Quarterly Downloads for Sabbath School Study Hour

Isaiah - 1st Quarter 2021


Education - 4th Quarter 2020

13 Heaven, Education and Eternal Learning LIVE
12 Sabbath: Experiencing and Living the Character of God
11 The Christian and Work
10 Education in Arts and Sciences
9 The Church and Education
8 Education and Redemption
7 Worship in Education
6 More Lessons from the Master Teacher
5 Jesus as the Master Teacher
4 The Eyes of the Lord: The Biblical Worldview
3 The Law as Teacher
2 The Family
1 Education in the Garden of Eden

Making Friends for God: The Joy of Sharing in His Mission - 3rd Quarter 2020

13 A Step in Faith
12 A Message Worth Sharing
11 Sharing the Story of Jesus
10 An Exciting Way to Get Involved
9 Developing a Winning Attitude
8 Ministering Like Jesus
7 Sharing the Word
6 Unlimited Possibilities
5 Spirit-Empowered Witnessing
4 Prayer Power: Interceding for Others
3 Seeing People Through Jesus’ Eyes
2 Winsome Witnesses: The Power of Personal Testimony

How to Interpret Scripture - 2nd Quarter 2020

13 Living by the Word of God
12 Dealing with Difficult Passages
11 The Bible and Prophecy
10 The Bible as History
9 Creation: Genesis as Foundation, Pt. 2
8 Creation: Genesis as Foundation, Pt. 1
7 Languages, Text and Context
6 Why Is Interpretation Needed?
5 By Scripture Alone - Sola Scriptura
4 The Bible - The Authoritative Source of Our Theology
3 Jesus and the Apostles’ View of the Bible
2 The Origin and Nature of the Bible
1 The Uniqueness of the Bible

Daniel 2020 - 1st Quarter 2020

13 From Dust to Stars
12 From North and South to the Beautiful Land
11 From Battle to Victory
10 From Confession to Consolation
9 From Contamination to Purification
8 From the Stormy Sea to the Clouds of Heaven
7 From the Lions’ Den to the Angel’s Den
6 From Arrogance to Destruction
5 From Pride to Humility
4 From Furnace to Palace
3 From Mystery to Revelation
2 From Jerusalem to Babylon
1 From Reading to Understanding

Ezra and Nehemiah - 4th Quarter 2019

13 Leaders in Israel
12 Dealing With Bad Decisions
11 Backslidden People
10 Worshiping the Lord
9 Trials, Tribulations, and Lists
8 God and the Covenant
7 Our Forgiving God
6 The Reading of the Word
5 Violating the Spirit of the Law
4 Facing Opposition
3 God's Call
2 Nehemiah
1 Making Sense of History: Zerubbabel and Ezra

The Least of These: Ministering to Those in Need - 3rd Quarter 2019

13 A Community of Servants
12 To Love Mercy
11 Living the Advent Hope
10 Living the Gospel
9 Ministry in the New Testament Church
8 The Least of These
7 Jesus and Those in Need
6 Worship the Creator
5 The Cry of the Prophets
4 Mercy and Justice in Psalms and Proverbs
3 Sabbath: A Day of Freedom
2 Blueprint for a Better World
1 God Created...

Family Seasons - 2nd Quarter 2019

13 Turning Hearts in the End-Time
12 What Have They Seen in Your House?
11 Families of Faith
10 Little Times of Trouble
9 Times of Loss
8 Season of Parenting
7 Keys to Family Unity
6 The Royal Love Song
5 Wise Words for Families
4 When Alone
3 Preparing for Change
2 The Choices We Make
1 The Rhythms of Life

The Book of Revelation - 1st Quarter 2019

13 “I Make All Things New”
12 Judgment on Babylon
11 The Seven Last Plagues
10 God’s Everlasting Gospel
9 Satan and His Allies
8 Satan, a Defeated Enemy
7 The Seven Trumpets
6 The Sealed People of God
5 The Seven Seals
4 Worthy Is the Lamb
3 Jesus’ Messages to the Seven Churches
2 Among the Lampstands
1 The Gospel from Patmos

