Answering Calls

God said through the prophet Jeremiah, “Call to Me, and I will answer you…” (Jeremiah 33:3). That’s the perfect text to describe the Amazing Facts India Call Center. This last year, a busy team of eleven answered over 3,600 calls in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. 1,450 of these calls were to ask for literature, and there were almost 1,600 requests for prayer.

The Amazing Facts India website is also being accessed by thousands, and the total number of requests for literature from both the website and call center was nearly 2,000. Praise the Lord for the growing interest in Bible-based materials among the spiritual hungry people of India!

Literature is also being distributed to thousands of people through personal contacts. Last August, our team decided to print 10,000 copies of 100 Amazing Facts About the Sabbath and Sunday. They wondered if that might be too many copies, but within just a couple of months our staff members and church friends distributed all of them.

One group asked and received permission to distribute our resources near the largest Sunday church in India. One young lady was nervous about handing out materials, as she had only recently studied and been baptized. “I have never distributed anything in my life like this,” she shared, but with some encouragement and prayer she handed out her stack and came back for more. In no time at all, 1,000 pamphlets were given to outstretched hands. May God multiply and grow these seeds of truth.

Pastors in India (both Sabbathkeeping and non-Sabbathkeeping) enjoy Amazing Facts literature because it is available in their local languages. One church leader ordered 60 sets of all our literature in Telugu to give his pastors. Often church leaders provide pastors with practical resources like clothing, but a growing number are happy to give their pastors Amazing Facts resources that you helped translate into languages their ministers can understand and share with their members.

Thank you for supporting Amazing Facts’ work in India. The results of your prayers and sacrificial gifts will only be fully known in heaven. There we will meet many grateful souls whom God used you to lead into His eternal kingdom.

Encouraging Encounters

Our call center director reports that God is leading many people to Amazing Facts India to receive answers to Bible questions and prayer for difficult situations they are facing. Sometimes parents call seeking advice on how to deal with rebellious teens. One parent asked the call center to talk with her daughter who was in a bad relationship. After several texts and phone calls by our team, the young lady opened her heart to God, broke off the friendship, and is now asking for continued prayers.

An elderly couple contacted our team for prayer after watching our Amazing Facts programs on Sunday. They began calling each Sunday for prayer, and then asked to personally visit our team when they came to town. The couple were invited for breakfast to one of our staff member’s homes where they ate together, studied the Bible, and prayed.

Another caller asked for prayer for his health. He suffered from stiffness in his lower limbs, making it difficult to walk. The man began calling every day for prayer, and one day excitedly called to share that he was beginning to walk again. He praises God for the miracle in his limbs, and continues to ask for prayer so that he can work and support his family.

Besides giving counsel and prayer, our team receives a growing number of requests to visit local churches to provide training for members. There are so many needs to be met, and many pastors would like our team to conduct seminars. Please pray that God will grow Amazing Facts India to reach more people for Christ in this beautiful land.

A Late Night Call

A call center team member shares how blessed she has felt after working with Amazing Facts India for a year. She writes, “It moves my heart as I interact with my callers over the phone, listening to their struggles, sufferings, challenges, and conversion stories.”

One time she received a call from an elderly man (she calls him “uncle”) who asked for prayer. He was so happy to get through and receive prayer, that he began calling for prayer each day. The call center member encouraged “uncle” to sign up for Bible studies, which he did. He then shared what he was learning with his Sunday pastor. Eventually, “uncle” was connected with a local Sabbathkeeping pastor who is studying and helping to answer his many questions.

Late one night, “uncle” called the center and woke up our team member (calls are routed so they can be answered at home). He read a confusing passage in 2 Thessalonians about evil spirits. The call member was able to explain that there was a mistake in the Hindi translation, and showed the true meaning of the passage. He was very happy, and said he wanted to start attending one of our churches. This “uncle” is now sharing his newfound truth with friends and former co-workers, and God is using him as a light in his community.

Thank you for supporting our team in India! Your gifts are igniting fires of truth in many hearts.

Idol Worshiper Accepts Christ

Another call center team member developed a relationship with a caller who started passing our Amazing Facts India phone number around to his friends. Soon, he began witnessing to his in-laws who were Hindu, and worshipers of idols. His father-in-law was bedridden and often prayed to his idols for healing, but after watching several of Pastor Doug’s sermons on Amazing Facts TV in India, he gave his life to Christ. In addition, God has brought this man healing.

This man’s in-laws so appreciated the prayers from our call center that they couldn’t go to sleep at night without having a season of prayer with one of our team members. Eventually, they invited some of our team to visit them in their home about an hour away.

A group from Amazing Facts India went to visit this precious family. What began as a little visit with one family turned into many visits with others in their village. Our team met, sang, worshiped, and prayed with many families. In addition, the caller who passed out our phone number, encouraged a woman with severe pain in her leg to call and ask for prayer. She was eventually healed, and was able to quit her medications.

The Lord is good, and His love endures forever!

Please pray for our Amazing Facts team working to reach the second largest population in the world. Heaven’s urgent message needs to go out, and you are helping carry God’s truth into India. With the Holy Spirit’s help, your gifts are answering the calls of many searching hearts!

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