After the Garden

After the Garden

Date: 12/09/2018 
Every week brings a host of Bible questions from listeners across the world. In this edition of Bible Answers Live, Pastor Doug and Pastor Ross study through the Scriptures to research questions about Adam and Eve, the book of Revelation, dancing, the Godhead, divorce and so many more topics that we all wonder about. Tune in because you won't want to miss this installment of Bible Answers Live !
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Pastor Doug: Welcome friends to Amazing Facts, Bible Answers Live. Would you like to hear an amazing fact? There is a young man named Jack, true story. He saw a young lady at work named Mary that greatly attracted his attention. He was too shy to speak to her. He went to a local florist and he ordered one red rose to be sent to her without any carding closed. Every day he repeated the order.

After four days of receiving one red rose every day, the young lady's curiosity got the best of her and she went to the florist and said, "Who is sending the roses?" The florist told her that it was some guy named Jack who evidently worked where she did. She said, "I think I know who he is." She searched out Jack and said, "What's up with the daily roses?" He told her he wanted to ask her out but he was afraid. She accepted his invitation and other dates follow that one, but still, every day she continued to receive one red rose.

Then Jack and Mary got engaged. Mary figured the red roses would stop, but still they came. Finally, they were married in 1927 and even on the honeymoon, she continued to receive one red rose every day. Once the honeymoon was over, that she figured would be the end of the roses, but month after month, even year after year for 47 years of married life, every day without fail, she received a red rose.

Finally, Jack died, but the very next day there came another red rose. Thinking maybe the florist had not somehow heard the sad news, she called to tell them that Jack had died and they could stop sending the roses now. He answered, "Ma'am, you don't seem to understand. Before your husband died, he made arrangements in his will. You'll be receiving one red rose every day for the rest of your life." Which was nine more years." Oh, yes you probably know Jack better as Jack Benny and his wife was Mary Livingston.

The Bible says in the last days, the love of many will grow cold. Does that mean it's not possible to have a loving marriage? Stay with us friends, we're going to learn more on this edition of Bible Answers Live.

Automated Voice: You're listening to Bible Answers Live, honest answers to your Bible questions. This broadcast is a previously recorded episode. To receive any of the Bible resources mentioned in this evening's program, call 800-835-6747. Once again, that's 800-835-6747. Now, let's join our host, Pastor Doug Batchelor and our co-host Pastor Jean Ross.

Pastor Doug: Welcome listening friends to Bible Answers Live. As the title suggests, if you have a Bible question, you're invited for the next hour or so, give us a call. We'll do our best with the Bible resources at our fingertips to answer any Bible related question or question about living the Christian life. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we've got some great resources here. If you call in, phone lines are open, free phone call. Here it is, 800-463-7297. One more time, that's 800-GOD-SAYS or 800-463-7297. Calling now is a good idea, we got lines wide open.

Want to welcome our friends who are not only listening but watching on Facebook. This program is streaming visually on the Amazing Facts Facebook page as well as Doug Batchelor Facebook page. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Jean Ross: My name is Jean Ross. Good evening listening friends. Pastor Doug, as we always do, let's start with a word of prayer. Dear Father in heaven, we thank you once again for the opportunity to open up your word and study together. We do pray that the Holy Spirit will guide our minds, our hearts. Be with those who are listening Lord, lead us into a clearer understanding of the Bible in Jesus name, amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Jean: Pastor Doug you opened the program by describing a love story that went on and on and on throughout this couple's entire marriage. Every day she would receive a red rose, a token of her husband's love for her, and of course, that extended even after he passed away. He made arrangements so that there would be sufficient funds that she would continue to get a red rose for the rest of her life.

Pastor Doug:  Yes. It's like that verse says in 1 Corinthians 13, Love never fails. He wanted to make sure that Mary knew his love would never fail even though he was gone, she would not forget that she was loved. Of course, God wants us to know that His love for us never fails. There is that popular verse there in Romans Chapter 8, where you can read in verse 38 and 39. Paul says, "For I am persuaded that neither death or life or angels or principalities or powers or things present or things to come or height or depth or any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Jesus said in the last days in Matthew Chapter 24, that the love of many would grow cold. We can see by the epidemic of failed marriages and divorces. Think this is somewhere around 45% of all marriages fail. The statistics have actually improved in a few years, not because marriages are doing better, but because as a result of people living together not even getting married, it looks like more marriages are succeeding. A lot of people are forfeiting marriage.

Folks might be wondering in this day and age with all the stress and distractions, is it possible to have a warm loving marriage relationship? We have a special offer on that, that I think would encourage people from the Word of God.

Pastor Ross: If anyone would like to receive a study guide dealing with the subject of marriage, it's called Keys For A Happy Marriage. We'll be happy to send this to anyone who calls and asks. All you have to do is call our resource phone line, that number is 800-835-6747.

Again, you can ask for the study guide called Keys For A Happy Marriage. Happy to send that to anyone who calls and asks. If you're outside of North America, you're listening and now we're on Facebook. We have listeners all around literally around the world, part of our International Bible study with Bible Answers Live. You can also read that study guide for free at the Amazing Facts website. Just or, click on the little tab that says Bible Study. and you'll be able to get a free copy of that lesson called Keys For A Happy Marriage.

