Finding Deeper Truths

Posted on Aug 15, 2023  | 
Victoria was looking for answers to her Bible questions and was not finding deeper truths in her church. See how you led her to God’s last-day messages and His remnant people.

Happier Than Ever

Posted on Jul 11, 2023  | 
Amanda’s desire for the perfect image led her into an eating disorder. Her mood swings and obsession with social media made her unhappy. God used your gifts to lead Amanda into a new and healing relationship with God through Amazing Facts programs.

More Than a Coincidence

Posted on Jun 28, 2023  | 
Laura needed help from God. While still partying and drinking, she started searching for the truth. It was no coincidence that she found Amazing Facts—and it changed her life.

Journey of Miracles

Posted on May 16, 2023  | 
“Thank you, Lord!” Eric cried. God was leading Eric on a journey of miracles that began at

Streams in the Desert

Posted on Mar 21, 2023  | 
At college, Kevin was drawn into an aimless life of drugs, alcohol, and partying—and eventually, he dropped out. Needing real direction in his life, he began studying his Bible and watching Amazing Facts programs, which were made possible through your generous gifts. Kevin is now leading others to Jesus!


Posted on Feb 22, 2023  | 
When the pandemic exploded, Angela remembered her faith. On a lonely afternoon, when she was finally ready to listen, God led her to Amazing Facts.

Finding True Riches

Posted on Jan 17, 2023  | 
When Elijah’s girlfriend got pregnant, his life of pursuing worldly wealth took a dramatic turn. God used your generous gifts to help Elijah recommit to the faith of his youth and to become a full-time soul-winner. Now you can guide even more people like Elijah to devote their lives to sharing Christ!

Freed from the Prison of Unforgiveness | The Sabbath Changes Everything

Posted on Dec 31, 2022  | 
Matt was living a life of pain and despair. Merely to pridefully prove a point, he began searching his Bible and the Amazing Facts app—which someone had downloaded onto his phone. The wonderful truths he discovered on the app and in his Bible transformed his life and set him free from guilt and shame.

From Disc Jockey to Pastor

Posted on Dec 29, 2022  | 
When Kareem discovered Bible truth while watching Amazing Facts evangelism videos, it brought him true freedom.

Blessed Are You Who Weep

Posted on Dec 27, 2022  | 
Shay had hit rock-bottom. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol, his depression was dark, and his anxiety was out of control. But when he fell on his knees and opened the Amazing Facts Prophecy Study Bible that you helped provide, it changed his life.

A Rude Awakening—A New Life in Christ!

Posted on Nov 15, 2022  | 
It was Kowan’s own father that introduced him to drugs and alcohol. It’s no surprise that his young life was wasting away in a downward spiral. But Jesus knocked loudly on the door of Kowan’s heart—and used your sacrificial giving to lead him to a life filled with eternal purpose.

A Life Transformed

Posted on Sep 13, 2022  | 
A disabled woman overseas found hope and new life through Amazing Facts resources you made possible.

From Bar Brawler to God’s Warrior

Posted on Jul 15, 2022  | 
After Dustin’s wife separated from him because of his violent lifestyle, he turned to the Bible for help. His study led him online to Amazing Facts, where he found truth that brought him peace. Your sacrificial gifts provide answers through Amazing Facts resources to seekers like Dustin who want a new life.

Rescued to Rescue Others

Posted on Jun 09, 2022  | 
Gripped in a painful cycle of addictions, Tony saw no way out. But you sparked hope in his hurting heart through truth-packed Amazing Facts resources that you helped provide. For the first time, he saw the love Jesus has for him—and his life was transformed!

The Long Journey Home

Posted on May 15, 2022  | 
Sandi stayed away from church for years. But through your loving gifts, you put Amazing Facts resources online, helping her find a lifeline of hope when she was feeling at her lowest. Today, her faith rests firmly on the Bible—and she continues to grow in her walk with Jesus!

Into His Light

Posted on Feb 01, 2022  | 
By age 13, Leon had become a drug addict. At a raucous party, he chose to have satanic symbols tattooed on his back, hoping to “seal the deal with Satan.” But God wasn’t ready to give up on Leon. And eventually, through your partnership with Amazing Facts, the Holy Spirit carried Leon through one of the darkest experiences of his life.

Suicide, Hope, and Purpose

Posted on Dec 30, 2021  | 
After losing her father to suicide, Michelle spiraled into hopeless despair. She tried to pull herself out of her pit of despondency, but unsuccessful, she decided to end her own life too.

Triggered by Depression, Revived by the Word!

Posted on Dec 27, 2021  | 
Leroy was deeply depressed. Tired of a hopeless life, he wanted to die. Though he grew up going to church, he made choices that led him far away from God. Addictions and overwork led him straight to rock-bottom. Then, in the grip of despair, he attempted suicide—but God intervened.

