From Old Leaks to New Life

2nd Quarter 2021

Many today are desperately chasing worldly excitement, hoping to fill the void in their Christ-less lives. Sadly, most are discovering those hopes dashed by the devil’s tricks. From Old Leaks to New Life image one

But thanks to you, many souls like JuliAnna are finding Bible-based truth that can lead them to eternal life, while also making their lives better here and now. In fact, we have seen a surge in the amount of traffic to our website, requests for Bible studies, and the number of people seeking baptism. Thank you for standing with us to proclaim the gospel! 

JuliAnna—whose story you’ll want to read—says “thank you” too!

Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts International

A Lot of Regrets

“I was filled with sin, lots of regrets, and was very lost in life. I looked happy, but I wasn’t.” 

That’s how 29-year-old JuliAnna describes her life as a young adult living in a camper trailer that was prone to leaking when it rained. Raised in a single-parent home, she didn’t have a father figure and her mother was constantly working—she never felt like she belonged; a sense of loneliness haunted her.

From Old Leaks to New Life image oneSo, while she grew up Christian, she soon wandered away from the faith and became a bartender. To fill that void of loneliness, she turned to worldly relationships. Eventually she had two kids with a boyfriend, but the relationship, rocked by drugs and alcohol use, was anything but fulfilling.

Then, unemployment hit. It seemed as though living in that leaky trailer was a metaphor for JuliAnna’s life. The more she tried to pursue a better life through worldly pleasures, the more her happiness seemed to leak away. She recalls, “I was always in constant battles, chaos, and confusion, not just on the inside, but the outside too. I didn’t understand why.”

Dissatisfied with her living conditions, JuliAnna soon left her boyfriend and that trailer with her two kids—only to move in with a drug addict, a move that would result in great loss!  It’s no surprise that genuine happiness continued to elude her, and that void of loneliness remained. She knew she had to find something that would lead her to a better life.

Time for a Change!

Time for a Change! image oneThat’s when JuliAnna began searching for the bigger picture, hunting for an online Bible study that could fill that void.  From the literally millions of options, only one resonated with her—the Amazing Facts online Bible School. And it had been very easy to find too … thanks to you.

JuliAnna loved the beautiful scriptures, facts, and illustrations in the lessons. “I was also captured by how much God and Jesus really loved me—and it was the truth.” And the more she understood and embraced what God’s Word said about right living, the more her life began to change. She moved into an apartment, but most important, she found a solid church family, where she’s now a greeter and worship coordinator.

 Time for a Change! image twoGood things continued to happen: JuliAnna found a new job, and she married a fellow believer. Now, the couple are buying their first home. That Christ-less void in her heart was filled because you provided the life-changing resources that touched her heart!

And it’s made a world of difference. Today, JuliAnna says, “I’m different in so many ways.” She’s not only financially stable and living a healthy lifestyle, but she’s also “kinder, a better friend, and more caring.” She declares, “I’m very grateful for Pastor Doug and Amazing Facts. Everything you teach is so relatable!”

And we’d like to say a big “thank you” to you, whose generous giving and prayers make this ministry possible!


YOUR IMPACT! image oneThe Fall & Rise of Jerusalem

Your giving has helped publish Amazing Facts’ new edition of The Great Controversy, designed to capture an audience that has a spiritual interest in Jerusalem. Claudia writes, “I was so confused about life. I wanted to understand, and that’s when God led me to the Great Controversy and an Amazing Facts prophecy program. Pastor Doug explained everything—thank you!”

YOUR IMPACT! image twoUPtv Reaches New Audience with Bible Truth

Amazing Facts is now broadcasting the three angels’ messages on UPtv, a network seen in nearly 70 million homes on various cable and satellite systems around the USA—including AT&T U-verse, DISH Network, DIRECTV, and Verizon FiOS. Many are also watching via the Philo streaming service. Jo writes, “I found Amazing Facts, and I thank Y’shua for guiding me here. I am learning so much information that was being kept from me. Now I observe the Sabbath and am so appreciative of these truths.” Thank you for helping more people know essential truth by putting our soul-winning programs on UPtv every week.

YOUR IMPACT! image threeBible Answers Live Now on AFTV!

Did you know that Amazing Facts is now televising our long-running radio program Bible Answers Live, which is still reaching people worldwide and changing lives? John from Dayton, Ohio, writes: During Bible Answers Live, as Pastor Doug would answer callers’ questions, the Holy Spirit was revealing truths and my eyes started to open. Ever since, my life’s been changing!”


PRAISE REPORT! image oneThanks to you, Amazing Facts has launched a new and bold website pointing to our world’s closing prophetic events. Find it at This new outreach resource would not have happened without your faithful support!

PRAISE REPORT! image twoAmazing Facts is now offering a Witnessing Magazine Subscription service for those wanting to reach others with last-day truth anonymously. Many have provided a one-year subscription of our truth-filled magazines to friends and family. Over 300,000 sharing magazines have been distributed this year—many from this new witnessing opportunity!

PRAISE REPORT! image threeBecause you care about the last-day message, 243,000 people around the world gained a deeper, sanctifying walk with God through the Amazing Sanctuary seminar presented at the W.O.R.D. Center in April. It is now part of our AFCOE Online outreach training program for future students to learn and share exponentially!

You have helped 453,582 souls get to know God through our Chinese website! One seeker shared that a fast-paced life had led him into a deep depression. Our Internet evangelist prayed with him and sent him spiritually uplifting resources—and the Lord has since healed this man from depression. Amen!

Friend, we are so grateful to you for being involved with the work of Amazing Facts. As a fellow laborer building up God’s kingdom through your loving gifts, your partnership brings life-changing truths to people around the globe. If JuliAnna were sitting with you, she would say, “Thank you!” And we thank you too!


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