Pastor Doug: All right. In just a moment here, we're going to go to the phones, want to be able to take your Bible questions again. We just had a computer crash here. [laughs] Those of you who are watching on Facebook, you'll see what we're talking about right now. All our information comes up to us on the screen to tell us how many calls are lined up and who's going to call in.

The screen just went to a screen saver. It's a beautiful picture, but it's not going to help us. It's not going to help us answer any of the questions here. There they go, here we got several lining up. Thank you very much.

Pastor Ross: All right, Pastor Doug, we're going to go to our first caller and oops, we're not ready just yet. They're still getting it all put together.

Pastor Doug: Yes, it turned off again here.

Pastor Ross: We'll be able to get our callers in just a moment. This shouldn't affect those who are actually called in and waiting and we're just getting the calls up on the screen. I think we're just about ready. We have Ulysses listening from Queens, New York. Ulysses welcome to the program.

Ulysses: Hi, how are you?

Pastor Doug: Good. Thanks for calling. Your question.

Ulysses: My question was, was there anyone else besides Adam and Eve in the garden? Were they the only two individuals in the garden at that time before they fell?

Pastor Doug: Well, of course God walked with them in the garden. The Bible tells us in Genesis Chapter 2, but there were no other people besides Adam and Eve until they were chased out of the garden and they started having children. Is that what you're wondering or?

Ulysses: Yes. It's more along that line. Me and my wife were having Bible studies then we were just trying to get a better understanding of how come things only--

Pastor Doug: The whole world was populated through Adam and Eve. Are you wondering where did Cain get his wife?

Ulysses' Wife: No. We were wondering, did they start having children before they were kicked out or was there a reason why they didn't start having children till after they fell.

Pastor Doug: Great question. The real question then is, partly how long were they in the garden? Right after the Lord makes Adam and Eve, He says, "Be fruitful and multiply." You would naturally assume God made them perfect, they were perfectly fertile, but they hadn't had any children yet. That's probably because Eve and Adam were tempted by the devil, very shortly after creation because they hadn't even had time to start their family. I think that the devil caught them when they were new and innocent. They were evicted from the garden after sin and they started having Cain and Abel and Seth, so forth after they left the Garden of Eden. We don't know how long, but I'm guessing that it was less than a year after the creation before they fell.

Ulysses: Wow. Okay, thank you so much. That answers our question.

Pastor Doug: All right, thank you. Good question. Appreciate it.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller that we have is Kindle listening from Huntsville, Alabama. Kindle, welcome to the program.

Kindle: Hey, thank you for having my call.

Pastor Doug: Your question?

Kindle: Specifically in Revelation 5:8-9, it talks about the 24 elders, but it also talks about the four beasts. I was wondering if those were literal beasts or if they were to represent something?

Pastor Doug: Well, good question. Let's answer that question with a question. I do that because Jesus often did it. Do we see there are other beasts in Revelation like this woman sitting on a dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns? Well, that dragon is obviously a symbol and in Revelation, you got a lamb which is technically a beast is got seven eyes and seven horns and it's slain.

Well, there's probably no dead lambs bleeding in heaven with seven eyes. That's a symbol for Jesus, the Lamb of God. These creatures around the throne of God, that not only appear there in Revelation, is it four and five? They appear in Ezekiel Chapter 1, same creatures. This is believed to be a symbol for the different attributes of God. I think one is a lion, an eagle, a calf, and a man.

This is showing the majesty of the Lord. Jean's also got another perspective. I got the Majesty is Matthew. Mark is the eagle, he's a symbol for the speed. Luke shows humanity, he's the doctor. John shows Jesus as the sacrifice, that's the calf.

Pastor Ross: Yes, we've also seen it. You can also see some parallels between the different phases of Christ's ministry. The line is often associated with royalty and some scholars see that as being Christ prior to the incarnation. He was one with the Father, he was ruling the universe. An ox, which is the second creature around the throne, is a beast of burden. It was also used in sacrifice.

Jesus came to this earth to bear our sins and to die in our place. The next is a beast that is the face of a man. Folks have seen that Jesus, our High Priest ministering for us in the heavenly sanctuary. Then the eagle is the fourth, often associated with speed and judgment. Some seeing that when Jesus comes again, He comes as King of kings and Lord of lords, executing judgment upon the wicked and also redeeming and saving His people.

In the four living creatures, they see four phases of Christ's ministry in man's salvation.

Kindle: Oh, wow. Thank you. That makes a lot more sense.

Pastor Doug: Very good. Hey, we appreciate your question. I wish we had a book. We probably got to write a book on that. We get that question a lot. That's a good subject. Thank you so much, Kindle.

Kindle: Thank you, God bless.

Pastor Ross: Next caller that we have is Linda, listening from Middletown, Connecticut. Linda, welcome to the program.

Linda: Hi.

Pastor Doug: Hey, you know there's also a Middletown, California.

Linda: I know that. [chuckles]

Pastor Doug: Your question?

Linda: What's the difference between the house of Judah and the house of Israel? They're both Jewish, aren't they?

