Online and Onsite in 2021

This last year, the devil used every means possible to stop the work of spreading the gospel. We know Satan will not let up, for he knows his time is short. Despite the enemy’s efforts, God’s work goes forward unhindered in the Philippines.

The Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism in the Philippines (PAFCOE) paused in-person training in 2021, but found new ways online to train people who might not otherwise have been able to take our outreach classes. Last year, 199 students signed up for PAFCOE online, and 52 graduated from the program. Praise the Lord!

PAFCOE also expanded its online bookstore by increasing its Amazing Facts products to 94. Nearly 160 customers were served last year, and over 700 products were sold. PAFCOE’s six websites received more than 14,000 visits in 2021, and the six social media accounts generated over 1.5 million comments.

The online Bible school was also upgraded, and 201 students registered for studies, with 14 already having completed all the courses. The Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides were the foundation for the online school and made available in English, Tagalog, and Cebuano. Other resources made available included Landmarks of Prophecy and Mysteries of Prophecy.

Despite pandemic restrictions, our team conducted an online prophecy seminar that covered 30 topics. An average of 90 people watched the series, and it resulted in 13 baptisms. In addition, 386 Bible students conducted 3,123 Bible studies last year resulting in 36 baptisms. Lockdowns didn’t lock out gospel workers carrying truth to hungry souls!

Thank you for partnering with PAFCOE! We can’t wait to see what exciting things will happen in 2022 as Amazing Facts Philippines continues to explore new ways to spread the three angels’ messages. To God be the glory!

Lukewarm No More

Miriam was baptized into God’s Sabbathkeeping church as a child. She attended Christian schools and was active in her local church as a Sabbath school teacher, choir member, and much more, but when she left for college in the big city, all of that changed.

She met and married an unbeliever, and eventually the couple had four daughters. Miriam made sure they all grew up “in the faith,” but she admits that her own faith was lukewarm. “I did not feel my need for Christ,” she shares. “I did not have the fervor that I used to have when I was in my youth.”

Then, a few years ago, her husband passed away. She had leaned on him for strength more than God, and now felt that she must face life alone. But God had not left her. Sometime later, Miriam’s daughter sent her a link to the Amazing Facts Philippines website and she began watching the Prophecies of Hope series presented by the PAFCOE Director, Kevin Pingol.

“God opened my mind and heart,” she explains. The Holy Spirit convicted her of many things, including the need to be re-baptized, and she now has a personal walk with Jesus. Miriam is so thankful for the Prophecies of Hope series, stating that “It was like a bright beam of light that swept away the darkness in my life.”

The Lord is touching lives through workers that you support in the Philippines. Thanks be to God!

The Best Experience

Doing Bible work during a pandemic is very difficult. Even so, the Bataan Church in the Philippines asked PAFCOE to send them a Bible worker. Monaliza accepted the challenge and began preparations to leave home, but her heart was filled with uncertainties. In addition to wanting another female partner work with her, there were additional problems with traveling during the pandemic.

God prompted her to call a friend, another PAFCOE graduate, for encouragement. Monaliza offhandedly asked her if she’d like to join her on this assignment, and to her surprise, her friend said yes. In addition, the pastor offered to drive the two ladies to his church district.

The small church was struggling to stay alive. Many of the members were lukewarm, and the worship service was conducted inconsistently. The two PAFCOE graduates immediately took over the services and began training others in the various aspects of church life. They worked hard to visit members, and spent much of their Fridays preparing food to feed members and guests on Sabbath after church.

Despite these challenges, our faithful God gave them strength. Even when one of them struggled with anxiety attacks, the Lord brought Bible verses to mind that gave peaceful sleep. One night, when Monaliza was challenged with overwhelming worry, she dreamed of seeing a Bible opened to Psalm 34:4. She couldn’t read the words, but when she awoke, she quickly turned to the verse and read, “I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”

The Lord blessed the work of these two young PAFCOE graduates. They were able to see the fruits of their labors with increased church attendance, several baptisms, and more participation of the members. Monaliza leaves this advice for anyone facing their own challenges: “God can open the Red Sea for you as long as you take the step of faith. You may face challenges along the way, but Jesus will enable you to surpass all of them. Allow Him to work within you as you work for Him.”

Sometimes God leads us through difficulties in order to bring us to the best experience for His glory. Amen!

Big Dreams and Big Prayer Requests

The Amazing Facts team in the Philippines is earnestly praying that PAFCOE will flourish during this time of crisis. While the pandemic has brought the world economy to the brink of collapse, the leaders you support believe that God wants the gospel ministry to move forward bolder than ever before. Here are some of the dreams that the Lord has put on their hearts:

Increase Worthy Student Funds

This provides scholarships to students who do not have money to attend the PAFCOE training programs. The costs to cover the fees for one student is $640. 

Increase Evangelism Fund 

PAFCOE feels called to conduct more public evangelistic meetings across the Philippines. A small scale meeting costs about $640, while a medium or large-scale evangelistic series can run at about $8,000. Our team is praying to be able to conduct 40 small meetings and 2 large meetings during this coming year.

Purchase Property for a PAFCOE Campus

Staff, students, and even graduates of PAFCOE dream of having a campus with facilities that would be conducive to evangelistic training. They are dreaming of a country setting (preferably about 2 hours from the nearest city) with land for classrooms, dorms, cafeteria, gardens, and a sustainable water source.

Print More Resources 

There is a great need to print more witnessing resources for students to distribute in the Philippines. Giving away free Bible-based materials helps change lives, and lead people to a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Advance Amazing Facts Media

The PAFCOE media team wants to create more online evangelistic programs and record more local Changed Lives interviews. They plan to also develop more Mission Miracles and Testimonies of Faith programs to reach greater numbers of Filipinos.

The Lord is good, and His love endures forever!

Please pray for our Amazing Facts team working to reach the precious people in the beautiful islands of the Philippines. Pray that God will bring their dreams to life, and that more of God’s children in Southeast Asia, people of many ethnicities, will be prepared for Jesus soon return. Thank you for supporting PAFCOE!

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