From Torment to Peace!

Posted on Dec 23, 2021  | 
Patricia was seeing “ghosts”—at least, that’s what people told her she was seeing. Tragically, at eight months pregnant, she fell and was injured, losing her unborn child. Suddenly, she began seeing ethereal forms of the baby she lost and other dead relatives, and she was desperate to find help and peace from her living nightmare. Watch now how God revived her!

Sharing Hope in Troubled Times

Posted on Sep 20, 2021  | 
Raised in an abusive home, Dwight battled self-destructive tendencies from a young age. But God had a wonderful plan for his life and he found the saving, transforming Light of the World through the ministry of Amazing Facts.

An Unlikely Bible Worker

Posted on Jul 16, 2021  | 
Charles landed in prison, but that’s where he found freedom in Christ. When generous supporters like you sent Amazing Facts Study Guides to his prison, Charles studied them and surrendered his life to Jesus. Today, Charles leads a Bible study in a homeless shelter where he uses Amazing Facts resources.

From Old Leaks to New Life

Posted on Jun 15, 2021  | 
Julianna's life was filled with sin, lots of regrets, and she was very lost in life. She looked happy, but she wasn’t. Then a tragic loss brought her to her knees.

Made Perfect in Weakness

Posted on Apr 15, 2021  | 
Dorothy suffered many losses in her life. Though shattered after losing two of her children, she cried out to God for light. The Lord answered that prayer and led her to a Sabbath-keeping church. But her husband, Barry, hesitated. Then, in the middle of the night, he discovered Amazing Facts on TV—and it transformed his life. You can bring hope to many more broken hearts like Dorothy’s and Barry’s when you send a loving gift to Amazing Facts.

Healing a Hurting Soul

Posted on Mar 11, 2021  | 
Julia hurt deeply. She had suffered repeated abuse in her childhood; as an adult, after her marriage collapsed, she longed for peace and freedom. It came through gifts from supporters like you that made possible a life-changing DVD from Amazing Facts. After watching it, Julia began watching even more truth-filled resources. At long last, she knew that she had found a safe place with an eternal family! Today, you can bring healing to many more wounded hearts like Julia’s when you send a loving gift to Amazing Facts.

Saved Through the Storm

Posted on Feb 17, 2021  | 
Lindsey faced the biggest storm of her life after making a commitment to Christ and being baptized. Her little 19-month-old daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. But because of your caring gifts, Lindsey found lasting peace during this trying time through the Bible truths you help make available through Amazing Facts’ many resources.

From Suicide to PAFCOE

Posted on Dec 31, 2020  | 
Bernard, a drug dealer on the streets of New York, once tried to take his own life. But now, after watching Amazing Facts videos and attending the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, he has given his life to Christ through full-time ministry. You can equip hundreds more students, just like Bernard, to learn to share their faith by generously supporting vital, last-day outreach training. You can turn even more lost sinners into soul-winners for Christ!

God Uses Amazing Facts App to Bring Healing and Baptism

Posted on Dec 30, 2020  | 
As a child, Diane was told that she wasn’t going to amount to anything; as an adult, she suffered through a violent relationship. She wanted another way of life. Diane felt called to go back to church, but she didn’t know which church to attend. The faith of her childhood left her empty. Then, because of sacrificial donors like you, she found the Amazing Facts website—and her life was changed forever. You can help millions more like Diane find God’s truth when you generously support Amazing Facts’ Internet ministry. It’s like giving people a window to heaven!

The Search for Truth

Posted on Dec 27, 2020  | 
Darin faced a dilemma. He had growing questions about what his church was teaching. Then, because of generous supporters like you, he discovered Bible Answers Live on the radio while driving to work. It changed his life! And after a dramatic answer to prayer that took place in front of his church, he knew God was leading him to keep the Sabbath. You can help thousands like Darin discover God’s truth when you generously support Amazing Facts programs that truly change lives for eternity!

A Televised Message from Heaven

Posted on Dec 25, 2020  | 
Jack refused to attend church on Saturday with his wife and kids. He insisted that they attend his church on Sunday. But one day, Jack watched an Amazing Facts TV program about the Sabbath. It made sense to him, but he still resisted. A week later, he watched another program—broadcasts made possible by you—and this time he was convinced. The next week, Jack went to church on Saturday with his family. You can convince more hearts like his by generously supporting Amazing Facts TV programs and lead more people to Christ!

Reclaimed by God’s Amazing Grace!

Posted on Nov 11, 2020  | 
Raul grew up as a pastor’s kid, but he ended up using and dealing drugs. But by God’s grace, he turned his life around thanks to your support. Read his gripping story of escaping sin and finding Bible truth!