Bringing Good News

2nd Quarter 2023

Dear friend,

God’s Word declares, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news”Bringing Good News image one (Isaiah 52:7). And, thanks to your deep commitment to sharing the gospel, that’s exactly what you and Amazing Facts International are accomplishing together in so many ways!

I pray you’ll enjoy this report of your impact on countless souls worldwide, precious individuals who are being drawn back to the loving Father—or who, like Eric, are encountering the compassionate Savior for the first time through truth-filled programs and materials you helped provide. I believe Eric’s story will encourage your heart. Thank you!

Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts International

Journey of Miracles

Journey of Miracles image one“What am I going to do?” Eric wondered. Months earlier, he’d quit his job to keep the Sabbath. Now, his bank account was empty—and so were the cupboards.When a friend invited him to go bowling one evening, Eric wasn’t in the mood. “Besides, I don’t have the money.” “Come on—my treat!” his friend pleaded. When Eric returned home, a new rice cooker sat on his counter, full of freshly cooked rice. The cabinets were full, and a note on the refrigerator read, “Look at the birds of the air …” (Matthew 6:26). “Thank you, Lord!” Eric cried. God was leading Eric on a journey of miracles that began at

 Filling a Void

 Journey of Miracles image two

As a teen, Eric “dove headfirst” into video games, even placing third in a worldwide competition. At twenty, he left home to start a business. After his business failed, however, Eric experienced homelessness during a bitter winter. By the time he returned home, Eric was still looking to fill the void in his life. When he began exploring the Bible, Eric discovered sermons on Amazing Facts’ website and ordered our Study Guides. This led him to a Sabbath-keeping church, where he studied with the pastor and was baptized.

The Sabbath Struggle

Soon after starting a new job, Eric was ordered to work on Sabbaths. Appeals to managers for a religious exception were denied, so Eric complied. Initially, he felt awful. He asked for forgiveness and donated his Sabbath wages. Yet, as time went by, his conviction faded. One weekend, while two friends sat in his living room, Eric played video games with a third friend in another room. When Eric emerged, his two friends were in tears. Holding his Amazing Facts Study Guides, they cried, “Eric, why haven’t you told us about these things?” “Something snapped,” Eric writes. In that moment, he determined he wouldn’t work another Sabbath—and he’d stop playing video games. The following Monday, Eric submitted his resignation. Though he struggled to pay bills, God made up the difference—and filled his cupboards too.

A New MinistryJourney of Miracles image three

Today, Eric runs a mobile service providing showers, laundry cleaning, and other assistance for the unsheltered. This year, 20 employees will provide services to 2,500 people. “Without Amazing Facts, I don’t know where I’d be,” Eric writes.

Thank you for your ministry to Eric and countless others through your continued support of Amazing Facts!

Amazing Impact!

Transforming Truth in Texas

Amazing Impact! image oneThank you for putting life-changing truth on CW 33, KDAF, in Dallas on Sunday mornings; you’re bringing hope to countless thousands. This fifth-largest U.S. television market reaches 2,713,380 households. Sheila shares, “I didn’t realize the total life change that would take place as a result of watching your programs. God bless you for preparing a people for the coming of Jesus!”

Amazing Impact! image twoAustralia AFCOE

Your generosity enabled many personal decisions for Christ while Pastor Doug presented the everlasting gospel to full auditoriums in New Zeeland and Australia—leading to many baptisms and more than 500 signups for Bible study! Tania from Melbourne writes, “I found your ministry, and it changed my life and the lives of my family. Through your ministry, we’ve found peace and fulfillment. The truth really does set you free.”

More Hearts Reached in China

Amazing Impact! image three

Because of your compassion, 25 percent more people have found heart-transforming Bible truth on the Amazing Facts website in China this year. Sister Liu writes, “We like the Amazing Facts China website; we just want to find the truth. After hearing Pastor Doug’s sermon, ten of us left the Sunday church together so that we could form a church.”

Praise Report!

*     Thank you for blessing more than 200,000 people who listened to convicting truth on this year. Whitney shares, “Your teaching is deep yet easy to understand. I love that you don’t sugar-coat the truth nor lead your listeners to despair; you beautifully explain the grace of God. I am so thankful!”

* Praise Report! image twoYou’ve helped to reveal Bible truth to more than 60,000 people with the new Cosmic Conflict: The Origin of Evil sharing magazine!

* Your kindness brought better health to countless souls through the Amazing Health Summit, a seven-part event broadcast live on AFTV and Amazing Facts’ YouTube and Facebook channels. Mark writes, “Thank you for helping me get back on track according to God’s path!”

*  You encouraged thousands and strengthened their faith through the Holding the Line revival series,Praise Report! image three which streamed over the internet, television, and radio.

Friend, your partnership with Amazing Facts International helps bring the good news of the everlasting gospel to countless thousands of truth-seekers around the world—and the impact is eternal. Thank you for helping Eric and so many like him find lasting hope and salvation in Jesus!


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