Pastor Doug: Not technically. Let me see if I can explain. Israel included all 12 of the tribes. Judah, that was mostly the southern kingdom. The word Jew comes from the tribe of Judah. It's sort of a corruption of the word from Judah. There was a civil war back after the time of King Solomon, and the tribe of Judah, along with Benjamin and most of the priests, which were the Levites, they separated from the northern kingdom that was called the 10 tribes and they were called Israel. Israel was a term that meant the rest of the tribes often.

The 10 tribes were ultimately carried off by the Assyrians years later, hundreds of years after the Civil War. Then finally, the children of Judah were carried to Babylon after a war. The children of Judah came back to the land of Israel, most of the 10 tribes did not come back.

They intermarried with the Assyrians. Many of them disappeared. A lot of the Semitic people have some Jewish blood because of the 10 tribes that were scattered through Assyria. There is a difference between the house of Israel, was the northern kingdom, the house of Judah was the southern kingdom. David was from the southern kingdom. He was a Jew, from the tribe of Judah. That's a long answer, but hopefully, that made some sense.

Linda: Have you ever wrote any books on this?

Pastor Doug: We do have a book we can send you that talks about Spiritual Israel. We'll be happy to send you a free copy of that if you just call the resource line.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747. You can again, just ask for the book called Spiritual Israel. will be happy to send that out to anyone who calls and asks. Next caller that we have is Louis, listening in Connecticut. Louis, welcome to the program. Or Lewis, I think it is?

Louis: Good evening, gentlemen.

Pastor Doug: Evening.

Louis: Saint Louis. Louis is good. [chuckles] Good evening. It is such an honor to talk with both of you. Thank you for taking my call. My question is this: my wife and I were interested in finding an activity to do together. I would like to propose to her, ballroom dancing or waltzing. I'm interested in finding out that the Bible prohibits dancing with your wife?

Pastor Doug: Well, the Bible does talk about dancing. Typically, in the Bible, you'll see that they would dance in celebration, but the women would go out and dance with the women. David went and danced before the Lord. If you've ever been to a Jewish wedding, a more orthodox Jewish wedding, you can even look at them online, you'll see the women take hands and they dance in one circle. The men take hands, they dance in another circle. They saw it as maybe being immodest for the men and women to start dancing together.

If there ever is a case when a man and woman could dance together, it would be a marriage. I don't know that you do it publicly, but let's face it, a lot of the coed dancing that happens in our culture is extremely sexually suggestive.

Now, I know the barn dancing, the ballroom dancing would be the exception to that. Since sometimes it's hard to draw the line between one or the other and since I have no rhythm, I don't dance. [chuckles] I tried it at a couple of school proms when I was young and it was an embarrassment, but in any event, it'd be great for you guys to get some exercise together. There's probably a lot of things you can do.

I personally, I don't get too excited about the public dancing, but I'm probably just an old fogy. You typically, you have examples in the Bible. Miriam led the women in dances when they were victorious over the Egyptians. You've got the women that came out dancing when David and Saul defeated the Philistines. One bad dance is you got Salome who dance for Herod when John the Baptist got beheaded.

Remember, she asked for the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter. That was probably a sexually suggestive dance. "I'll give you half my kingdom if you'll come dance for me." That was the thing a little different then.

Louis: waltz?

Pastor Doug: That wasn't a waltz.

Louis: Waltz isn't necessarily sexually explicit, right?

Pastor Doug: No, I agree. The waltz and some of the marches, and they've got some of these square dances. You got to listen real carefully. It's almost like a mathematical operation, but I won't condemn a person for that. I usually advise against the borders there. Hey, God bless you. I appreciate your question. Thank you.

Louis: All right. Bye-bye.

Pastor Doug: Bye-bye.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller that we have is Ernest, listening from Virginia. Ernest, welcome to the program.

Ernest: Hey, Doug Batchelor, how're you doing?

Pastor Doug: Good. Thank you for calling.

Ernest: I really don't have a question. I got something I got to ask you. I'm trying to take out the best way to say this.

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Ernest: I think there's a lot of debate on, but anyway, I'm going to try to say it the best way I can about, do you know why Jesus is called the Spirit of Prophecy?

Pastor Doug: First of all, Christ is the word. The Bible often talks about the Spirit of Prophecy being connected with the word. If you look, for instance, in I think it's Isaiah 8:20. It says, "Bind the testimony, seal the law among my disciples." Now, notice the word testimony, law. Then you jump to Revelation Chapter 12 and the last verse is verse 17 in Revelation 12.

It says, "The dragon is Roth with a woman and he goes to make war with a remnant of her seed, that keep the commandments of God." That's the law and the testimony of Jesus. Now, what is the testimony of Jesus? You go to Revelation 19:10, there you've got it. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. The law and the prophets, they are the Word of God and Christ, of course, he is the Word that became flesh.

Ernest: Okay. Let's see, this what I'm saying, I understand the spirit of prophecy, but a lot of people don't understand why Jesus was called a spirit of prophecy because the spirit of God himself, that spirit alone from the beginning, it created all things. I see a lot of people think that the spirit of God was three persons, but the spirit of God alone demonstrated His power in three different time periods.

Pastor Doug: Well, do you believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all the same person?

