SatanCon Comes to Arizona

Posted on Nov 29, 2021  |    ()
The Satanic Temple announced its first convention SatanCon. Who is Satan—and what does he want with you?

Inflation Frustration: Where Are We Now?

Posted on Nov 22, 2021  |    ()
The world is on the inflation train, and it’s not getting off anytime soon. Is there a way out?

The Facebook Papers: Sin or Sinner?

Posted on Nov 15, 2021  |    ()
Whistleblower Frances Haugen has spilled Facebook’s dirty secrets to the world, and she wants the U.S. Congress to do something about it. What is the biblical solution?

Astroworld Concert Results in Tragedy

Posted on Nov 09, 2021  |    ()
A stampede at a Houston music festival leaves eight dead and hundreds more injured. As the signs of the times surge around us, how are we to react?

Japanese Princess Weds Commoner

Posted on Nov 01, 2021  |    ()
A Japanese princess loses her royal status upon marrying a commoner—and scandal abounded during the engagement. Has anyone ever sacrificed anything so great for you?

Halloween Back from the Dead

Posted on Oct 25, 2021  |    ()
After the COVID-19 pandemic singlehandedly wrecked the 2020 season, the Halloween industry is back with a vengeance. What does this mean for Bible believers?

Is Marriage Becoming Extinct?

Posted on Oct 18, 2021  |    ()
Results from a new American Family Survey suggest a gradual yet suspicious decline in the respect for the institution of marriage. Why is an accurate understanding of marriage crucial in our walk with God?

Is Your Child Praying to Aztec Gods in the Classroom?

Posted on Oct 12, 2021  |    ()
California public schools are teaching students to pray to Aztec gods—and parents are suing. How are our educators preparing the next generation for the end times?

Jordan Water Turns to Blood?

Posted on Oct 05, 2021  |    ()
The waters of a pool in Jordan have turned as red as blood, and scientists have uncovered the mystery as a simple chemical surplus. So is that all these biblical plagues really are?

The Fate of the World at the U.N. General Assembly

Posted on Sep 27, 2021  |    ()
The U.N. General Assembly declared the world to be hanging by a thread. How does this relate to end-time prophecy?

Mission Completed: SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Success

Posted on Sep 20, 2021  |    ()
SpaceX’s mission, Inspiration4, broke multiple records by sending four ordinary U.S. citizens into space. But is this revival of space exploration actually working against God’s plans for the future of the human race?

The First-Ever Joint Christian Statement on Climate Change

Posted on Sep 13, 2021  |    ()
Three of Christianity’s biggest names have called for big change due to climate change. Should God’s people jump on this bandwagon?

Harvard’s Atheist President of Chaplains

Posted on Sep 07, 2021  |    ()
Harvard University has appointed atheist Greg Epstein as the new president of chaplains. While this apparent contradiction is popular in the world’s eyes, how does the Bible make sense of it?

The Man Who Went to Hell

Posted on Aug 30, 2021  |    ()
An evangelist who spent the majority of his life as a Satan worshiper tells the story of his conversion—brought about by a trip into hell. Is this biblical—or another one of Satan’s clever deceptions?

New Disasters in Haiti

Posted on Aug 23, 2021  |    ()
In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this past week saw Haiti rocked by an earthquake and a tropical storm. As foreign relief floods in, another type of aid draws our minds heavenward.

“Digital Babylon” Coming to a Screen Near You

Posted on Aug 16, 2021  |    ()
Gen Z has a big screen problem. A recent study suggests, however, that certain digital natives do not—those who prioritize reading the Bible. Does your lifestyle now affect your eternal life later?

New Science Says Length of Days Determined Life

Posted on Aug 09, 2021  |    ()
A new scientific study posits that gradual elongation of the length of a day on Earth was imperative to the evolution of life. Can this be fact?

“Books of Faith” to Replace the Bible

Posted on Aug 02, 2021  |    ()
A special interest group is calling for the Bible on display at a VA hospital in New Hampshire to be replaced by a book of faith, featuring the world’s most common religions. But looking at this in the light of eternity spells a different perspective.

COVID, World Unity & the Tokyo Summer Olympics

Posted on Jul 26, 2021  |    ()
The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, delayed for an entire year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is finally being held—and the results are revealing much about the state of the world. How desperately do people want unity?

U.S. Overdose Deaths Break Records

Posted on Jul 19, 2021  |    ()
A new report found that U.S. deaths by overdose increased by a horrifying 29 percent in 2020. Is there a solution to this drug crisis?

The Surfside Condo Tragedy

Posted on Jul 12, 2021  |    ()
Amidst the flickering hope and unimaginable grief of the Surfside condominium collapse, questions yet remain. What crucial warning would we do well to take heed from this tragedy?

Not So Close Encounters - U.S. UFO Report

Posted on Jun 28, 2021  |    ()
After much speculation, the UFO report from the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence produces a lot more questions than it does answers. Fortunately, the Bible has it covered.

California’s “Grand Reopening”

Posted on Jun 21, 2021  |    ()
The state of California finally came out of hiding after 15 months of coronavirus-tiered restrictions, with multimillion-dollar vaccine incentives and a focus on recreation. Is this the freedom so long awaited for?

Say Hello to Inflation

Posted on Jun 14, 2021  |    ()
As inflation rises, the future of the American economy remains uncertain. But even as our cost of living balloons, there is one thing every person can afford …

Jesus Banned From Graduation Speech?

Posted on Jun 07, 2021  |    ()
A high school senior’s graduation speech turned into a case of religious liberty when her principal tried to eliminate her remarks on her Christian faith. How is the gospel being stifled—and what can we do about it?

Tarot: Trend or Terror?

Posted on Jun 01, 2021  |    ()
Tarot has become the hot trend of the day. Is it a harmless game—or a part of the devil’s last-ditch effort in the great controversy?

Pope Francis: The Voice Heard ‘Round the World'

Posted on May 24, 2021  |    ()
U.S. “Climate Czar” John Kerry’s interview with Vatican News touts his private meeting with Pope Francis—and points to Bible prophecy. Are you familiar with the little horn?

Real Estate War in the Middle East

Posted on May 17, 2021  |    ()
A land dispute has sparked an old conflict between Israeli and Palestinian forces—and one of the battle sites is none other than the city of Jerusalem. What does the Bible tell us about end-time strife?

When Power Couples Divorce

Posted on May 10, 2021  |    ()
The recent breakup of billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates after 27 years of marriage made global headlines and is the latest in a slew of powerhouse divorces. Can no one find happiness these days?

NASA: Earth Is Defenseless Against Asteroid

Posted on May 05, 2021  |    ()
In a simulation exercise, NASA scientists—and others—say the Earth is defenseless against a massive asteroid striking the planet. But will the world really end this way?