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Prophecy Encounter

Posted on January 02, 2017
Prophecy Encounter
Terrorism, natural disasters, financial gyrations, and political instability. It’s a turbulent world out there, so it’s not surprising that many people in your circle of influence are troubled about what their future holds. The good news is—they don’t need to be afraid because you can help them to know what’s really happening and how they can experience peace in their lives.

Amazing Facts invites you to join us this winter for Prophecy Encounter, a new 10-part, contemporary evangelistic Bible series broadcast live from Sanford, Florida. Pastor Doug will explore often misunderstood Bible teachings—from what happens when we die to salvation, the USA in prophecy, the mark of the beast, the second coming of Christ, and whether the antichrist is already here among us. After this eye-opening and inspiring series, you and your friends and family are going to know so much more about Scripture than ever.

It all begins February 17, 2017.

“The people in your community are anxious about the future and are seeking real answers. Prophecy Encounter will give them answers that offer lasting hope. This winter we can come together as God’s people to share His last-day message and grow His kingdom! Please plan now to have your church or small group join Amazing Facts for this soul-winning series.”

—Doug Batchelor

Pray and Invite

Plan now to invite others to join you during this 10-part program broadcast by satellite and streamed on the Internet to homes and churches across the nation and around the world. You can expect solid, uplifting Bible messages using the latest technology and fresh, winsome illustrations.

Prophecy Encounter runs from February 17–25, 2017, and is a perfect event for you to open your church or home to friends and neighbors and build their confidence in the Bible and prepare them for the tumultuous events coming in these last days. You can join us live at the event in Sanford, Florida, or watch by satellite or ROKU on AFTV. We'll also be joined by our friends at 3ABN—or you can watch online at

Jesus said, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest” (Luke 10:2). You can be a laborer for God's kingdom simply by inviting someone to join you in watching Prophecy Encounter. Pray for the Lord to impress you who to invite ... then let Pastor Doug and the power of the Word do the rest!

Quick Reference
  • Live on AFTV, Facebook, Roku, and 3ABN
  • February 17–25, 2017 at 7:00pm Eastern
  • Additional 11:30am broadcast on February 25
  • Broadcast from Sanford, Florida, just outside Orlando
  • Discover more at
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