Principles for Healthy Living

Scripture: Revelation 3:13, Psalm 37:1-40, Matthew 8:23
Date: 11/09/2014 
Westminster Abbey in London is one of Great Britain's most famous churches. English monarchs since William the Conqueror in 1066 have been crowned in the church and most of them are...
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Pastor Ross: Hello friends how about an amazing fact? Westminster Abbey in London is one of Great Britain's most famous churches. English monarchs since William the Conqueror in 1066 have been crowned in the church and most of them are buried there, famous citizens like Isaac Newton and David Livingston are also buried there. But one of the most amazing people buried in the church was a farmer named Thomas Parr. Born in 1483, joined the reign of King Richard III, Thomas Parish reported to have lived to the age of 152, witnessing the crowning of 10 monarchs during his long life. In 1635 King Richard I invited Thomas to the palace so that he could meet this remarkable man, the king asked what the secret of his long life was.

Thomas told the king that he had lived a simple life doing the work of a farmer and eating mostly potatoes, oatmeal, bread and cheese. While visiting the king, Thomas ate the rich food served at the palace, that night he became very ill and died. The king felt so terrible that his food had killed Britain's oldest citizen that he commanded that Thomas Parr be buried in England's most famous church Westminster Abbey. Did you know friends that the Bible gives practical principles that can lead to a long and healthy life? Stay tuned for more, you're listening to Bible answers live.


Pastor Ross: Hello friends, this is Pastor John Ross, Pastor Doug Batchelor is out of town but this is a live interactive Bible study and if you have a Bible related question we would love to hear from you tonight. We have some phone lines that are open, this is a good time to pick up your phone and give us a call, the number here to the studio is 800-463-7297. Let me get that number to you again, it's 800-463-7297. Or if you want to have the word abbreviation for the number it's 800-GOD-SAYS, 800-464-7297, good time to give us a call and we can talk about the Bible together.

Well friends, before we go further we always like to start this program with a word of prayer, the Bible is God's Word and in order for us to correctly understand it we need the leading of the Holy Spirit, so right now I'd like to just have a short word of prayer. Dear Father in heaven we thank you for the opportunity that we have to study the Bible together and we want to ask a special blessing upon this program, be with those who are listening wherever they might be and guide us Lord into a deeper and a fuller understanding of your word for we ask this in Jesus' name amen.

Friends I open the program by talking about Thomas Parr this remarkable Englishman who lived to the age of 152, and the secret of his long life was just a simple diet, hard work, doing the work of a farmer and eating simple foods. And then he ended up going to the king's palace where he ate those rich foods which eventually cost him his life. The Bible has quite a bit to say with reference to health, in 3John chapter 11 verse 2, we read the following, “Beloved I pray that you might prosper in all things and be in health just as your souls prosper.”

Friends, when it comes to health, God is concerned about the way we take care of ourselves and is concerned about our health, God communicates to us through our minds and our minds need to be in a healthy condition to hear the leading of the Holy Spirit in the study of the word. We have a free offer that we'd like to give to anyone who calls and asks for that, it's called God's free health plan. It's filled with Bible principles that lead to a long and healthy life. If you'd like to receive this free resource just give us a call on our resource line the number is it's 800-835-6747, that is the resource line 800-835-6747, you can ask for the free offer, Gods free health plan. We’ll be happy to send that to anyone who calls and asks, the phone number here to the studio is 800-463-7297. We're going to go to the phone lines, our first caller this evening is Marks listening from Silver Spring Maryland, Marks welcome to the program.

Mark: Hi.

Pastor Ross: You're on the air.

Mark: Okay, I have a question on Genesis chapter 6 verse 3-

Pastor Ross: Yes.

Mark: -that talks about, God said that because humans there were so bad and they remained 120 years. The chapter before that, chapter five of Genesis in the last verse talks about when Noah had his three sons, he was 500 years old, and in chapter seven talk about when the flood occurred and Noah was 600 years old, it looks like there's a 100 years spent from the time that he had his sons to the time that the flood occurred. That 120 years means the life spent of the people because of their wickedness or that's their probation time?

