Total Transformation

1st Quarter 2024

Dear friend, 

Scripture urges us, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God” (Romans 12:2). Total Transformation image one That’s why I’m grateful for the gifts you’ve shared as you team with Jesus and Amazing Facts to help others discover His transforming power.

Your gifts help bring total transformation to so many precious souls—such as Brittany, whose story I’m delighted to share with you, along with stories of thousands more worldwide who are finding new lives because of your caring heart.

With deep gratitude,

Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International 

A Whole New Life

Growing up, Brittany spent most Sundays in church but never really connected with God. After high school, she joined the army. A Whole New Life image one She married an atheist, had a baby at age 19, and soon became restless in her marriage. After an affair and a second failed marriage, Brittany was devastated.

She writes, “I didn’t think God would forgive me for all I had done. I thought God was mean and critical. I didn’t think I could go to Him until I got my life together.”

During this dark time, a popular local preacher caught Brittany’s attention. Not long after, she gave her life to Christ. The Lord helped her give up several addictions, and she began to grow in her Christian walk.

Though God used that church to lead her back to Jesus, Brittany soon noticed doctrinal compromise. Hungry for truth, she attended churches of various denominations, yet none seemed right. 

Learning Online

As she searched, Brittany watched sermons online, including—thanks to your generosity—some by Doug Batchelor. He seemed rather peculiar, attending church on Saturday and eating a strange diet. Yet he was never harsh, even when he spoke the truth directly. She also loved his testimony. "If God can transform him, He can surely transform me too," she thought.

Then one morning, she found a four-part documentary called The Days of Noah. Within the first few minutes, she saw Pastor Doug’s face on the screen. "Oh, good-a preacher I trust,she thought.

After watching the documentary, Brittany realized God had been preparing her to receive the Sabbath message for years. The words “Come out of her, my people” from Revelation 14 resonated deeply within her. She’d experienced that calling, having left churches in search of one that matched the Bible. “I knew without a doubt that God was leading me,” she writes. 

Finding a Mission A Whole New Life image three 

Before long, Brittany began attending a Sabbath-keeping congregation and was baptized. She writes, “I realize God created me to proclaim the three angels’ messages and be a part of a peculiar people who keep the commandments of God. Jesus truly does give you a whole new life! I’m so grateful.” 

Today, Amazing Facts and you continue to play a role in Brittany’s Christian walk. Thank you for enabling the hope-filled, Bible-based ministry of Amazing Facts with your prayers and generosity.

Amazing Impact!

New Prophecy Series Impacts 500,000 Souls

Thank you for making The Pinnacle of Prophecy series possible, through which more than half a million souls were encouraged to worship the one true God! Mercedes from Trinidad and Tobago writes, “I had backslidden. Pastor Doug Batchelor’s messages brought me back to worshiping God. I am indeed filled and blessed!” 

Sharing Truth Across India

Your compassion for the people of India has helped translate lifesaving material into 26 languages,Amazing Impact! image two and hungering souls have found truth on broadcast stations like Good News India TV and others. Joseph writes, “It’s so uplifting to see the entire gospel being preached in India. I have a friend in Pakistan, and together, we try to spread the gospel amongst the poor and in prisons too!”  

Transforming Hearts Through Radio

You’re providing desperately needed truth on Radio 89 FM, Radio London, Prayz FM 92.5, 777 Radio, Christian Talk Radio FM, and others. Leon writes, “I was disappointed after visiting many local churches at what I was being fed. I cried out to the Lord, and Pastor Doug Batchelor’s ministry instantly came through on the radio. I’m now attending a Sabbath-keeping church!”


PRAISE REPORT! image oneYour sacrifices help eager workers get the tools they need to reap a harvest of souls through AFCOE and AFCOE Online. This past year, more than 500 students have been armed with lifesaving tools—and we are already seeing great results this past quarter. Levester writes, “Thank you for this training online. I’m a lay pastor and would like to expand my ministry.”

Thanks to you, many struggling souls are discovering God’s transforming power on social media, including Facebook. Robin writes, “I have recently gone through a lot of turmoil in my life. I got so angry with God! Your study guides have brought me closer to God. Thank you!” PRAISE REPORT! image three

You are helping to combat today’s toxic literature by helping produce crucial Bible-centered material like The Fall & Rise of Jerusalem, which has blessed 15,000 people this month; Cosmic Conflict magazine, which has enlightened 100,000+ people with present truth; and Revelation Verse by Verse, which has unlocked the light of Revelation for 25,000 seekers!

This past quarter, your gifts helped dispel confusion regarding world events and the closing scenes of prophecy for more than 440,000 people through Pastor Doug’s Israel report on YouTube. Pam writes, “Thank you for doing this. So many are confused. Thank you for staying true to Bible truth.”

Friend, you are esential to Amazing Facts, and we're so grateful for your dedication and kindness that is helping transform hopeless individuals into workers for the kingdom and giving them whole new lives in Christ. Thank you!



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