Ernest: Yes, it's not a person. It's just that one spirit. In the old Testament, He was in spirit form. Jesus was in spirit form. When the fullness of time came, when He came into the New Testament, when He conceived in the womb--

Pastor Doug: God conceived the Holy Spirit through Mary, but Christ and the Holy Spirit are separate entities and persons in the Godhead. That's why Jesus said to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Ernest: No, no. I want to say this. If you think about this that they were separate, the scripture will tell you, just like in Galatians 3:20 it say, "A mediator is not a mediator of one, but God is one." Now see, if you take away from one is zero. If you add to one is more than one. So God is one.

Pastor Doug: No, I think there's a problem there. I'd respectfully disagree. I think there's a problem there with your analogy in that you're assuming that one is always numerical quantity. When God says, "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one." Deuteronomy Chapter six, He's not saying there's only one person. He's saying God is one and United. Jesus said in John 17, "Father, I pray that the apostles can be one as you and I are one." Our God said, "Let us make man in our image."

Jesus said a man and woman get married and they become one flesh, but they're two separate persons. God, the Father, Son and Spirit are one in being perfectly United. Like you'd have one family, but they're three distinct persons.

Pastor Ross: Something else interesting about that, there are actually two different words used in the original Hebrew, which of course the old Testament was written in that translates in English as one. There is a plural form of the word one, meaning unity in purpose. You could have more than just one numerical entity. Then there is another word which simply means one as we think of today in numerical value. To the Jewish mind, the idea of being one was more than just numerical, but it was one in purpose and unity.

Pastor Doug: We have a free book we'll be happy to send you, Ernest, we're probably going to move on to another caller, and it's called The Trinity. Matter of fact, I wrote a little book on the Trinity, but I'll send you the full book on the Trinity that I just wrote. It's called The Trinity: One God or Three? We'll send you a free copy.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747. You can ask for the book on the Trinity. We'll be happy to send that out to you, Ernest or anybody who calls and asks. Michael is listening from Michigan. Michael, welcome to the program.

Michael: Hey, how are y'all doing tonight?

Pastor Doug: Doing great. Thank you for calling. Your question?

Michael: I have a question. I live in an apartment here and a lot of people have asked me, how can you prove that God exists without using your Bible? I've got so many people about this, and I got different cancers and so many different good answers by the way, but I just wanted to get your thought.

Pastor Doug: All right, now Michael, we're going to bring your volume down a little bit, because we hear the radio in the background. First thing I want to say is I did a sermon probably five, six months ago and it's called, Can you prove the existence of God? I used to be an agnostic or atheist.,I came from the perspective of someone who doesn't believe the Bible. I thought, is there other evidence for God?

I hope you'll go online and look, you can just type in Doug Batchelor on YouTube, existence of God and it'll probably pop up. Let me give you some quick answers. One is that you do not have organization and interworking systems without some outside intelligence and a designer. It's just as simple as realizing that if you're walking across the desert and you see a motorcycle on a kickstand, you would never ever believe that that motorcycle with all its intricate design and function oozed up out of the rocks. No matter how many billions of years went by, there was an outside intelligent engineer that developed that.

A human body, a mouse is infinitely more complex than a motorcycle. The idea that you get organization and design and even the symbiotic relationships between a hummingbird and a flower or bees and flowers, that would never evolve spontaneously. That one cannot exist without the other.

There has to be an intelligence that designed these things. Why do you have beauty? Why do we even acknowledge beauty? There's a Lord that loves the beautiful. We're made in the image of God and we have a lot of the same characteristics of God. I think there's a lot of evidence. You got some ideas, Jean?

Pastor Ross: Yes, there's one other that I thought was pretty compelling. As people studied the cell, they discovered the DNA inside the nucleus of the cell as being just all that information about the cell dividing comes from the DNA, but of course, DNA can't exist without a cell, without the nucleus. The question often rises, if the cells somehow evolved by itself, it wouldn't be able to multiply itself without the DNA. The DNA wouldn't be able to exist without a cell.

Pastor Doug: Which came first?

Pastor Ross: They had to come up together. All of that came instantaneously. God created it and put it together.

Pastor Doug: I'm putting you back on, Michael, did that makes some sense?

Michael: Yes, now I know what to say to people.

Pastor Doug: Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot of good evidence out there in science, in nature and even in philosophy that proves the existence of God. Go online and try and take a look for that sermon that I mentioned. We do have a book called Wonders of Creation. We got a book called When evolution Flunked The Science Test.

Pastor Ross: We don't hand that out too often, but it's a great little book and it's simply called When evolution Flunked The Science Test. We'll be happy to send that to anyone who calls and asks free. That number is 800-835-6747, and you can ask for the book called When evolution Flunked The Science Test. One more time. That number is 800-835-6747.

Pastor Doug: In a moment, we're going to take a break. We do still have some lines open. If you want to call in with your Bible question, we still got the other half of the program that's coming up and that's 800-463-7297. I don't think I've told you our website yet. This whole program, it's real simple, amazing, you can listen to these programs and find much more. Be right back.

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Pastor Doug: Hello friends, Pastor Doug Batchelor here with Amazing Facts. When Susan's and Michael's whirlwind relationship led to a wedding, they had no idea how hard married life could be. Before they knew it, they were on the stormy path towards divorce, but that's when God led them to an Amazing Facts broadcast, and there they saw the biblical view of marriage as presented in knowing Jesus.