Pastor Ross: It refers primarily to the probationary time. 120 years before the flood came God said to Noah my spirit will not always strive with man meaning the end is coming. They're going to have 120 years, and it was during that 120 year period that Noah was instructed by God to build the ark. The building of the Ark took about 120 years, and then at the end of that time period when Noah’s family entered into the ark and the door was shut by God, an angel shut the door and then the flood came. That's 120 year probationary time period that had been given to the people living before the flood. Now doubtless during this 120 time period, Noah in addition to building the ark was probably preaching to the people and telling them that judgment was soon to come, unfortunately not very many people responded to his preaching, it was just basically he and his family that entered into the ark.

Mark: Okay, but the 100 years spent, do you think that has something to do with the time frame, 100 years?

Pastor Ross: 120 years was the time period that God had given the anti deluvion [sic] world to come to some kind of repentance, to reach a point of repentance before the flood came and that was also the time period when the ark was being built.

Mark: Okay, that would clear enough thank you.

Pastor Ross: All right, thanks for your call Mark, good question. If you have a Bible question, the number here to the studio is 800-463-7297. Our next caller is Montgomery and he's listening in South Carolina. Montgomery welcome to the program.

Montgomery: Hello, how are you doing son?

Pastor Ross: Doing well and your bible question tonight.

Montgomery: Yes, I know it says somewhere in the Bible where if you pray with something and your heart truly desires it, that God will answer that prayer and give it to you. Is that only if it’s God’s will?

Pastor Ross: Absolutely, God's not going to give us something that's going to be to our detriment. God is too loving and too wise to give us something that is not going to be for our good. For that reason when we pray we bring our requests before God and there's nothing wrong in asking God for help, asking him for our daily needs, but we always want to finish our prayers in Jesus' name and surrendering to the will of God, finish up our prayers by saying, Lord your will be done. This is what I would like and it seems to be in harmony with your will, but Lord I will surrender my will to your will because you know what's best for me. Does that make sense Montgomery?

Montgomery: Yes, that make a lot of sense, thanks a lot.

Pastor Ross: Absolutely, we do a little book talking about prayer and it deals with this principle and some others, we’ll be happy to send that to Montgomery if you call our resource line, the number is 800- 835- 6747 and you can just ask for the book on prayer, it's called Teach us to pray written by Pastor Doug Batchelor. Anyone friends who would like to get that resource just give us a call 800-835-6747 that is the resource line and ask for the book on prayer called Teach us to pray. The phone number here to the studio is 800-463-7297.

Our next caller Is Edward, and he is listening in The Bronx, New York. Edward, welcome to the program.

Edward: Thank you for taking my call. my question tonight regards the Pharisees. I know in the new testament Jesus had very harsh words for them-

Pastor Ross: Yes.

Edward: -but I was trying to remember a reference in the Bible where Jesus mentioned that they search the scriptures. Then I believe in that regard, they have done something good, could you point me to that reference or am I making this up?

Pastor Ross: No, there is a verse in John chapter five, verse 39, where Jesus-

Edward: Thank you.

Pastor Ross: -is talking to the scribes and the Pharisees and he says "You search the scriptures" in other words they did read and study the Bible. "You search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life. And these are they which testify of me." But then he goes on in the next verse and he says "But you're not willing to come to me that you might have life." In other words they studied the Bible, but they studied it for their own purposes. And they didn't study the scripture to see God's plan of salvation.

And of course all of the old testament pointed to Jesus as the one who was to come and be the sacrifice for sin and yet they rejected Jesus. Jesus said "You searched the scriptures, but you don't recognize that they are the ones that testify of me and you won't come to me."

Edward: What is that reference again please?

Pastor Ross: It's John chapter 5 and verse 39. 39 and then also verse 40.

Edward: Thank you very much and I enjoy your program.

Pastor Ross: All right, thank you for your call Edward. Our number here to the studio if you have a Bible related question is 800- 463- 7297. If you call I thing we got two more lines open. we'll get your Bible question on the air. We're going to go to our next caller who I believe is John, listening online. John are you there? John online?

