How to find Bible verses for comfort and consolation

Date: 04/09/2017 
What is the best way to find verses in the Bible to help when you suffering with affliction and need comfort and consolation?
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Pastor Marshall: Pastor Doug, our next call is from John in New Jersey. John, you're on the air with Bible Answers Live and Pastor Doug Batchelor. Your question.

John: Hello. Thank you very much. I was listening to your program last Sunday night and a woman called in that she was suffering from anxiety and depression. I have a question, but I was so moved by her call and I couldn't get through last week. I hope she's listening. There's a lot of scriptures about afflictions and consolations when we have afflictions, and I found a whole four pages of scripture from Genesis through Revelation about that.

In a topical Bible, it's been around. It's been referenced topical Bible where the topics are listed alphabetically. Your screener has said don't mention any names. Am I not allowed to mention the names, the book of Galatians-

Pastor Doug: No. I think that'd be fine. Go ahead. You want to reference that for somebody?

John: Yes, it's called Nave. Like navy, but with an E at the end. N-A-V-E. Nave's Topical Bible and it was written in 1898. If you looked in that book under afflictions, and within afflictions and the consolations in, there are any scriptures that’ve helped me, it's been like a bomb, healing bombs for my soul and the word of God is living and working powerfully, so it really can heal and change you.

Pastor Doug: No, that's a good reference. As a matter of fact, the Nave’s Topical Bible comments are in many Bibles and you can even mention -- I'll mention it I guess. Is that people can go online in Nave’s public domain, meaning that you'll find it for free online. Anybody can read it. I use it when I do a topical concordance sometimes. I appreciate you sharing that and there are a lot of people out there that struggle with a variety of challenges, and they'd love to find these Bible promises that would give them encouragement. I appreciate you sharing that, John.

By the way, we do have a book that talks about the secret weapon and understanding the power of the Bible. It's called The Ultimate Resource. We'll send you a free copy of that John, just for being so helpful. It's called The Ultimate Resource. Just call our resource number, 800-835-6747. By the way, if some of you just want prayer, we're talking about people that might be struggling with challenges, we do have chaplains standing by at that number, 800-835-6747. They'd be happy to pray with you. Thank you John.



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