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AFTV - Amazing Facts Television
Amazing Facts broadcasts Bible-based programming 24/7 on the Amazing Facts TV (AFTV) satellite channel, broadcasting such programs as Amazing Facts Presents, Sabbath School Study Hour, and more featuring Pastor Doug Batchelor and other Spirit-led speakers. Start enjoying the best Christian network available, featuring ministries that deliver accurate, biblical, and inspirational information to grow your faith in the Lord.

For current schedule and program information, click here.

How to Watch

Watch AFTV at, featuring live and on-demand programming.

You can watch AFTV on the G19 satellite, which features dozens of other Christian channels, by visiting to purchase an inexpensive satellite package capable of receiving AFTV or to get technical support. You can also call 866-406-7810.

You can also watch AFTV on any Roku streaming device. Visit to learn more. Find us by searching for “AFTV” or “Amazing Facts Television.”
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Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.
- Psalms 32:7

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AN AMAZING FACT: Carpenter ants damage wood in building construction. They prefer dead, damp wood in which to build nests. Unlike termites, they do not eat wood but leave behind sawdust-like material called frass. The most likely culprit in North American homes is the black carpenter ant. However, there are over 1,0...

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