All right maybe he's not there just yet. Let me see if we have our next caller available is-- we're going to have to comeback to Bitty here in just a minute. We're just waiting for one caller to come through and then we'll be with John online and we'll the take the question in just a minute. You know friends, while we're waiting for the phone lines just to catch up with the calls here, I just wanted to remind you about our free offer that we have. If you would like to call and ask for God's free health plan.

It's a study guide that Amazing Facts has that I think you'll find very interesting. It has a number of important Bible principles. What does the Bible say about living a long and healthy life? The Bible does have quite a bit to say about that, and we will be happy to send you that free study guide if you would just give us a call and ask. The number for our resource line is 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the free offer that we have tonight called God's free health plan.

And we'll send that to anyone who calls and asks. The phone number here to the studio if you have a Bible related question is 800-463-7297 and let me see if our phone lines are ready. We're going to go to Bitty, who is listening in Niagara Falls. Bitty, welcome to the program. Can you hear me?

Bitty: Thank you

Pastor Ross: Hi Bitty, And your question?

Bitty: You want my question?

Pastor Ross: Yes. Go right ahead.

Bitty: Alright, its about prayer. I would like the pastor to comment on the importance of praying in Jesus name. Lately I have heard people pray to God. But they don't pray in Jesus name. I just wonder how important is that.

Pastor Ross: That's a good question. When we come to God and pray we want to recognize that our prayers are accepted to the Father because of Christ. Because of what Christ has done. Praying in Jesus name is more than just mentioning his name at the end of the prayer. Praying in Jesus name is coming with a spirit of humility, a yielding our will to the will of Christ. It is placing our request before God but then saying Lord, we know you know what's best for us.

All or our prayers need to come in the name of Jesus. It's through his merits that our prayers are acceptable to God. And it's of course through what Christ does that we receive blessings from the Father. Jesus said "No man comes to the Father but by me". Through prayer we want to bring our requests to the Father, but in the name of Jesus.

Bitty: If we have a pastor who [unintelligible 00:04:43] does not do that, how does that affect our church?

Pastor Ross: I can't specifically speak on that situation. However, it's a good practice for a Christian to pray in Jesus name.

Bitty: That's how I was taught.

Pastor: Right. One might want to ask and say pastor, we noticed that you haven't specifically mentioned in your prayer, we pray this in Jesus name.

Maybe it's just an oversight or maybe it is something that he doesn't feel is that important to mention.

Bitty: Yes.

Pastor Ross: Of course if we have a sincere heart, that's what important to God is coming with the right attitude and coming with the right heart. But I think its also important for us to specifically in our prayers, pray in the name of Jesus. It's a continued reminder to us. That it's through Christ, that we have answered prayers, through Christ that we have forgiveness and salvation. I think it's a good thing to pray in the name of Jesus.

Bitty: Okay. That's helped me. Thank you very much

Pastor Ross: Thank you for your call. We appreciate you giving us a call this evening. Our resource line is 800- 835- 6747 and I think Bitty, you would enjoy that free offer that we have tonight. It's Teach us to pray. We actually have two. I mentioned one about God health plan, but, we also have a book talking about prayer, and it's called Teach us to pray. And it deals with some of these important Biblical principles on prayer.

Our phone number here to the studio is 800- 463- 7297 and we have Cynthia who is listening in New York. Cynthia, welcome to the program.

Cynthia: Hi Pastor. Pastor, is there any explanation in the Bible that tells why God is going to release the devil after 1,000 years to comeback?

Pastor Ross: Yes there is. You are referring to Revelation chapter 20, where it talks about this 1,000 year period sometimes referred to as the millennium. There are different events associated with the millennium. The millennium begins or this 1,000 year period begins when Jesus comes the second time. You can read that in Revelation chapter 19 where there is a description of Christ coming. Revelation 19 is a symbolic representation of Christ coming, he's coming on a white horse.

Jesus is coming of course in the clouds but remember Revelation is a symbolic book. The beginning of the thousand years begins with the second coming of Christ. There is a resurrection that takes place when Jesus comes. And it's the dead in Christ who are raised. The righteous who are living are changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. And then those who are resurrected, as well as the righteous living who are changed are caught up to meet Jesus in the air. And then they go with Jesus to Heaven for a thousand years. Now with reference to the wicked at the beginning of the thousand years, those who are in their grave remain in their graves. The wicked dead remain in their graves.

