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Jun 29, 2017
Daily Devotional
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AN AMAZING FACT:  In July 2011, America’s most expensive home went on the market for $175 million, surpassing previous sales of $100 million and $150 million. This home and estate in Wyoming includes a house, equestrian center, and massive acreage. Only the wealthiest in the nation could consider real estate like this!

For the time, news regarding real estate typically focused on how poorly the housing market was doing, but this piece of news was different. The cost of this estate surpassed two large mansions purchased in California, one by a billionaire investor and another by a billionaire heiress. The Wyoming property would ultimately require a special buyer. The property’s home is actually fairly modest, but the property covers more 1,750 acres and includes a large 52-stall equestrian center with an indoor and outdoor riding rink.

Since most people are more concerned with making the mortgage payment than finding the perfect mansion to fulfill our dreams, a piece of property like this is mind-boggling. We’re focused on making ends meet, not buying a million-dollar estate. But King David reminds us in one of his psalms that earthly wealth of this sort is only temporary. “Do not be overawed when others grow rich…for they will take nothing with them when they die.” Money and property are only here for a season before they vanish, but our heavenly treasure will last forever. Keep your focus on what is eternal. Sharing the love of God with our family, friends, and those around us will have more lasting consequences than storing up earthly wealth.

For when he dieth he shall carry nothing away: his glory shall not descend after him. Psalms 49:17

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