Reflecting His Light

2nd Quarter 2024

Dear friend,

According to Jesus, His followers are “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14) who reflect His love to others—and that is exactly what you are accomplishing through your thoughtful gifts and teamwork with Amazing Facts International! Reflecting His Light image one 

Your generous giving helps bring life-changing truth to so many precious individuals, including Michelle, whose story I’m sure you will find inspiring—in addition to accounts of so many others around the globe who have had their lives brightened and transformed because of your compassion.

With a thankful heart, 

Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

Those People!

Driving to work, Michelle felt an unusual desire to listen to talk radio and happened upon something completely unique—a program called Bible Answers Live. Those People! image one She was intrigued. For her, an in-depth understanding of the Bible seemed unattainable. She began tuning in each morning … 

 Those Sabbath-Keepers 

One day, however, she was shocked to hear Pastor Doug tell a caller that Saturday was the Sabbath. His answer immediately brought back an unpleasant memory of a health food store that was closed on Saturday when she had wanted to shop. The owner, a Christian, went to church on Saturday—something she thought was just plain wrong. When she realized Pastor Doug was one of those people, she quickly changed the station … but she just couldn’t stay away for long. 

Those People! image twoSeveral days later, a caller asked about the rapture, a subject Michelle had grown up worrying about. She’d even had her children watch the Left Behind series with her. Now Pastor Doug was saying that what she’d spent her entire life preoccupied with wasn’t true—any of it. Michelle was angered again. “How can he be saying this?” she fumed. “I’ve heard about the rapture all my life.” 

 That was it! She was done with Bible Answers Live and those Sabbath-keeping people. 


Truth Breaks Through  Those People! image three 

 But a week later, there was that same persistent nudge to tune in. The topic that day was the Sabbath—again. But this time, Pastor Doug explained it in the context of Christ’s death—how His followers hurried to put His body in the tomb before the Sabbath began and how they all rested on Saturday. Jesus too! 

 “Bells went off in my head—ding-ding-ding!” Michelle says. “Saturday really is the Sabbath, the day of rest and worship! It was as clear as could be.” 

 She adds, “Looking back, I know that God had His hand in this. I’m thankful God chose Pastor Doug to be the one teaching. His approach makes it easy to listen and learn.” 

 Today, Michelle knows how important it is to spread the message of the true Sabbath and the Second Coming. “I’ve been fooled most of my life, but I’m no longer blind. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” she shares. “I am now one of those people, and I couldn’t be happier!” 

 Thank you for helping put Bible Answers Live on the air to reach Michelle and so many others for the eternal kingdom!

Amazing Impact!

Changing Lives in New York Amazing Impact! image one

You’re bringing Bible truth to a potential 7.1 million homes in the New York/New Jersey area through WLNY-TV on Sunday mornings at 11:00. Terry writes, “The Amazing Facts TV program is a life changer. I grew up Baptist, but now I belong to a Sabbath-keeping church. Thank you for all you do.” 

Reaching Hearts in China 

In China, your gifts help to translate sermons and books, upload videos, provide online Bible studies, and assist new believers in finding a Sabbath-keeping church. Sister Xi writes, “I started following the Amazing Facts China website and took the online Bible course. My heart was filled to overflowing! God led me to join the church in my mother’s village.”

Heart-changing Summit  Amazing Impact! image three

In March, you supported the streaming of The Glory of the Cross Summit on AFTV, YouTube, and other platforms. Over 100,000 found heart-changing truth. Nancy writes, “Thank you for teaching us to put our past at the cross and your conviction to spread the good news to all people—I am one of them!”


  PRAISE REPORT! image one Thank you for sending Pastor Doug to bring revival through an evangelistic series in Indonesia and training sessions and meetings in Pakistan. Joseph writes, “Thanks to Amazing Facts for uplifting the entire gospel. In Pakistan, my friend and I spread the gospel, and we cannot keep up with the demand for baptism!” 

 • You are pulling over 60,000 desperately lost people in prison out of darkness by answering Bible questions, offering lessons, and uploading sermons on the Pando App! John writes, “Thanks to you, I have someone who cares. Thank you for pulling me out of the darkness and showing me that Jesus is there!” 

 •  PRAISE REPORT! image threeThank you for calling 1.8 million people to revival monthly by broadcasting life-changing truth on the History channel. Cathy writes, “Thank you, Pastor Doug, for getting me off the couch! I started watching on History. Soon after, I found a church near me and was baptized!” 

 • PRAISE REPORT! image twoYou’re bringing back lost sheep in Africa—with 24 prophecy seminars, 1,129 Bible studies, and over 290 baptisms! Robinson confessed he hadn’t attended church for years, but after a seminar, Robinson and many others joined a Sabbath-keeping church through baptism! He says, “This is the message we’ve been longing for.”

Friend, your faithfulness is so deeply appreciated. I’m grateful for your kindness, which is shining the light of Jesus’ love into the dark corners of our broken world and changing many lives for the kingdom of God. Thank you!



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