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How could the apostles be accused of getting drunk on new wine?

Scripture: Acts 2:13
How could the apostles be accused of getting drunk on new wine? You can't get drunk on grape juice. The passage indicates they were "mocking" the disciples.
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Caller:  Yeah everyone I have another one, something you've touched on many times before with Old wine and new wine.  Acts 2:13, referring to...

Pastor Doug:  ...on the day of Pentecost when they thought they were drunk?

Caller:  Yeah it says these men are full of new wine and I didn't think you could get drunk on new wine or on grape juice.

Pastor Doug:  Well you can't.  They were saying this here facetiously.  Now Acts 2, which verse were you looking at, 13?

Caller:  13.

Pastor Doug:  Yeah.  They're teasing.  You know a lot of people used to say, 'Well I'm not drunk. I was drinking new wine.'  And so here they're saying it mockingly:  'They're full of new wine.'  See what I'm getting at?

Caller:  Ok, I get it. Yeah.

Pastor Doug:  So there's sarcasm in there.  You can't really take that as a literal statement but mockingly.

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