God's Promises in the Bible

God's Word contains literally thousands of Bible promises waiting to be claimed in faith. Below we've listed just a few. It's our prayer that your faith and trust in our Heavenly Father will be increased as you seek Him to supply your every need. May you be blessed. (NOTE: All Scripture references are from the KJV Bible)

Bible Promises about Love

What does the Bible say about love? What is love according to the Bible and where in the Bible does it talk about love? Here are some Bible promises that you can hang your heart on!

Bible Verses about Faith

What does the Bible say about faith? What does faith mean in the Bible? Why does God so often ask us to exercise faith in Him? Build your faith by memorizing these Bible promises.

Bible Promises about Strength

We've all gone through trying times when we've needed extra strength just to press on. What does the Bible say about strength?

Bible Promises about Healing

Have you ever prayed for healing? Whether it be from an illness or a broken heart? What does the Bible say about healing?

33 Bible Verses for Mothers

Are there any verses in the Bible for or about mothers? Are there any Bible promises that mother's can claim for their children?

Bible Promises about Marriage

Thinking about marriage or already married? What does the Bible say about marriage? What better counselor can we have than God's Word in this matter?

Bible Verses about Forgiveness

What does the Bible say about forgiveness? How often should we forgive someone who has hurt us? How do we forgive?

Bible Verses about Family

What does the Bible say about family? How should our households be managed? How can love within a family be increased?

23 Bible Verses for Depression

Depression is the top risk factor for suicide. What are good Bible verses for depression or what does the Bible say about depression?

Bible Verses about Fear

Pretty much everyone is afraid of something be it public speaking, heartbreak, death, or the like. What does the Bible say about fear and how can we 'fear not'?

Bible Verses about Grace

Have you ever been given something of value that you didn't earn or deserve? That's grace in a nutshell. What does the Bible say about grace?

Bible Verses about Addiction

What does the Bible say about addiction? Are there Bible verses for recovering addicts or for someone who is trying to overcome addiction?

Bible Verses about Salvation

What does the Bible say about salvation? Who is it for? How can a person obtain it?

Comforting Bible Verses

Is your life filled with fear and anxiety? Are you constantly worrying about tomorrow? Has God given us words of comfort in scripture?

21 Bible Verses about Guidance

What does the Bible say about guidance? Does God's Word give us instruction and direction on how best to make important decisions in life?

Bible Promises about Being Filled With the Holy Spirit

According to the Bible, we all need the Holy Spirit. Jesus calls Him our Comforter. Here is a collection of Bible verses about being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Bible Verses for Deliverance from Demonic Oppression

Is the devil on your track? Are you being spiritually harassed or oppressed? What does the Bible say about demonic oppression and is there a means of deliverance?

39 Bible Verses about Money

Does God want you to be rich? Is it possible for a rich person to go to heaven? What does the Bible say about money?

Bible Promises about Friendship

Do you struggle making friends? Do you have a hard time keeping friends? What does the Bible say about friendship?

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