Oneness in Christ - 4th Quarter 2018

13 Final Restoration of Unity
12 Church Organization and Unity
11 Unity in Worship
10 Unity and Broken Relationships
9 The Most Convincing Proof
8 Unity in Faith
7 When Conflicts Arise
6 Images of Unity
5 The Experience of Unity in the Early Church
4 The Key to Unity
3 That They All May Be One
2 Causes of Disunity
1 Creation and Fall

The Book of Acts - 3rd Quarter 2018

13 Journey to Rome
12 Confinement in Caesarea
11 Arrest in Jerusalem
10 The Third Missionary Journey
9 The Second Missionary Journey
8 The Jerusalem Council
7 Paul’s First Missionary Journey
6 The Ministry of Peter
5 The Conversion of Paul
4 The First Church Leaders
3 Life in the Early Church
2 Pentecost
1 You Will Be My Witnesses

Preparation for the End Time - 2nd Quarter 2018

13 The Return of Our Lord Jesus
12 Babylon and Armageddon
11 God’s Seal or the Beast’s Mark?
10 America and Babylon
9 End-Time Deceptions
8 Worship the Creator
7 Matthew 24 and 25
6 The “Change” of the Law
5 Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary
4 Salvation and the End-Time
3 Jesus and the Book of Revelation
2 Daniel and the End-Time
1 The Cosmic Controversy

Stewardship: Motives of the Heart - 1st Quarter 2018

13 The Results of Stewardship
12 The Habits of a Steward
11 Debt: A Daily Decision
10 The Role of Stewardship
9 Offerings of Gratitude
8 The Impact of Tithing
7 Honesty with God
6 The Marks of a Steward
5 Stewards After Eden
4 Escape from the World’s Ways
3 God or Mammon?
2 I See, I Want, I Take
1 The Influence of Materialism

Salvation by Faith Alone: The Book of Romans - 4th Quarter 2017

13 Christian Living
12 Overcoming Evil with Good
11 The Elect
10 Children of the Promise
9 No Condemnation
8 Who Is the Man of Romans 7?
7 Overcoming Sin
6 Adam and Jesus
5 The Faith of Abraham
4 Justification by Faith
3 The Human Condition
2 The Controversy
1 The Apostle Paul in Rome

The Gospel in Galatians (2017) - 3rd Quarter 2017

14 Boasting in the Cross
13 The Gospel and the Church
12 Living by the Spirit
11 Freedom in Christ
10 The Two Covenants
9 Paul's Pastoral Appeal
8 From Slaves to Heirs
7 The Road to Faith
6 The Priority of the Promise
5 Old Testament Faith
4 Justification by Faith Alone
3 The Unity of the Gospel
2 Paul's Authority and Gospel
1 Paul: Apostle to the Gentiles

Feed My Sheep - 2nd Quarter 2017

13 Major Themes in 1 and 2 Peter
12 The Day of the Lord
11 False Teachers
10 Prophecy and Scripture
9 Be Who You Are
8 Jesus in the Writings of Peter
7 Servant Leadership
6 Suffering for Christ
5 Living for God
4 Social Relationships
3 A Royal Priesthood
2 An Inheritance Incorruptible
1 The Person of Peter

The Holy Spirit and Spirituality - 1st Quarter 2017

12 The Work of the Holy Spirit
11 Grieving and Resisting the Spirit
10 The Holy Spirit, the Word and Prayer
9 The Holy Spirit and the Church
8 The Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit
7 The Holy Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit
6 The Holy Spirit and Living a Holy Life
5 The Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit
4 The Personality of the Holy Spirit
3 The Divinity of the Holy Spirit
2 The Holy Spirit: Working Behind the Scenes
1 The Spirit and the Word

The Book of Job - 4th Quarter 2016

14 Some Lessons from Job
13 The Character of Job
12 Job's Redeemer
10 The Wrath of Elihu
9 Intimations of Hope
8 Innocent Blood
7 Retributive Punishment
6 The Curse Causeless?
5 Curse the Day
4 God and Human Suffering
3 Does Job Fear God for Naught?
2 The Great Controversy
1 The End

