Into His Marvelous Light

2nd Quarter 2016

Tim Jones’s journey into God’s amazing truths has been full of mountaintops and valleys that testify to God’s amazing grace and patience for His wayward children. It’s also a powerful testament to Amazing Facts’ unique ability to connect seekers to His church in these last days—all of which is made possible by your faithful support. As a child, Tim was raised by his devout mother in the Pentecostal faith, where he learned to love the Lord. At the age of 18, he enlisted in the army at the height of the Vietnam War, becoming a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division.

During his tour of duty, Tim faithfully carried a small Bible in his pocket. But by the time he returned stateside, he had become a dope-smoking, hardened killer with no heart for God. His lifestyle soon took a costly toll, and he began sinking into a godless darkness. “I knew I needed help,” he shares. “I believed God was still out there, somewhere, and if I asked for help, He just might answer. I found my way back to the Savior in a Pentecostal church, where I asked Him to come back into my life. I felt a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.”

But as part of his revival, Tim started reading the Bible like a starving man eating food. When he read the Ten Commandments one day, it dawned on him that his church was not keeping the seventh day holy as God commanded. “I asked my pastor why we did not keep it, and he explained it does not matter what day we keep holy. I accepted this explanation.”

Not long after, Tim graduated, got married, was ordained into ministry, and was actively involved within the Charismatic Movement. He was a minister at a 5,000-member-strong church, the dean of the Bible College, and director of prison ministries—life was looking up for him.

Getting Answers

Into His Marvelous Light image oneYet things quickly turned for the worst. Tim went through a difficult divorce and was asked to step down from ministry. “I withdrew completely and stopped going to church,” he shares. I lost my family, my home, my ministry, everything that I held dear. Day by day, I sunk deeper into depression—the darkest of my life since Vietnam.”

Once again, Tim knew if he was going to survive, he needed to return to God’s Word. And once again, he found God leading him to explore the Sabbath truth. “I researched its history looking for answers and learned what man had done to God’s holy Sabbath.”

It was during this period that Tim started watching Christian programs on TV—and discovered Amazing Facts. He says, “Pastor Doug’s presentations were so straightforward. It was not at all like the preaching I was used to. I knew that this was the truth that I had been seeking.” 

While Tim tuned in regularly to Amazing Facts, he also completed our online Bible Study Guide course. “I had finally found answers to the questions that were lingering in my mind. I was like a dry sponge that finally found water. I came to the conclusion that I had to obey the truth since God had been so good to lead me to it. I decided to honor His Word by keeping the Sabbath.”

Finding a Home

Into His Marvelous Light image twoBy God’s amazing, loving providence, Tim found out that the Amazing Facts broadcasts were coming from Pastor Doug’s church in Sacramento, the city where he was living. “I made plans to visit the very next Sabbath. I really wanted to meet Pastor Doug, the man who had helped me understand Bible truth.”

It’s clearly no coincidence that an Amazing Facts evangelist would also be presenting a full Bible prophecy seminar. Tim gladly attended the series to reinforce what he was learning, and at the end of those meetings, Pastor Doug baptized Tim, who says, “It was one of the most wonderful days of my life.”

God also called Tim, now armed with solid Bible truth, back to preaching ministry. He even attended the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism for further training and served as one of our evangelists for eight years! Today he serves as a pastor in Colorado for God’s remnant church. God is truly an awesome God! Tim joyfully shares about the time he was asked to teach one Sabbath at Pastor Doug’s church, “As I was giving my testimony of how I was in darkness and found Amazing Facts on TV, I suddenly realized that I was standing in the exact same spot Pastor Doug had been standing when I learned these precious truths. It nearly brought me to tears. God has truly brought me out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

Thank you for being there for Tim along this incredible journey of faith!

Amazing Facts: Bible School Joins New Seekers and Local Churches Every Week!

Amazing Facts: Bible School Joins New Seekers and Local Churches Every Week! image oneSince January 1, the Amazing Facts Bible School has invited 523 students in the United States and Canada to attend a local Sabbath-keeping church. Also, upon their request, we share student information with local churches to foster contact and for positive relationship building. It’s just one of the ways you help Amazing Facts serve God’s church. Abby, from Grand Cayman Island, writes this: “These lessons have opened my eyes to truths about the Bible that could not be explained before, and I thank God for His blessing and me getting through this course.” And thank you for being a powerful ally for the kingdom and for your investment that is bringing thousands of seekers into local churches around the world. 

YOUR IMPACT: Global Prophecy Effect

YOUR IMPACT: Global Prophecy Effect image oneYou’re enabling congregations to thrive! Amazing Facts evangelists travel the globe presenting prophecy seminars at churches large and small—helping congregations become healthy centers of evangelism. Your support in 2015 helped provide 31 prophecy seminars to churches worldwide, reaching 2,626 attendees leading to 256 baptisms and 52 re-baptisms.

YOUR IMPACT: Praise Report!

YOUR IMPACT: Praise Report! image oneYou’re helping connect seekers to churches everywhere … every day! Did you know that our dedicated team answering calls coming in from our broadcasts referred nearly 1,500 people to local church pastors last year? That’s more than four people per day! These seeking souls requested personal in-home Bible studies after watching one of our broadcasts!

You’re helping Amazing Facts disciple God’s people! So far this year, 485 people attended eight AFCOE to Go training seminars—including conference presidents, union directors, pastors, and laypeople desiring intensive training in evangelism. Every student came away with a stronger passion for Christ and ministry!

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