The wicked living are destroyed with the brightness of Christ coming. Revelation chapter six says "They turn to the rocks and the mountains and they say fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sits upon the throne and from the wrath of the lamb, for the great day of his wrath has come and who shall be able to stand". You have the destruction of the wicked at the second coming, the righteous are all taken to Heaven for a thousand years.

The devil and his angels are bound to the earth during that 1,000 year period. Sometime Revelation describes it as the devil been cast into the bottomless pit, where he can't tempt anyone. The reason why he can't tempt anyone is because the righteous are all in Heaven and the wicked are all destroyed. But then at the end of that 1,000 year period, you read this in Revelation chapter 21. The new Jerusalem comes from Heaven and the redeemed are inside the city with Christ.

And then it's at that time when the new Jerusalem comes back to the earth that the wicked are resurrected. The righteous are inside the city and the wicked are outside the city. We have what we call the Great White Throne Judgment, described in Revelation chapter 20. and that's where every person who's ever lived will be alive at the same time. And even the wicked have an opportunity to ask the question why am I not in the kingdom? Why am I not in the city? And at the end of that Great White Throne Judgment every knee bows, every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord.

However, that isn't a confession that comes from the heart. It's not out of repentance. It's just overwhelming evidence. And no sooner do they confess that Jesus is Lord, that Satan is able to go out and deceive the masses. And they mount the attack upon the new Jerusalem. "Fire comes down" this is Revelation chapter 20, "And devours the wicked and the Devil and his angels."

Satan is released at the end of that thousand year period in that the wicked are now resurrected. And he can go about trying to deceive and tempt the wicked because now they are all alive.

Cynthia: Okay, and then we won't be tempted the second time once we went up in the rapture.

Pastor Ross: Yes.

Cynthia: Thank you, that's all I needed to know.

Pastor Ross: Absolutely, when Jesus comes and the redeemed are caught up to meet them in the air the struggle is over for the righteous. Forever are they going to be with Christ and with those that love him. Heaven is going to be a place of peace, a place of joy. The Bible says there's nothing that defiles will enter in. The devil won't be able to tempt the redeemed. They'll be safe inside the city of gold. It's just the wicked that he'll go out and deceive.

Cynthia: I appreciate your answers so much it's bringing me peace that I haven't been able to enjoy.

Pastor Ross: Praise the Lord.

Cynthia: You answered my questions. Thank you very much.

Pastor Ross: Absolutely, thank you for your call, Cynthia. We do have a study guide that talks about this 1,000 year period, that you read about in Revelations chapter 20, it's called A thousand years of rest or A thousand years of peace. We'll send that to you Cynthia or anyone who calls and asks for that study guide. The number to call is 800-835-6747, that is our resource line and ask for the study guide about the millennium or the thousand years of peace. We'll be happy to send that to anyone who calls and asks. Our phone number here to the studio is 800-463-7297. We got to go Harry, who is listening in Queens, New York. Harry, welcome to the program.

Harry: Hi Pastor Doug, how are you doing?

Pastor Ross: Doing well. This is Pastor Ross.

Harry: Oh, Pastor Ross how are you doing?

Pastor Ross: Doing well, thank you.

Harry: I listen to you guys a lot.

Pastor Ross: Good, and your question tonight, Harry?

Harry: Well my question to mind is--.

Pastor Ross: You know Harry, you might have to turn your radio down in the background.

Harry: I Believe in the ten commandments, I believe in the day of Pentecost. I believe in all of those things but I don't believe in the--.

Pastor Ross: Harry, let me interrupt you real quick. Could you turn radio down? We're getting a bit of an echo.

Harry: Okay, there we go.

Pastor Ross: All right, sorry. What was the question again?

Harry: I understand what the 7th day means and how important it is to the Bible. My question is that is it wrong for me to believe in the 7th day, the 10 commandments, and the Word of God in the Pentecostal in the faith, you know the day of Pentecost? I believe in the Holy Spirit, I believe in all of these things. First and foremost I believe in Jesus and I believe that He is the point focus, He's the place of my belief should be focused on and in order to believing in him all those things takes steps and places in my life. Is it wrong to just or should I just believe in the 7th day with the church or go to the Baptist section or go to the Pentecostal section? Shall my eyes focus on Jesus?

