:11). “The Lord is my strength and my shield …” (Psalm 28:7). “It is God who arms me with strength …” (Psalm 18:32).

God strengthens our spiritual muscle through regular prayer and Bible study, through trusting His promises and sharing His goodness with others. And like Sandow with his statues, we have an “ideal”—Jesus—and He will empower us to be like Him.

He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Isaiah 40:29

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