The Role of the Church in the Community - 3rd Quarter 2016

13 How Shall We Wait?
12 Urban Ministry in the End-Time
11 Jesus Bade Them, "Follow Me"
10 Jesus Won Their Confidence
9 Jesus Ministered to Their Needs
8 Jesus Showed Sympathy
7 Jesus Desired Their Good
6 Jesus Mingled with People
5 Jesus on Community Outreach
4 Justice and Mercy in the Old Testament: Part 2
3 Justice and Mercy in the Old Testament: Part 1
2 Restoring Dominion
1 The "Restoration of All Things"

The Book of Matthew - 2nd Quarter 2016

13 Crucified and Risen
12 Jesus' Last Days
11 Last-Day Events
10 Jesus in Jerusalem
9 Idols of the Soul (and Other Lessons from Jesus)
8 Peter and the Rock
7 Lord of Jews and Gentiles
6 Resting in Christ
5 The Seen and the Unseen War
4 "Get up and Walk!" Faith and Healing
3 The Sermon on the Mount
2 The Ministry Begins
1 Son of David

Rebellion and Redemption - 1st Quarter 2016

13 Redemption
12 The Church Militant
11 Peter on the Great Controversy
10 Paul and the Rebellion
9 The Great Controversy and the Early Church
8 Comrades in Arms
7 Jesus' Teachings and the Great Controversy
6 Victory in the Wilderness
5 The Controversy Continues
4 Conflict and Crisis: the Judges
3 Global Rebellion and the Patriarchs
2 Crisis in Eden
1 Crisis in Heaven

The Book of Jeremiah - 4th Quarter 2015

13 Lessons from Jeremiah
12 Back to Egypt
11 The Covenant
10 The Destruction of Jerusalem
9 Jeremiah's Yoke
8 Josiah's Reforms
7 The Crisis Continues
6 Symbolic Acts
5 More Woes for the Prophet
4 Rebuke and Retribution
3 The Last Five Kings of Judah
2 The Crisis Within and Without
1 The Prophetic Calling of Jeremiah

Biblical Missionaries - 3rd Quarter 2015

13 Must the Whole World Hear?
12 Paul: Mission and Message
11 Paul: Background and Call
10 Philip as Missionary
9 Peter and the Gentiles
8 Cross-Cultural Missions
7 Jesus: The Master of Missions
6 Esther and Mordecai
5 Exiles as Missionaries
4 The Jonah Saga
3 The Unlikely Missionary
2 Abraham: The First Missionary
1 The Missionary Nature of God

The Book of Luke - 2nd Quarter 2015

13 Crucified and Risen
12 Jesus in Jerusalem
11 The Kingdom of God
10 Following Jesus in Everyday Life
9 Jesus, the Master Teacher
8 The Mission of Jesus
7 Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Prayer
6 Women in the Ministry of Jesus
5 Christ as the Lord of the Sabbath
4 The Call to Discipleship
3 Who Is Jesus Christ?
2 Baptism and the Temptations
1 The Coming of Jesus

The Book of Proverbs - 1st Quarter 2015

13 Women and Wine
12 The Humility of the Wise
11 Living by Faith
10 Behind the Mask
9 Words of Truth
8 Words of Wisdom
7 Dealing With Fights
6 What You Get Is Not What You See
5 The Blessings of the Righteous
4 Divine Wisdom
3 A Matter of Life and Death
2 From Ears to Feet
1 The Call of Wisdom

The Book of James - 4th Quarter 2014

13 The Everlasting Gospel
12 Prayer, Healing and Restoration
11 Getting Ready for the Harvest
10 Weep and Howl!
9 One Lawgiver and Judge
8 The Humility of Heavenly Wisdom
7 Taming the Tongue
6 Faith that Works
5 Love and the Law
4 Being and Doing
3 Enduring Temptation
2 The Perfecting of Our Faith
1 James, the Lord's Brother

The Teachings of Jesus - 3rd Quarter 2014

13 The Second Coming of Jesus
12 Death and Resurrection
11 The Sabbath
10 The Law of God

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