Finally, they understood what it meant to love sacrificially like Christ. Today, Susan and Michael are joyfully married, sharing what they learned with others. Now, you friend have an opportunity to help someone today and to make an eternal difference for more people like Michael and Susan. Your simple investment of faith in Amazing Facts will keep growing and reaching more people with God's life-changing word.

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Pastor Doug: Welcome back listening friends, those who have tuned in along the way, this is Bible Answers Live, and you can call in with your live Bible questions. We have a few who are standing by. Be patient as we go through the questions. You'll be picked up, generally in the order in which you called in. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is Jean Ross, and we have our next caller, Jason is listening from South Carolina. Jason, welcome to the program.

Jason: Hey, thank you. It's a great honor to speak to both of you. You are both very wise gentlemen. I'm struggling tonight because my wife of 23 years has left and wants a divorce and we're both believers. I don't know what to do. I've gone to church. I'm going to church. I'm in a good group of people, but I don't know what the Bible says about what's going on right now. I'm trying to stand in the gap and wait for her, but I don't know if you have any advice. I've listened to you guys for years and respect whatever you say. I would really appreciate your advice.

Pastor Doug: All right, well, first of all, that's a very difficult thing and we'll be keeping you in prayer.

Jason: Thank you.

Pastor Doug: I wrote a book called Marriage, Divorce and Re-marriage, of course, when people read the book, I'm hoping that they can salvage and restore their marriages. Jesus said, "What God has joined together, let not man put asunder." Marriage is to be a covenant that should be as it says, "Till death, do you part." Paul said that, "It's only through death," it's a covenant supposed to last. They become one flesh.

Now, I hope you have people that you can talk to there that can give you some good biblical counsel. We do have the lesson that we offer tonight, which is called, Keys to a Happy Marriage. There are some tips in there, in case there are some bumpy spots in your relationship that you can do.

First thing I'd say is completely surrender yourself to the Lord, because God can work miracles, but He does them best when we are fully consecrated. Make yourself as attractive as possible. Now, what I mean by that, I've seen sometimes when one spouse leaves the other, they start to hound the other person and they make things even worse. Every time they pick up the phone, they're begging them to come back or whatever.

I think that you want to make yourself respect that person's freedom. Make yourself as attractive as you can, by being kind, by being listening, by being prayerful, doing everything you can to be supportive. You don't ever want to be vindictive, because you're hurt, you don't want to hurt back. That's the reaction. A lot of people are so wounded because of an imminent divorce, they start lashing out.

Soon as you get lawyers involved and then things start to go downhill, because the lawyers don't make money typically, very few lawyers have the integrity to say, "I don't want to offer you my services, because I want you to save your marriage." They make money when you litigate, so I always say try to get a pastor involved and not a lawyer and do some counseling.

That's probably the best we could do right now in the short time we have and we'll send you that book, Keys to a Happy Marriage and the other book is called Marriage, Divorce and Re-marriage. We'll be praying for you as well, Jason.

Jason: Please do. I deeply appreciate it, and thank you for being who you are. You're a great tool.

Pastor Doug: Well, bless your heart, and I will hold you up before the Lord.

Jason: Thank you.

Pastor Ross: The number to call to receive that free book is called, Marriage, Divorce and Re-marriage and the number is 800-8356-747. We'll be happy to send this to you, Jason, or anyone who calls and asks. 800-835-6747, you can ask for the book called Marriage, Divorce and Re-marriage. You can also ask for the study guide called Keys to a Happy Marriage, we'll be sending that out to anyone who gives us a call. Next caller is James listening in Maryland. James, welcome to the program.

James: Hey, good evening. Thank you for taking my call.

Pastor Doug: Absolutely.

James: I have a question regarding Adam and Eve when the Bible talks about them eating from the forbidden fruit. Was that literal?

Pastor Doug: Well, it's pretty clear in the context when it says, "God placed all different kinds of trees in the garden that were good for food," and he goes right from talking about very practical things we would agree with being literal, that he had foods and the fruits had nuts, and there were nuts and seeds and fruit to eat. Then God says, "In the middle of the garden, He placed the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." After Adam and Eve sinned, God said, "They're evicted from the garden lest they eat from the tree of life and live forever." In other words, God didn't want them to physically reach out and eat this fruit that had some enzyme we're evidently missing now that keeps cells from deteriorating over time.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, I believe they were real trees, and there was real fruit. Now, probably when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, God really put a test there to test their loyalty or He allowed it, but it must have been some real fruit tree that God allowed to be there. I don't think it was just a spiritual tree. Most scholars take it that way. Yes, I appreciate that good, practical question.

James: Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Hope that helped, James.

Pastor Ross: Next caller that we have is Jessie listening from Vancouver. Jessie welcome to the program.

Jessie: Hi, thank you.

Pastor Doug: Thank you for calling. Are you still there?

Jessie: Yes. I had a question on Matthew 18, verse 18 and 19.

Pastor Doug: All right, do you want us to read that and then we'll do our best to answer it?

Jessie: For sure. That would be fantastic.

Pastor Doug: All right, do you have that in front of you?

Pastor Ross: I do. It says, "Assuredly, I say unto you, these are the words of Jesus, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again, I say to you, if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that you asked, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven."