Pastor Ross: Absolutely. We got to keep our eyes focused upon Jesus. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. I mean He's our only hope of salvation, but having said that Jesus wants us to keep eyes focused upon Him but he also wants us to follow Him and do those things that are pleasing in His sight. John chapter 14 verse 15, this is Jesus speaking and he said, "If you love me, keep my commandments." In focusing on Christ, we also want to find out what are the commandments of God? What are those things that we can do that would be pleasing in His sight? For that reason we do study the scriptures and we seek to find truth and we pray and say Lord by your grace, give me the strength to conform my life to the teachings of scripture. Help me to be faithful to your commandments.

Revelations chapter 12 verse 17 describes God's people at the end of time and says they are the ones who keep the commandments of God and they have the testimony of Jesus. The same thing is repeated in Revelations chapter 14 verse 12 where are those living at the end of time are described as keeping the commandments of God and having the faith of Jesus. When it comes to focusing your eyes upon Christ, yes. We need to do that, that's our only hope but in focusing our lives upon Christ we want to find out what His will is for us. We do that through searching the scriptures and finding out His will and purpose for our lives.

Harry: Okay, I understand exactly what you're saying. My question is still is that keeping my eyes focused in Jesus meaning that I believe. If you heard me clearly before I believe in the ten commandments, I believe in keeping the Sabbath. I believe in the Pentecost, I believe the Holy Ghost and is still here even until today. I believe in the baptism. I believe in all of these things. Why is there just so much separation between us [cross talk]?

Pastor Ross: Talking about different churches. Different beliefs, sure. Obviously, the devil's going to do everything he can to try and disrupt and disorganize the church. Jesus established the church, the disciples with the leaders in the early church. God does have a body of believers here on the earth and He's calling us to follow Him individually, but also corporately in a church setting. The devil is going to do everything he can to confuse and to deceive. What we need to do is not just simply follow a church because maybe it's the biggest church or it's the most popular church or it has a charismatic preacher. We want to attend a church that gathers its teachings from the Word of God. In other words, everything the church believes and teaches needs to be clearly based upon the scripture. That needs to be the criteria for us when it comes to fellowship in a church-type setting. We want to know what does the bible say.

The Bible describes certain characteristics of God's church. We'll be happy to send you a study guide entitled, The Search for the True Church, where you can find different bible principles that'll help you in finding out where does God want us to be. What church does He want us to connect ourselves with. We'll send it to anyone who calls and ask. The number is 800-835-6747, that is the resource line and you can just ask for the book The Search for the True Church and we'll give some clear bible principles that need to be considered when it comes to searching for a church. Thank you for your call, Harry. I appreciate it I think we have time for maybe one more caller before the break. We gonna go to Mario who is listening in the Bronx, New York. Mario, welcome to the program. We have about two minutes Mario and your question?

Mario: Yes, Pastor Ross my question is, there's one Bible and there's so many different denominations with different interpretations and different results from one word of God. How is that possible?

Pastor Ross: True, good question. In short, if I would summarize it one word it would be tradition. Different groups of people have developed different traditions over time. You wonder, how did the people in the time of Christ and I'm talking about the religious leaders, the scribes and the pharisees who studied the scriptures. How did they end up rejecting Jesus who was clearly prophesied in the scriptures to come because they placed their man-made traditions above the clear teachings of scripture and that's what happened. We can fall into the same trap even today that's why we want to make sure that our teachings are clearly based upon the Bible and we stand solidly upon what the scripture says. Friends, you're listening to Bible Answers Live.

We'll going to be coming up on our break here in just a few moments, but before we do that, you probably notice Pastor Doug is not with us this evening and the reason being is he's in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he is conducting a bible prophecy seminar. If you like to be a part of that bible prophecy seminar, you can we have a website called where you can actually watch the various presentations live. Matter of fact, there's one happening this evening and it's just about done now. You can also go to that website and you can watch archived programs of the various presentations that Pastor Doug has done. Be sure to take a look at the website. It's just filled with great resources and a great study tool, in order to study these Bible prophecies. Friends, we're just going to take a short break and we'll be right back.


