Estate and Gift Planning

Bequests through a Will or Trust

You can designate Amazing Facts as the beneficiary of your asset by will, trust or beneficiary designation form. We can help you or you can use our bequest language to put your evangelism values in your Will or Trust.
Bequest Language

Real Estate

Donating appreciated real estate, such as a home, vacation property, undeveloped land, farmland, ranch or commercial property can make a heavenly home for many.

Gift Annuities

You can transfer cash or appreciated property to Amazing Facts in exchange for our promise to pay you fixed payments (with rates based on your age) for the rest of your life with the remainder helping people know Christ.

Create Online Estate Plan

If you would like to create a stewardship plan or need to make updates to an existing plan, our secure Wills Planner can help you get started.


Wisely donating part or all of your unused retirement assets, such as your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or other tax-deferred plan, is an excellent way to prepare for your retirement in heaven.

Stock / Bonds

Donating appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, is an easy and tax-effective way for you to invest in heavenly returns.


Convert your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or RV into souls for Christ.