Pastor Doug: Are you wondering what does that mean?

Jessie: Yes, 18 confuses me more than 19, but both of them confuse me. I just thought you guys probably had a good answer.

Pastor Doug: Well, first of all, things that are done here, in this world, do impact what happens in eternity. When through our prayers and our intercession, we pray and ask for God to intervene, He responds in heaven. When he talks about binding and loosing, people are bound and loose by our proclaiming the gospel. People who are bound by sin, when you preach to them, they're freed.

When we fail to intercede for them or fail to preach the gospel to them, they remain bound. Now, God is not saying we're going to pray and say, "Hey, I think I'll bind that person over there, or I'll loose that person over there." There was one time when Paul prayed, there was this sorcerer that was trying to turn away Sergius Paulus and Paul pronounced the whammy on him and he was struck blind because he was working for the devil. God answers prayers of those on Earth that influence other people's destiny. It's the big picture. You got anything to add to that?

Pastor Ross: Yes, absolutely. He's also talking about Jesus referencing the church and he's giving the church authority in the preaching of the gospel and in preaching the gospel, as Pastor Doug says, just like Jesus came to set the captives free, those who are held captive by sin, so those who preach the gospel. Through the preaching of the word, people respond to that word, they're either being set free from sin, or they're hardening their heart against God and setting themselves in sin, they're binding themselves in sin.

The principle there is Jesus was giving the apostles the privilege to do the work that Jesus did on the earth, that of preaching the gospel and making a difference in people's lives for eternity.

Pastor Doug: Also, this verse comes on the heels of Jesus giving the church some authority to reprimand people that wouldn't forgive each other and they could even be put out of the church, which Paul talks about in First Corinthians, I think it's seven. Anyway, does that help a little bit?

Jessie: Yes, totally. I had no idea that it was about prayer and stuff like that. I was definitely just confused because I was like, "Is it talking about marriage?" Like, I was just [laughs] so confused.

Pastor Doug: Well, good. I'm glad that helps a little bit. We really appreciate your calling, Jessie. You would like the lesson we've got called Keys to a Happy Marriage.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747, just ask for the study guide. Our free offer tonight, Keys For A Happy Marriage. Next caller that we have is James listening from Atlanta, Georgia. James, welcome to the program.

James: Hey, sir, I really appreciate you all taking my call. Recently, I've gotten diagnosed with tinnitus, a really high pitch ringing in the ears and it's kind of been an unfortunate, like a backdrop or a soundtrack to all my waking hours.Science doesn't really know a lot about it and there's no cure for it that they know of. I didn't know, this is really challenging my faith on a strong level. I believe in all the scriptures, you know what I mean? I'm thorough with it, but I still didn't know if either one of you gentlemen have ever prayed for somebody or seen somebody else prayed for and actually seeing a real manifestation of healing, a permanent healing that took place that science couldn't explain or anything like that.

Pastor Doug: Yes, as a matter of fact, it's interesting you had asked that because, just immediately before the program, Pastor Ross and I had an appointment, we stopped and we had prayer and an anointing for an individual that had a serious medical problem and we do believe in miracles, we do believe in healing, Pastor Ross and I, I'm just thinking of something that we were on together so to speak. One sister, we know of that had liver cancer, it was very serious and everyone could see her health failing. We prayed and had an anointing service and she then did have a procedure and the doctor said that the tumor was non-malignant and she was healed and she's a perfectly healthy young mother right now, so that was dramatic.

I've been at the hospital bed, not exaggerating, where a person was on a ventilator, the folks kind of came in, so I could have prayer. I didn't even think God would answer my prayer, to be perfectly honest, but they kind of asked me if I'd pray for their mother. She had a stroke and looked like she was brain dead, so I prayed, left. A little while later, they called, said, have you heard, "Mom opened her eyes and sat up and said she was hungry". This happened about five years ago and she was in church last week still. Just dramatic healing.

I do believe in healing and now I'll tell you something else just to keep perspective, I have tinnitus, what you're talking about and it's a constant high pitch ringing in my ears, and that's in one ear in particular. It's something that often happens as you get older, it can be associated with, if you've worked with loud noises, which I did, you can damage, there are very fine hair-like elements inside the cochlear part of your ear. They're microscopic and they can get damaged and they could send out false signals which just comes back to us like a high pitch. It can be very annoying.

You notice sometimes if you have stress, it gets a little louder and sometimes if you're relaxed, it may get a little softer when you wake up in the morning, but God can heal, I know people that have been healed of it. He hasn't healed me yet, but sometimes if you're not healed, you say, "Lord," - that's what Paul said, - "give me grace. Your strength is made perfect in weakness."

James: I've wondered if this is, I don't want to say it's a calling, but lot for me.

Pastor Doug: Do you mind my asking, I'm not a doctor, but how old are you?

James: I'm 41.

Pastor Doug: Yes, you're still pretty young, were you in the military?

James: No, sir, but I was a firefighter for a number of years, worked at an airport for a number of years, so I've been around loud--

Pastor Doug: You're around loud noises?

James: Yes, sir.

Pastor Doug: Yes, that's a trigger there. Well, you know, brother, why don't we have prayer for you right now-

James: I believe.

