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Wonders In The Word (Audio)
These are the audio only archives for Wonders In The Word. This powerful 30-minute radio program features inspiring, hope-filled messages that will help you understand God’s amazing Word like never before. Join Pastor Doug as he challenges the way you think about life, God, prophecy, and more! Airs Monday thru Friday.

Duration: 30 minutes

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Above the Crowd

This sermon on the apostle Peter teaches us to live above the crowd. A sincere disciple, he did not ... 06/03/2016

Cities of Ash, Part 2

Hell is not going to burn down yonder. Hell is going to burn all around the world! The Bible tells u... 06/02/2016

Cities of Ash, Part 1

Please join me as we go to our amazing fact for tonight dealing with the Mount Vesuvius and the Pomp... 06/01/2016

The Coming King, Part 2

Biblically there are two kinds of dead people. The saved and the lost. The Bible speaks of two separ... 05/26/2016

The Coming King, Part 1

Our lesson tonight is one of the most important in the series. It's called The Coming King and we're... 05/25/2016

Back to Jerusalem

There is absolute truth and those who seek it will find it. Revelation is a book that reveals Jesus ... 05/24/2016

Miraculous Medicine, Part 2

If people only knew what I knew, it would be a lot easier for you to appreciate the vegetarian diet.... 05/20/2016

Miraculous Medicine, Part 1

One of the things that people think of when they think about the Seventh Day Adventist movement is w... 05/19/2016

Armageddon Countdown

What is Armageddon? Many people think that Armageddon is an ominous battle that is destructive and a... 05/16/2016

Millennium of Peace, Part 2

After Jesus comes again there will be 1,000 years of peace while Satan is imprisoned and his true ch... 05/13/2016

Bowing to Babylon, Part 2

If God is going to change one of the Ten Commandments, if God is going to tell you to forget the one... 05/11/2016

Bowing to Babylon, Part 1

All over the world we have a seven day week. What in the sun, or moon, or stars ... what in astronom... 05/10/2016

Solving the Messiah Mystery, Part 2

Is Jesus the Messiah? Does He fulfill the hundreds of Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah?... 05/09/2016

Solving the Messiah Mystery, Part 1

The most important series of prophecies in the Bible speak of Jesus, the one and only true Messiah. ... 05/06/2016

More Praise in Your Days

Praise is mentioned over 290 times in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Praise can be misunders... 05/04/2016

The Richest Caveman

Happiness does not come from fame or fortune. Pastor Doug Batchelor shares his life story and how he... 04/22/2016

Signs and Wonders

The Lord proved that He loves us when He died for us. When we ask for a sign of His love we are sayi... 04/21/2016


There needs to be repentance and confession before there is forgiveness, cleansing, and salvation.... 04/20/2016

A Greedy Heart

God placed in our hearts a desire to have a home, a spouse, a strong relationship with Him, and othe... 04/19/2016

Mystery of the Trinity

The Trinity is one of the deepest and most profound subjects that we can explore. This message will ... 04/18/2016

Deadly Visions

Do the dead communicate with the living?... 04/15/2016

Hearing God

To hear the voice of God we must be emptied of ourselves and fully surrendered to doing His will.... 04/14/2016


One of the most important issues of salvation is being aware of our sin, regretting it and turning a... 04/13/2016

Laws of Love & Liberty

Our lives are regulated every day by law. The laws are there to protect your liberty and that's also... 04/12/2016

Adultery, Loyalty, & Love

God's church should be a light and show the world what holiness looks like, and that includes in our... 10/12/2015

Why is there Evil?

If God is good, and if God is love, then why is there evil? Did God make a devil? Why would a good G... 07/10/2015

How Did We Get Here?

Where did we come from? Were we created by God, or did we evolve from random particles after a "big ... 07/09/2015

The Supreme Sacrifice

Who is the central figure of the book of Revelation? It is not the beast. It is Jesus Christ. The st... 07/08/2015

The Good News About Hell, Part 2

There are some difficult passages in the Bible about Hell that are frequently misunderstood. The tra... 07/07/2015

God's Health Plan

Does the Bible talk about health? Is it something important for Christians to consider? The story of... 04/30/2015

History's Greatest Hoax

The Sabbath is a weekly celebration of our loving Creator. Against God’s will, mankind has attempted... 04/29/2015

The Two Witnesses

The appearing of Moses and Elijah on the mountaintop with Jesus was the greatest endorsement that Ch... 04/28/2015

The Devil Chained

What does the Bible teach about the millennium? When does this 1,000 years of peace begin? Where wil... 04/27/2015

The Lake of Fire

Good news about Hell and our loving God.... 04/24/2015

Blood on the Throne

Jesus poured out His life that through His blood we might be saved.... 04/23/2015

Deadly Delusions

What happens to people when they die? We do not need to be afraid of death.... 04/22/2015

The Dragon's Egg

How did evil originate? Where did sin come from? Did God create a devil? The Bible explains how Luci... 04/21/2015

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