10 Great Tools for Your Spiritual Growth

Well, another new year is upon us.

And if you’re anything like most other people, you see this time as an opportunity for a fresh start. A new year brings with it new hope ... and a new list of resolutions.

However, statistics show that only 20 percent of the people who make resolutions will stick to them. Many don’t even make it to the end of January! That kind of failure rate could be discouraging and might even make you want to throw your hands in the air and exclaim, “Why bother?”

Well, the difference between kept resolutions and failed ones often comes down to planning. Goals without plans to achieve them are like ropes of sand. As the old adage goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Here at Amazing Facts, our desire is to see you achieve your spiritual goals. God’s message is our mission, and we want to provide you with the tools that will help you grow closer to Him year-round. So we’ve listed a bunch of great tools and services that we pray will benefit you and your faith this year and beyond! We encourage you to utilize these tools as you plan to meet your spiritual goals—and please share this information with others!

1. Get to Know Jesus

We’ve added a new section to our website that will help you learn the simple steps to Jesus’ grace and salvation. We’re also making available to you a free copy of the the book Steps to Christ, which we pray will be a blessing to you.

You can Get to Know Jesus by clicking here!

2. Scripture Memorization Tool

At a recent national conference, young people were challenged to memorize an entire book of the Bible in 2013. Amazing Facts has a tool that can help you memorize a verse, a chapter, or an entire book! It uses the “first letter method” to assist in memorization.

Discover our BibleUniverse.com Scripture Memorization Tool by clicking here!

3. Free Online Bible School

Our Free Online Bible School is a great tool to help you understand the prophecies of the Bible, as well as the practical applications of God’s Word. And it fits every budget!

You can find our free online Bible School by clicking here!

4. Bible Reading Plan

If you’ve never read through your Bible, this is the year! Download and print our free Bible reading plan and stick it in your Bible. It will help you get through the Bible at a consistent pace throughout the year.

Download and print our Bible Reading Plan by clicking here!

5. Daily Devotional

Our online daily devotionals take a passage of Scripture each day and expand upon its practical applications to guide and encourage you in your Christian walk. You can even subscribe to receive them in your email inbox!

Subscribe to receive our Daily Devotionals via email by clicking here!

6. Free Online Book Library

We’ve made many of our sharing books available to read online for free. The extensive library covers a wide array of Bible topics, from, “What happens when you die?” to “Will Christians be on the earth during the tribulation?”

Start exploring our online library by clicking here!

7. Free Offers

Amazing Facts offers free study materials with many of our broadcasts. These books and study guides will help you to better understand the topic presented on our programs. All you need to do is ask!

Find our free offers page by clicking here!

Please Note: Due to high shipping costs, we can only ship free items to locations within North America.

8. Podcasts

You can listen to many of our radio and television programs via podcast. Subscribe to any of them to be kept up-to-date with our latest offerings.

Our podcast page can be found by clicking here!


Television is rarely helpful to someone seeking to grow closer to God. But our AFTV website offers a positive, spiritual alternative with an abundance of soul-stirring and life-changing messages presented 24/7.

Start watching AFTV by clicking here!

10. Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism

AFCOE is about raising up disciples to seize the opportunity to be transformed by Christ and be equipped to seek out the lost with the good news. Is God calling you to step out and enroll?

Visit AFCOE.org by clicking here!


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