Pastor Doug: -and the people who are joining us on the air, they can do that and we'll put this in God's hands. Father in Heaven, we just want to lift up in prayer, James and I know others listening may have some medical issues and they're wondering if you'd be willing to heal. Lord, I pray that you will just show that you are God that heals, that you'll work out your will in their lives, and Lord, if for some reason that healing doesn't come until the resurrection day, I pray that you just give us grace to be faithful in spite of our trials. Be with James, Lord, and I pray that you work in his life and reveal your power in Jesus name. Amen.

Pastor Ross: Amen. All right, thanks for your call, James.

Pastor Doug: Just thinking, we do have a study guide called God's Free Health Plan, talks about health principles that sometimes reverse medical problems.

Pastor Ross: Absolutely, the number to call is 800-835-6747. That is our resource phone line, you can ask for the study guide called God's Free Health Plan. Again, that's 800-835-6747. Armando is listening from New York. Hey, Armando.

Armando: Hi, bro Batchelor, how're you doing?

Pastor Doug: Good, and your question tonight?

Armando: Thank you for taking my call, I appreciate that, thank you.

Pastor Doug: Absolutely.

Armando: Okay, my question is, according to Genesis 4:17, Adam and Eve had two sons. Cain killed Abel and ran away from the presence of the Lord, all right?

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Armando: The Bible is talking about, he found a woman and had a new family, so where did these people came from? Because according to the Bible, there was nothing but Cain and Abel.

Pastor Doug: All right, you got a Bible in front of you?

Armando: Yes, I do.

Pastor Doug: If you go to, Genesis Chapter 5, you can read Genesis 5:4 says, After he begot Seth all the days of Adam were 800 years, and he had sons and daughters. Adam and Eve had many other sons and daughters besides Cain, Abel and Seth. In the very beginning Cain, no doubt, married one of his sisters. If you read your Bible, you'll also find out that Abraham married his half-sister, Sarah, Jacob married his first cousin. Isaac married a first cousin.

In the early days, it was not unusual for a brother to marry sister. There were no genetic problems in the beginning. Man's blood was perfect back then. Cain took one of his sisters. Adam and Eve had many children, they lived hundreds of years and there was nothing wrong with it back then, so that's who he married. Good question, Armando, thank you.

Automated Voice: You're listening to Bible Answers Live. This broadcast is a previously recorded episode. To receive any of the Bible resources mentioned in this broadcast, call 800-835-6747. Once again, that's 800-835-6747.

Pastor Ross: Next caller that we have is Bill listening from Illinois. Bill, welcome to the program.

Bill: Hi, thanks for taking my call. My question is this, what is your understanding about - I don't know if you'd call this a doctrine or not, but I'll say that - the doctrine of eternal security, also called, I've heard, once saved always saved.

Pastor Doug: Yes, that's probably one of the most hotly debated subjects among Protestants and even between Protestants and Catholics, the whole church of England, I'm reading a book right now. They were split over this issue for years between the Puritans and the church of England. Calvin is the one who sort of really refined that teaching. The idea that once you're saved, you can't really be lost. He believed that God has predetermined who will be saved and we really don't have a choice. It's called the sovereignty of God, and that if we're saved, it's because God calls us to salvation and others are not saved, but I don't believe the Bible says that.

Bill: Yes. I'm sorry, I'm not interested in predestination, all I want to know is, do you think a person can lose their salvation if they've ever been truly saved?

Pastor Doug: Well, let's look at the Bible. You have an example of somebody like King Saul, who was called by God, filled with the Spirit and God did wonderful things through him, but Saul began to cling to pride-

Bill: I'm talking about the New Testament under Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviou.

Pastor Doug: Who were people saved under in the Old Testament?

Bill: I don't know, and I'm not particularly interested in the Old Testament, I'm interested in the new covenant.

Pastor Doug: Well, everyone who is saved, is saved by Jesus. I wondered if you thought that the people in the Old Testament were saved by some other method. Nobody saved by works. We're all saved by grace. Jesus said Abraham longed to see my day and he saw it. So they were saved by faith in Christ, they were saved looking forward in faith, we're saved by looking back in faith.

All right, I gave you anOold Testament example, let me give you a New Testament example. You've got the example of Paul said that Demas has forsaken me, so here was someone who was a follower who got discouraged. Peter talks about someone who was washed, who returns to their vomit or wallowing in the mire. Hebrews Chapter 4 talks about somebody that has the Holy Spirit and they turn away, it's nearly impossible to renew them to repentance. In Revelation, you've got an example-

Pastor Ross: them out of my book.

Pastor Doug: Yes, and he says to the church, "I'll take your candle stick out of your place unless you repent."

Pastor Ross: I mean, we have Paul, in 1st Corinthians 9:27, it says, "But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I've preached to others, I myself should become disqualified or cast away," so Paul recognized that he could lose his salvation, and that's why he had to keep that connection with God.

Pastor Doug: Then you have Judas, who was out preaching with the other apostles that grieved with the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Ross: Performing miracles, yes

Bill: Yes, well, what about John 3:16.

Pastor Doug: Whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. Absolutely.

Bill: Yes. Everlasting life.

Pastor Doug: What does believe mean? Does that mean just believe one time or does that mean an ongoing faith?

