Live On The Edge

1st Quarter 2019

With a chiseled face and rugged good looks, Andrew seems more likely to be a model or an actor than a salmon fisherman. Live On The Edge image oneBut today he describes himself as “a fisherman and a dreamer,” and when you know his story, it’s easy to understand why.

 Live On The Edge image oneAndrew grew up in northern Mexico, and at age eight, he brought home a five-foot-long rattlesnake. “From there, everything went downhill,” he jests. Extreme sports, including cliff diving, free diving, and swimming with sharks, became his way of finding adventure. “I wouldn’t call myself an adrenaline junkie, but the closest I’ve felt to being alive was when I felt so close to death,” he says.

He learned English and became a translator for churches that sent short-term mission teams into his area. As he shared their testimonies, he became a little jealous: “I didn’t have a life-changing experience, that close encounter with God. I knew He was there, but I couldn’t understand Him and didn’t want to have anything to do with Him. Part of me wanted Him not to want to have anything to do with me. I felt like I was unworthy of God’s love.”

A Higher Purpose

Coming to the United States to attend college, Andrew quickly realized the costs of higher education. He decided to sign up for work on a salmon fishing boat in the summer as a way of earning a good amount of money in a short time. “When I first stepped onto a fishing boat, I knew I would be a fisherman for the rest of my life,” he explains.

A Higher Purpose image oneAndrew still carried with him the memories of those missionary teams and their teachings, not all of which lined up with what the Bible actually says. While on a trip to help film videos at an orphanage in Honduras, he casually mentioned the “rapture” and was immediately challenged by his companions: “Are you sure that’s in the Bible?”

A Higher Purpose image twoAndrew was sure. “It’s all over the Bible!” he exclaimed. His teammates gave him a DVD of Pastor Doug Batchelor preaching on the subject, which “challenged me,” he says. After the summer fishing season, Andrew discovered Pastor Doug’s Prophecy Code series on YouTube. What he thought would be “sweet” turned out to be a shock: “It was torture, because everything I knew was getting tossed out the window. He took away everything I thought was normal and had learned about the book of Revelation,” Andrew recalls.

A Higher Purpose image threeWhile the Prophecy Code presentations were “apocalyptic” to Andrew’s previous views, he was glad to learn the truth of what the Bible teaches regarding the end times, as well as on other subjects. Ever since Andrew learned the truth, a fire has been rekindled in his heart. “I have this knowledge that I want to share with people,” he says. Through Amazing Facts and the power of the Holy Spirit, your gifts have helped Andrew discover real living. In an ongoing ripple effect, he now shares with others who are living on the edge the peace that he has found.

Your Partnership Changes Lives!

Coming Full Circle begins with you! Your gifts draw rings of truth around the globe through our television programs, Bible School, AFCOE, and many more facets of ministry—so that more people like Dee can anchor themselves in the love and salvation of Christ. You start circles of love that embrace lost souls, bringing them the truth they have been seeking, drawing them into fellowship with God, and inspiring them to share with others.   Thank you!

Your Impact

Prison Ministries

Your Impact image oneLast year, Amazing Facts was contacted by a prison chaplain seeking sharing materials to provide light and hope for inmates. Ever since, our correspondence department has sent 100 sets of Amazing Adventures Bible lessons and other materials each month for use in his baptismal classes. In November, the chaplain baptized 29 prisoners, each of whom had completed the Bible studies and received copies of The Desire of Ages and The Great Controversy. Then in December, 36 more individuals were baptized! The correspondence team has seen a 10 percent increase in letters from prisoners, and your support is making it possible for us to respond to them with love and the gospel!

Philippines AFCOE (PAFCOE)

Your Impact image twoIn November, your gifts made it possible to deploy 16 PAFCOE evangelistic teams across the Philippines for the Mysteries of History and Prophecy seminar—a dynamic, 29-session evangelistic event that the Lord blessed beyond measure! In one village, 40 parents were baptized as a result of attending the children’s program. Four hundred souls have already been baptized as part of the wider series. Amen!

Kingdoms in Time!

Your Impact image threeRecently, Amazing Facts debuted Kingdoms in Time, a new documentary exploring the most striking Bible predictions that have come true—from nations rising and falling to the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Your support made it possible to produce this convicting program, which features subtitles in multiple languages, and more than 4,300 people were blessed by it in just the first few weeks of release.

Praise Report

Praise Report image oneDid you know that you helped Amazing Facts produce three new television programs per week in 2018? In the USA alone, about 60 radio stations and 260 affiliates spread the gospel to millions. Your faithful giving also means that 3.5 million souls discover essential Bible truth through our television broadcasts every month.

 Praise Report image twoMore than 1 in 3 people who call our ministry enroll in our Bible School as a result of hearing or watching our media broadcasts. You also helped more than 25,000 people worldwide find Jesus through our online Bible studies, which are available in over 20 languages!

 Praise Report image threeIn 2018, 68 million were touched by your gifts to Amazing Facts through Facebook; our YouTube videos were watched nearly 2.7 million times, and over 7.6 million pieces of digital literature were distributed globally to seekers through our 35 truth-filled websites.

Because of your giving heart, evangelism thrives! More than 700 baptisms and professions of faith occurred around the world through Amazing Facts’ 50 public evangelistic meetings in 2018.

Your kindness is making the difference for thousands!

Your kindness is making the difference for thousands—including Andrew, who is now sharing God’s transforming truth with others. Please continue to stand with us throughout 2019 and be part of the ripple effect of spreading the love of Jesus through the outreach of Amazing Facts. Thank you!

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