The 2024 Amazing Facts Youth Conference Draws Record Crowd!

June 20, 2024     
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Why Are People Leaving the United Methodist Church?

Posted on Jun 10, 2024  | 
Since 2019, thousands of Christians have exited the United Methodist Church over its support for the LGBTQ+ agenda. Is this a case of God’s people coming out of Babylon?

Natural Disasters Reveal the Limits of Human Control

Posted on May 29, 2024  | 
Even in the 21st century, with such incredible technologies as artificial intelligence and quantum computing, recent deadly floods and tornados have shown us that humans are still at the mercy of the earth’s most destructive forces.

Transhumanism: Becoming Like God?

Posted on May 14, 2024  | 
Transhumanists believe that the human race will eventually defeat death. Will the fusion of man and machine turn our species into super-intelligent immortals?

Israel, Gaza, and Social Unrest in America: Is There Any Hope?

Posted on Apr 29, 2024  | 
Anti-Israel protests on university campuses across the USA have boiled over, leading to school suspensions and more than 800 arrests. However, the effort to crack down on these demonstrations is spurring even more social unrest. Is there a solution to this crisis?

Cultural Christianity: Richard Dawkins, Atheism, and Morality

Posted on Apr 15, 2024  | 
Richard Dawkins, the world’s most famous atheist, blew up the blogosphere this past Easter when he claimed that he was a “cultural Christian.” Whatever his motives, did he reveal more than he intended—not just about himself but about atheists in general?

The Upcoming Solar Eclipse: A Sign of the End?

Posted on Mar 26, 2024  | 
As people in 13 U.S. states prepare to witness a total solar eclipse, end-time prognosticators are giving this celestial event biblical significance. Can their hype be trusted?

Hollywood’s Holy Relics: Charlton Heston’s Ten Commandments Are Up for Bid

Posted on Mar 11, 2024  | 
A Ten Commandments film prop carried by Charlton Heston is expected to sell for up to $80,000 at auction. But don’t expect Hollywood to value the real thing any time soon.

Hazbin Hotel: An Inspiring Story of Redemption and Rehabilitation?

Posted on Feb 19, 2024  | 
The controversial animated series “Hazbin Hotel” premiered on Amazon Prime Video last month and has had massive success with critics and viewers. Does the show really deserve all the praise?

Thou Shalt Not Witness: A Pastor Faces Prison Time for Sharing His Faith

Posted on Feb 05, 2024  | 
A Christian pastor in Nepal, one of 46 countries with anti-conversion laws, is facing prison time for sharing his faith. How can his story inspire us Christians in America to be better witnesses?

Thought Crimes: New Technology Can Now Read Your Mind

Posted on Jan 23, 2024  | 
Using a new technology called brain-computer interface (BCI), scientists now claim they can decode our thoughts. Will this artificial intelligence be misused in the future to incriminate people?

The Freedom to Offend: Satanism in the Iowa State Capitol

Posted on Jan 09, 2024  | 
During the 2023 Christmas season, a satanic shrine was set up in the Iowa State Capitol, sparking a debate on freedom of speech. One man fueled the fire by illegally taking matters into his own hands.

“White Lung Syndrome”—Is It the Next Plague?

Posted on Dec 11, 2023  | 
The recent pneumonia outbreak in Ohio worried many, but it was a known pathogen, not some new superbug from China. God designed our immune systems to keep us strong and healthy through simple things like a whole-food, plant-based diet; outdoor exercise; water therapy; and sufficient rest.

Are We on the Brink of World War?

Posted on Nov 20, 2023  | 
Battlelines are being drawn between the United States and its allies and the powers of China and Russia. The world seems to be inching ever closer to World War III. However, no matter what actually happens, we are to live with unswerving allegiance to our heavenly Commander-in-Chief.

The End Is Nigh. Now What?

Posted on Nov 13, 2023  | 
Just when you think that things on Planet Earth can’t get any worse—they do. No wonder many Americans now think the world is going to end soon. How, though, should Christians act in the meantime?

The Domino Revival: A Movement of God?