Bill: Well, it means an ongoing faith.

Pastor Doug: As long as a person has an ongoing faith, they are saved.

Bill: Yes. I just don't see anybody who's lost their salvation in the New Testament. There's warnings about it. Judas never was a believer. He held the bag. It's pretty clear. He didn't believe in Jesus. By the way, Jesus had yet to be crucified at that point.

Pastor Doug: You don't believe the Old Testament. Where is an example, so I can't use the example of David who prayed, "Take not thy holy spirit from me."?

Bill: You said he prayed that God not do that, and God didn't do it.

Pastor Doug: Right. What if he hadn't prayed it?

Bill: Well, we'll never know, will we? We're not presented with a hypothetical there.

Pastor Doug: One of the challenges that you have with the ones teaching is whenever we say somebody who you point to like Judas and you say, "Well, they never really were saved." People walking around today and even in Christ time, how does a person know if they are one of those who are really saved or just think they're saved?

Bill: I'm not quite sure what you're asking here.

Pastor Doug: Well, I'm saying that how do you know?

Bill: Someone who's really saved I'm sure thinks they're saved.

Pastor Doug: Do you think there's anybody that thinks they're saved and isn't?

Bill: Why would they even think they were if they weren't?

Pastor Doug: Well, let me quote the words of Jesus. He says in Matthew 7, "Many will come to me on that day saying, "Lord, we've taught in your streets, we've done many wonderful works." He'll say, "I don't know you." They think they're saved. He says, "Depart from me you who--"

Bill: They're using their words.

Pastor Doug: I'm just telling you they thought they were saved and you said that you think a person who thinks they're saved is saved.

Bill: Yes. Your example, I don't think is appropriate because we're saved by grace through faith, not of words.

Pastor Doug: You think once a person's saved, there's nothing they can do to become lost.

Bill: I really find it difficult to conceive of because John 3:16 says quite clearly.

Pastor Doug: If someone comes to the altar when they're 10 years old and they accept Jesus and they pray the prayer and they say, "The pastor says you're saved." They follow the Lord, but then in their 20s, they go to college and they just go wild. I won't catalog the sins, but they turn from God, is that person saved while they're living in the world?

Bill: There's every indication in people that I know personally who've behaved in the way that you just described who later come back to Jesus and were never really lost.

Pastor Doug: Well, I agree if they come back just like Peter repented and he returned to the Lord. He'll save him, but when they're out there wandering--

Bill: They never really were lost. The Holy Spirit turned them around.

Pastor Doug: Well, this is why I said at the beginning of your question, this is a subject that has been debated for centuries. Can I send you a book that's got a lot more versus that I can share in this little time we've got. It's called Can A Saved Man Be Lost?

Bill: Sure.

Pastor Doug: We'll send you a free copy, Bill

Roth: The number to call is 800-8356-747, and again just ask for the book, Can A Saved Man Be Lost? We'll be happy to send that to anyone who calls and asks. Again, the number is 800-835-6747. The next caller we have calling from Australia. We have Asha calling from Australia. Asha, welcome to the program.

Pastor Doug: You're on the air. Can you hear us? I think they may have wandered from their phone. One more time. Asha going once, Australia. Takes a while for a signal to bounce from Australia. Asha, are you there? Hello?

Asha: Hello. Yes. Good evening.

Pastor Doug: Hey. We got just two minutes left, and your question tonight.

Asha: Good evening. This is such a pleasure to talk to both of you. We're really excited.

Pastor Doug: You need to turn down your radio or you're going to be hearing feedback.

Asha: Sorry about that. I have my son here. He's seven years old. Is it okay to pass the phone to him for his question?

Pastor Doug: Sure.

Asha: There you go, Nathan.

Nathan: Hi Pastor Doug and Pastor Ross. My name is Nathan. I live in Australia. I just wanted to ask you where in the Bible that Satan was rebelling against the Lord, and he was kicked out of heaven?

Pastor Doug: Very good question. Thank you, Nathan. You know I've got a boy named Nathan too. You find that verse in Revelation Chapter 12. Pastor Ross probably I think it's verse 9?

Ros: Verse 7 begins.

Pastor Doug: War in heaven. You want to read that for us?

Pastor Ross: Yes. It says there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels, that's the name for Jesus' prophetic name, fought with the dragon, that's the devil, and it says verse 8 they did not prevail nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. Verse 9 says so the great dragon was cast out. That old serpent of old called the devil and Satan.

Pastor Doug: Then there's one other verse that says that Jesus said, "I saw Satan like lightning fall from heaven." There was a war between good and evil. We have a study guide that talks about that battle, and it's called Did God Create A Devil? Nathan, if you're in Australia, you can read that for free online. Go to the Amazing Facts website, that's We're always thrilled to get a call from young people, and especially thrilled when they come all the way from Australia because I know it's a different time there.

Bless your hearts listening friends. We're running out of time. We just like to remind you that there's so much more you can learn about Amazing Facts from the word of God. Just go to God willing, we'll study His word together again next week.

Automated Voice: Thank you for listening to today's broadcast. We hope you understand your Bible even better than before. Bible Answers Live is produced by Amazing Facts, a faith based ministry located in Sacramento, California.

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