Pastor Ross: Hello friends, this is Bible Answers Live. Pastor Doug is out but the phone lines are open and we're talking about the bible. If you have a bible related question we'd love to hear from you this evening. Our phone number here to the studio once again is 800-463-7297. Again, 800-GOD-SAYS, 800-463-7297 and we're going to go straight back to the phone lines. We have Philip who is listening in New Brunswick. Philip, welcome to the program.

Philip: Hello.

Pastor Ross: You're on the air.

Philip: Yes, how are you sir?

Pastor Ross: Doing well.

Philip: I have a question. I recently became contacted with my former wife. She left a marriage because of abuse, indifference, and many years of trying to make a marriage work. She's been separated now for seven months. My question to you is, when she becomes divorced, would I be free to marry her again?

Pastor Ross: That's a good question. You probably don't want--.

Philip: I know the Old Testament used to have an edict is that still binding?

Pastor Ross: Well here's the biblical principle for divorce. Before we get to remarry just the divorce component, Jesus says if somebody is unfaithful in the marriage and you've tried to make things right but there's no mending the way if somebody's unfaithful in other words they committed adultery, then you are free to get a divorce and re-marry at that point. If somebody is in dangerous situation for example, an abusive relationship by all means you don't want to stay in that type of environment. It's perfectly right to separate oneself from that place or from that position. Specifically though has the other partner been faithful, have they committed adultery, those are some of the finer points that one would have to consider and that's where a good pastor or a godly counselor would be helpful to look at each specific situation because it's all different.

Philip: Okay, she just says that her husband was indifferent to her for years and for three years she wanted to leave the marriage and so seven months ago, she did.

Pastor Ross: Again, you'd need to probably talk to a pastor about that and share a little more in the background. Again, I wouldn't rush at anything and I don't think you're planning to. You want to proceed carefully, with much prayer and wisdom and find if there are biblical grounds and sometimes, there are biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage but every situation is a little different. That's why getting some godly counsel on this principal is helpful. We do have a book that Pastor Doug wrote, dealing with this very thing it's called Marriage, Divorce, and Re-marriage and it goes through the different biblical principals that I think Philip you'll find interesting.

You might want to share this with her as well because it's something that I think would be helpful for both of you. We'll send that to you for free. All you need to do is just call our resource line it's 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book written by Pastor Doug called Marriage, Divorce, and Re-marriage. It'll give you some of these important bible principles. Again, for anyone wanting to get this book just call 800-835-6747 and if you have a bible question, our phone line here in the studio is 800-463-7297. The next caller is Marva listening from New York, New York. Marva, welcome to the program.

Marva: God bless you. Thank you for taking my question. My question is, if someone has passed on and you don't know whether or not they had or were saved, are you still able to pray for them for their salvation?

Pastor Ross: Once somebody has died their probationary time period has come to an end. Everyone according to Revelation 22 is rewarded according to their works. Once a person dies, they're sort of set as which side they're going to be on. While there's life the bible says there's hope. We want to be praying and we want to be encouraging and we want to be a good witness to our fellow men but once somebody dies, then their judgment is the next thing that happens when Jesus comes, they are judged. Praying for somebody who has passed away, really has no biblical value or biblical purpose. Does that make sense, Marva?

Marva: Yes, it does. Thank you very much with your amazing question. Wonderful show thank you so much.

Pastor Ross: Well, thank you for calling Marva. Our next call is David listening from San Francisco. David, welcome to the program.

David: Yes, thank you so much and praise God for you. I'm born three days off of a detox and of alcohol. I'm a fisherman here and God [unintelligible 00:35:45], my mother called me with a question from Revelation. Man, thank you in Jesus name I said, thank you. Revelations chapter 3 verse 13, it says, "Lend them half an ear let hear what the spirit says unto the churches." Now, how do I get the spiritual ear?

Pastor Ross: Okay, good question.