Posted on Nov 06, 2023  | 
A Christian film recently hit theaters for one day only, taking viewers on a spiritual journey with a group of revivalists. Now, due to viewers’ claims about various miracles, the feature returns to theaters for one more day. Are we witnessing a true revival in America?

Halloween Costumes: Dressing for the Devil?

Posted on Oct 30, 2023  | 
This year’s Halloween spending in the United States is expected to reach a record of over $12 billion—most of it going to costumes. What is the costume that God wants Christians to wear?

Celebrating Death: Halloween, Paganism, and the Bible

Posted on Oct 24, 2023  | 
Whenever Halloween approaches, questions arise about its pagan origins. But we might be surprised at how many other pagan traditions have impacted our culture and faith. How should Christians decide which holidays are appropriate to celebrate?

Israel and Hamas: Will There Ever Be Peace?

Posted on Oct 16, 2023  | 
As another chapter opens in the decades-long conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Jews and Christians alike continue to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6). Does the Bible really predict peace for this earthly city?

After Death: New Christian Documentary Rejects the Bible Truth

Posted on Oct 11, 2023  | 
The powerhouse Christian film company Angel Studios claims that its new film, “After Death,” offers evidence that life goes on even after the body dies. But is that what really happens according to the Bible—or are people being deceived? If so, what can God’s people do about it?

Multiple Powerful Earthquakes Strike in a Day

Posted on Oct 10, 2023  | 
Powerful earthquakes hit Afghanistan, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea within hours of each other—reminding us that Jesus is coming soon. What should Christians do when there are millions we have yet to reach with the gospel?

Hamas Attacks Israel: Is the World on the Brink?

Posted on Oct 09, 2023  | 
On Sabbath morning, the world woke up to the deadliest terrorist assault on Israel in history. Israel is now responding to that violence with a counterattack. How should Christians understand this latest tragedy—and is it a sign that we are living in the last days?

Diet Soda: New Warnings About Its “Deceptive” Ingredient

Posted on Sep 26, 2023  | 
The sales of diet soda continue to rise—despite a new study linking aspartame to learning disabilities. Should we use artificial sweeteners to control our sugar cravings?

Unprepared: Thousands Perish in Libya Overnight

Posted on Sep 19, 2023  | 
Thousands are dead and missing following severe flooding in Libya precipitated by Storm Daniel. Rescue efforts have been hampered by politics and finger-pointing. What is our safety in these troublesome times when two opposing parties are battling for our allegiance?

Talking to the Dead: Spiritism Alive in America

Posted on Sep 11, 2023  | 
According to a recent poll, millions of Americans are claiming to have communicated with the dead. But can the dead really communicate with us? If not, with whom have the living been talking? And what does it mean in these last days?

Hurricane Idalia: One More “Unprecedented” Disaster

Posted on Aug 31, 2023  | 
The most recent hurricane to hit the United States is stoking the fire on climate change. How can we survive the spiritual storm in these last days?

From Lamb to Dragon: Religious Liberty in America

Posted on Aug 28, 2023  | 
When a Christian posted a comment about her faith on social media, she sparked a fiery debate on religious liberty in which she was accused of bigotry. How long will America respect its principles enshrined in the First Amendment?

Maui on Fire: An Apocalypse in Paradise

Posted on Aug 21, 2023  | 
Wildfires have devastated huge swaths of Maui, most notably the historic tourist town of Lahaina. Why did this catastrophe happen, and what lessons can we draw from it as we prepare for the return of Jesus?

Mistaken for a Carjacker: Can We Trust Facial Recognition Technology?

Posted on Aug 14, 2023  | 
A woman was getting her children ready for school when police arrived at her doorstep, surprising her with an arrest warrant based on a false computerized facial match. How does God’s facial recognition software work?

The “Immortal” Cells of Henrietta Lacks

Posted on Aug 07, 2023  | 
A biotechnology company and the descendants of a long-deceased woman just reached an out-of-court settlement over her cancerous cells. Who was this woman, and what do her cells have to do with your eternal life?

Alien Invasion: Congressional Hearing Stokes Further Interest in UAPs

Posted on Jul 31, 2023  | 
Congress has officially heard personal testimony on unidentified anomalous phenomena. What information does the Bible reveal about UAPs?