Unstoppable Force

On March 1, 2022, a new series of policies went into effect in China to stop ministries from using the internet for conducting evangelism. Anyone caught using websites or social media sites to share religious messages, links, pictures, audio, or videos without permission will be punished. Under the current rules and regulations, securing permission is not even possible.

We have been called to carry the three angels’ messages to “every nation, tribe, tongue, and people” (Revelation 14:6)—and that includes China. So, what do we do when governments enact laws to prevent Bible truth from being shared? We follow the example of Jesus’ disciples, who said, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

Our China team is doing everything possible to cooperate with the government—but only up to a point. Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). That means we have a solemn responsibility to reach our brothers and sisters in the largest country on earth. Our leaders report: “We are making appropriate changes to continue using the internet to spread the gospel in China.” Their quiet boldness is inspiring!

Despite Satan’s warfare against God’s work, you helped 11 videos to be translated and uploaded to our website, including The Priority of Prayer, Parts 4 & 5, and Fig Trees and Pharisees. And 23 sermons and articles as well, including three chapters from Pastor Doug’s book, Broken Chains. Over 2.2 million of our Chinese seekers of truth came to our website (74 percent were new visitors), and over 6.6 million pages of digital truth were sent out even though we had to shut down our main website for over a month. Praise God!

On our social media WeChat Bible school last year, enrollments reached 47,716 and 1,829 students completed the whole course, with some considering baptism, before our website was closed. But you have made possible a new app that is launching in March and will point to new servers in Hong Kong. Over 11,700 Bible and personal questions were still answered despite government interference. And 91,415 truth-filled articles were accessed through our social media WeChat app. Your gifts also helped 51 individuals locate and start attending a Sabbath-keeping church (23 additional people looking for a church group don’t have a local church nearby to attend). And we are aware of at least 10 precious souls you helped baptize in 2021.

Thank you for supporting Amazing Facts’ work in China. The results of your prayers and sacrificial gifts will only be fully known in heaven when we will meet the many grateful souls God used you to help lead into God’s eternal kingdom.

Brother Duan

Before 2017, Duan was like most people his age. He had graduated from college and started his own business. However, because of greed, he was sentenced to six months in prison. Then, in 2017, his father died of lung cancer and his mother died of Alzheimer’s. He also suffered from many health problems and had lost a lot of money investing that year.

Duan decided to end his life. “I felt that my life was meaningless,” he shared. But before committing suicide, he decided to solve a problem that had plagued him all his life. He wondered, “If America’s technology is more advanced than China’s, why do most Americans believe in God?” So, before it became illegal to purchase a Bible online, Duan bought a copy of God’s Word.

But Duan found it difficult to understand the Scriptures. So he searched the internet for help and discovered videos on the Amazing Facts Chinese website. “I finally found the meaning of life!” he wrote us. “The most gratifying thing I found was Jesus. And to think that before I wanted to die!”

Duan learned about health principles, and he feels so much better. His faith also grew and he wanted to help spread the gospel. He found that the Chinese translation of the Bible wasn’t very smooth, so he decided to re-translate the Scriptures.

Duan continues to quietly work on his translation and has completed most of the Old Testament. He is a true witness for Jesus and has accepted all the remnant teachings of the Bible and is keeping the Sabbath.

Thank you for bringing Bible truth to Duan and turning him into a powerful light bearer for God in China.

Brother Sun

Brother Sun wrote to thank Amazing Facts for our faithful service, hard work, and devotion to the Lord’s work. “Because you spread the gospel truth of Jesus Christ and the pure teaching of the Bible through the Internet, we have an opportunity to know the truth and to distinguish error and falsehood.”

Brother Sun was raised as a Christian and attended a conservative Sunday house church in which all the women wore a head covering. He knew there were Catholic churches, Three-self churches, and house churches, but, he says, “I never knew there were Sabbath churches that were worshiped on Saturday. I was brought up believing that Sunday is the holy day to worship and to remember the resurrection of Jesus. And that Christians around the world worship and keep this day according to the New Testament.”

But when Brother Sun read the Scriptures, he could not understand them, neither the truth nor the mysteries of the Bible. Then one day he “accidentally” saw a website link about Jesus Christ posted in a WeChat group. “I don’t know who sent it to me.”

Out of curiosity, Brother Sun clicked on it because he wanted to see what it was all about. It was a link to Pastor Doug’s sermons on qimiaozhenxiang (Amazing Facts) website. “I listened to sermon after sermon and was impressed and convinced by his explanation of Scripture.” Slowly, the light of truth dawned in his heart.

Brother Sun signed up for the online Bible course. “These lessons have been a real treasure for me,” he says. “They convinced me that I needed to follow the truth and join a Sabbath church. I shared with my mother what I had been learning from the very beginning. We realized that we were worshiping God on the wrong day and began worshiping Him on Sabbath.”

Brother Sun and his mother didn’t know where there was a Sabbath church, so they contacted one of the sisters at our China office. She found a Sabbath church in their local area and last March, they began to attend. In August, they were re-baptized into God’s remnant church.

Praise God for the souls being led to the truth through your generous support of Amazing Facts!

Brother Gai (pronounced GUY)

Ten years ago, when Brother Gai was a middle school student, he began reading the Bible. He explains, “I wanted to believe in God, so I began looking up information on the Internet and eventually found videos on qimiaozhenxiang [Amazing Facts] on Youku [a Chinese video streaming service].”

At that time, the only Amazing Facts series on Youku was MIQ (Most Important Questions). Brother Gai says, “I felt that this ministry had done a good job. The preacher spoke very convincingly, with insight, but not in an exaggerated way.” Although as a new believer, when Brother Gai saw comments on the internet that this Sabbath church was a cult, he didn’t dare watch more videos on qimiaozhenxiang.

In the years that followed, Brother Gai continued believing in the Lord, studying the Bible, and praying. He read sermons of other foreign pastors and bought spiritual books, still eager to learn truth. Then he became interested in learning about the Jewish faith and listened to some Jews who believed in Christ. That’s when he learned that the Sabbath was true and not heresy.

Brother Gai then remembered qimiaozhenxiang from many years ago. “After finding it again,” he shares, “I watched the videos and all the doubts in my heart (including some biblical truths that I had not understood over the years) were all cleared up.”

He now says, “I am thankful to the Lord from the bottom of my heart, and thankful to the qimiaozhenxiang ministry team for allowing God to use you to spread the gospel.”

The Lord is good, and His love endures forever!

Please pray for our Amazing Facts team working to reach the largest country in the world. The most urgent message from heaven needs to go out, and you are helping carry God’s truth into China, boldly beyond all barriers. With the Holy Spirit’s help, your gifts become an unstoppable force in spreading light!

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