Online and On Fire

The third-largest goldmine in the world is located in Indonesia. Jesus counsels people to buy from Him “gold refined in the fire” (Revelation 3:18). Your support of the Indonesian Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (IAFCOE) is bringing the riches of Bible truth to millions.

The pandemic has opened the way for multiple online training programs through Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube. In January, our team worked with the Central Java Mission and West Indonesia Union Mission to conduct Amazing Doctrines for thousands across the island nation and beyond. Evangelists from our Amazing Facts team in Indonesia were the main speakers.

During the month of February, we worked with the Youth Department of the West Indonesian Union Mission and enrolled 108 students in our Amazing Disciples online training program. Then from May through July over 100 students joined a Level 2 Amazing Doctrines online training program.

Our IAFCOE team had also collaborated with our Malaysian AFCOE team to provide Amazing Disciples online training to 66 students in late April and early May, in addition to 237 students between October 31 and December 2, 2021. IAFCOE reported that these students were “very enthusiastic to study and become workers for God.”

Thank you for supporting Amazing Facts work in Indonesia and Malaysia. The results of your prayers and sacrificial gifts makes angels rejoice in heaven.

An Amazing Disciple for Jesus

Eagerness is her first name and it certainly matches her spirit of learning and sharing God’s truth with others. Though Eagerness lives in a remote area of Indonesia, she has been a diligent student of the Amazing Disciples online program. Despite problems connecting to the internet, Eagerness completed the online course and put her new skills to work.

She soon found a heart open to the gospel and began Bible studies with a young lady searching for truth. They studied for months using the Amazing Facts Storacles of Prophecy lessons, which were translated into her language. The Bible student accepted all the doctrines of Scripture, but she was afraid of the persecution that often comes to Christians.

After much struggle and many prayers, this young lady fully surrendered her life to Christ and was baptized in an isolated mountain creek by a Sabbath-keeping pastor. Eagerness shares of her student, “She looked so happy!”

Praise God for the many students who can now receive discipleship training online. More graduates are currently able to share God’s truth where they live because of the internet training you made possible. Keep praying for these new witnesses for Christ as they share God’s truth in their local community.  

Website Wonders

God is using the Indonesian Amazing Facts website ( to reach millions of people who speak Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Melayu. Visitors from around the world are finding truth-filled Bahasa articles online that help them know God’s message.

Our team is also busy distributing books translated through an online bookstore ( In this last year they have shared over 5,563 books. They not only sell books, but distribute literature—especially to the small and remote islands of their country where materials are difficult to secure.  

At the end of 2021, there were over 500 students enrolled in our Indonesian Bible study program, with some located in Malaysia and other countries around the world. The studies are divided into Basic and Advanced lessons. New studies and programs are being developed and plans made to provide the Amazing Adventure children’s program and studies for kids as well. The team is cooperating with local pastors to reach Muslim people with the last-day truth.

We are seeking to expand our online outreach by translating more audio and video programs that uplift Christ in Indonesia.

Practical Christianity

The IAFCOE team is meeting the needs of people in Indonesia through Klub Sehat (health club), a simple clinic encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle. Last year, more than 1,500 people came for basic treatments which were provided free of charge. Staff offered to pray with patients and many have experienced God’s healing through lifestyle changes.

IAFCOE has also opened a health food catering service and a restaurant that sells healthy food, salads, and smoothies. A dietitian is available for consultation on healthy cooking. Profit from this business is dedicated for our unique outreach programs in Indonesia.

Packages of healthy food have been created and given away to the poor, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown in the country. In addition, the team made an effort to provide healthy foods and juices to frontline workers and even church members who contracted COVID.

It’s so encouraging to see how IAFCOE is bringing Jesus’ ministry to hurting souls!

We’ve just purchased property in the country with plans to build an evangelistic training center that will more effectively equip and send out workers for Christ. Your partnership with the Holy Spirit is bringing great light to Indonesia. Thank you!

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