Gift Impact

CHANGED LIVES - Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing a life has been changed for eternity through your prayers and sacrificial gifts. You can see inspiring glimpses of the difference you are making by watching short testimonies of lives you helped change.

Every dollar makes a vital difference. For just $10, you will help 4 people through our Bible study course; plant seeds of gospel truth into the hearts of 368 online seekers; or reveal to 3,575 television viewers God’s last-day message. A gift of $500 will help bring peace to more than 18,000 people seeking online or help over 178,000 people know God and His Word better through our TV broadcasts!

For more than 55 years, gifts from friends like you have enabled Amazing Facts to share life-changing truth, reaping more than 150,000 baptisms worldwide.

Your contribution, large or small, tangibly impacts lives. Here are just a few ways your dollars make a difference:

Watch how your partnership brings people to Christ.

Read our latest quarterly reports that show the impact of your gifts.

Enjoy watching this short video which reveals the global difference God made through you last year.

Read our annual report showing what God did last year through you, our co-worker in ministry.

Every Dollar Matters. Each gift you sacrificially give to Amazing Facts, a faith-based ministry that is dependent on your partnership, advances a clear picture of our loving God, who searches to bring every lost child back home. Will you stretch out a hand to lead others to the kingdom by giving today? Heaven rejoices when a soul is won to Christ. CLICK HERE and make a priceless, eternal impact!