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Byron Spears
Byron Spears (Audio)
These are the audio only archives for Byron Spears. Byron Spears, was crippled by polio and meningitis as a young man, and experienced a dramatic conversion later in life. Often called “the Walking Bible” for his legendary memorization of Scripture, keep in mind as you listen to these Spirit-filled sermons, he isn’t holding a Bible when he quotes the Word!

Duration: 60 minutes

Program Listings for Byron Spears (Audio)


God's Jewels

God's Jewels...

Science and the Bible

Science vs Scripture...

Signs of Christ's Second Advent

How can we know when the coming of Jesus is near?...

When and With Whom Did Sin Originate?

Where did sin come from?...

When God Unites the Nations

Will there ever be peace? Is it even possible for the nations to come together?...

The Greatest Wonder in the World

Is Jesus truly the Messiah? How can we know with certainty?...

A Dream, a Death Decree, and a Revelation

Can the Bible foretell the future?...

The King is Coming!

Jesus is coming again! This is not presumption or a delusion ... it is a fact. How can you be read...

Family Night

Marriage is the oldest institution that God has given to mankind. What was His purpose for it?...

Seven Pillars of the Christian Church

How do the seven pillars of the Christian Church illustrate the plan of salvation?...

What the Bible Teaches About Hell

Is hell a really place? If so will God burn His disobedient children there forever?...

Passport to Heaven

Is there a passport into heaven? If so how can you secure yours?...

God's Special Day

God set the Sabbath aside as holy at the end of Creation Week. But what day is the Lord’s Day, and d...

Can the Living Communicate With the Dead?

Where are the dead? Do they know more now than they did when they were alive? Are they in heaven? ...

Invaders From Outer Space

Who are the angels?...

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

Do we really need to be baptized? Does God require this for salvation?...

The Day the World Ends

The day the world ends is the day that Jesus returns. Are you preparing for His coming?...

Were the Ten Commandments Nailed to the Cross?

There are three primary types of laws in the Bible. Find out what these are and which one of them w...

Will God Hear Any Sinner Pray?

Prayer is the key in the hand of faith, that unlocks heaven's storehouse. We need to prayer more bu...

The Abiding Gift of Prophecy

Jesus said to beware of false prophets in the last days. Does that mean that there will be true pro...

Healthful Living

God wants us to be healthy. If that is true why doesn't He just heal everybody? Why does He allow ...

God's Last Warning Message to the World

God has a message for the world. Who has He commissioned to give it? The Preacher? The Bible Teach...

The Dragon, the Beast, and the False Prophet

The Bible speaks of a dragon, a beast, and a false prophet. How can we identify who is represented ...

The Dove, The Cross, and The Right Hand of God

What does the symbolism in Daniel chapter 8 mean?...

Knowing God Through the Sanctuary

What is the sanctuary?...

The Close of Probation

What is probation and what does it mean for it to close?...

The Great Judgment Day

One day we will have to face God in the judgement. Whether you believe in Him or not the fact remai...

Seven Facts Concerning Christianity

Has paganism crept into the church? How can we identify and avoid it?...

The Unpardonable Sin

Is there a sin that can't be forgiven?...

The Battle of Armageddon

What is the battle of Armageddon? Where will it be fought? Who will be fighting in it and what wil...

God's Standards

God has a standard for each of us. He doesn't permit us to guess or else we'd each give different a...

The Mystic Number 666

Ever gone to the store and gotten back $6.66 in change? Did it creep you out? Why? What does the ...

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