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Should We Let Our Kids Celebrate Halloween?

How do you explain to kids why they shouldn't take part in Halloween? It can be difficult. You can provide a positive alternative that is healthy and appropriate. It would also be good to take them to the Bible and show them that trying to dress up like strange people is not pleasing to Jesus.
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Caller:  My question was regarding - I don't know which one of you was talking about...

Pastor Doug:  Halloween.

Caller:  ...well Halloween, and about letting your - or when people come to your door that you do try and give them a tract or something positive or you know, so that you don't slam your door in their face.  My question was is that, in a way, participating in it?  I mean, how do you explain to your kids with their faces pressed up against the window watching the neighborhood kids trick or treating and getting candy from their parents - how do you explain to them why they're not able to participate in a positive way in anything?

Pastor Doug:  Well I think Karen, first of all, that's a very good question and I have five children so believe me it hits close to home.  Two of the little Batchelor boys are going to have their faces pressed against the window, unless we take them to another program.

You know, sometimes you can create a positive diversion.  You don't have to be at the house, and I'd say more than half the time, that's what happens in our family.  Matter of fact I think this coming Halloween - it's on a weekend - we're going to be at an evangelistic event.

Co-Host:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  So that won't be a problem.  But other times, we take them to the Bible and you need to share with them from your hearts.  Christians sometimes have to explain to the children:  you cannot participate in things the world promotes as fun and exciting if Jesus does not approve.

So you take them to the Scriptures and say, 'You know these things look like fun, but look out the window.  They're dressing up like dismembered humans.  They're dressing up like devils.  They're dressing up like ghosts and witches and uh, sometimes politicians...'

But uh - the thing is that you don't want to miss is - that the kids - you need to explain to them that this is something that Jesus is not pleased with and if you love Jesus, sometimes you need to say no to something that would normally seem attractive.  Just appeal to their self-control.  That's a tough lesson.

Caller:  Yeah and that makes sense, and I think probably you're right.  The idea of totally diverting it by doing something else would be the better idea because it would be very difficult for me to be able to explain that while I'm participating in one way by doing this, but I'm telling the kids you aren't allowed to do anything.

Pastor Doug:  Well you can tell the kids when they come to the door, what we've done before is we've said, 'You give them this tract.'  Then they're participating and supporting the good side - overcoming evil with good.  But again, it is easier and a lot of churches in almost every community have some kind of a positive harvest program for children that is designed specifically to give them a positive diversion so that they don't feel like they're deprived.  Ok?

Caller:  Right.  Ok well thank you very much

Pastor Doug:  Good question Karen.

Co-Host:  Thanks for the call.

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