David: I'm going to Revelations 21, 1-2, "And he gave her space to repent of her fornication." What is the space of God when you're not listening. He give you ear and where are you supposed to be at? Tell me, brother.

Pastor Ross: All right, let's take a look at that. The verse specifically you just saw it with Revelations chapter 3 verse 13, " He who has an ear let them hear what the spirit says the churches." Anyone who can hear has the opportunity to hear the truth if they will seek it. When it says, "Hear what the spirit says to the churches." The scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit. When we read the scriptures, when we hear the scriptures and we follow the scriptures or we surrender our lives to Christ and we ask for the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom then we have that spiritual ear so to speak. Then we are listening to what the spirit says. It's through the scriptures.

It's not just sort of a emptying of our mind and allowing any kind of idea to flow through. No, it's focusing on mind on what the Word says. Seeking God to give us guidance as we study His word. The same spirit that inspired the prophets of old, who wrote the Bible, is present to guide our minds when we study the Bible. That's what it's meaning when it says, "He who has an ear let them hear what the spirit says to the church." In other words, hear what God is communicating to us through His word. Through the spirit and then ask the Holy Spirit to give you guidance as you read the Bible.

David: Then in Revelations said, "I gave her space to repent of her fornication." Because you know [unintelligible 00:37:51] she claim herself to be a prophetess and we have pastor [unintelligible 00:37:58] claiming that the Reverend, we have T.D Jakes claim and everybody call theirselves this and that. Where is that space at that we can get the space. You all preach the true word of God and you give us that space, where is that space that God want us to wait at?

Pastor Ross: Good question. That space of time is life that God has given each person. We're living in that space of time right now and God is wanting us to study the word and to conform our lives into harmony with the teachings of the Word. Now, specifically the verse that you referred to there in Revelation where God gave her space to repent of her sins. Jezebel in that context represents an apostate religious system that persecuted God's people throughout history and God in His mercy even gave the system an opportunity to hear the preaching of the Word and to respond to that and to repent of her evil deeds, but she did not repent.

Her probationary time as a whole, the system, this false system's probationary time came to an end. God gives each person an opportunity to hear the truth and to respond to that, to respond to the teachings of scripture. That's the probationary time that God has given to every person and everyone is accountable for what we do with our lives and what we do with that probationary time that God has given us. Good question, David. We appreciate your call. You might like the book that we mentioned a little earlier, it's the Search for the true church and if you'd call the number 800-835-6747 you can just ask for that free resource we'll be happy to send that to you David or anyone who calls and asks. Our phone number here to the studio is 800-463-7297. If you have a bible question, we love to hear from you. Tonight, we have Bryan listening from Florida. Bryan, welcome to the program.

Bryan: Thank you for taking my call.

Pastor Ross: You're welcome.

Bryan: My question is about people that were pronounced dead and they claim that they went somewhere and came back and they have a story to tell, in particular speaking about filming though why-- I'm not sure if you know him but he claims that he was in hell for 23 minutes and there’s a pretty good [cross talk]--.

Pastor Ross: There’s a report of that yes. Well let me say a few words about that. Often these encounters or these experiences come from what's referred to as a near death experience and it seems we hear more and more about this because of modern technology and medical advances, "People are able to be brought back to life" for situations which in the past, a person would die. In other words, somebody has a massive heart attack and they're able to do CPR and perform different things to try and preserve that person's life and then they come out of that experience and sometimes they have an experience that they want to share or something that they've seen.

Some of these near death experiences have been described as the result of a lack of oxygen to the brain in some cases, the accounts differ very widely. In other words one person's experience of what Heaven is like can be very different from another. Some say they experience Heaven, others say they might even experience what hell is like, every person's experience is maybe a little different. But it could be the result of as we said some natural cause as the lack of oxygen into the brain. Even people that suffered high fevers sometimes experience a certain degree of hallucination depending upon what the sickness is that they have.

Now if you want to know what the Bible says on the subject, the Bible is pretty clear that the dead don't know anything. When somebody is actually dead, I'm not in about these near death experiences, somebody who's actually dead, they're in an unconscious state until the resurrection. The Bible speaks in Thessalonians of the Lord coming down and it's at that point that the dead in Christ are raised and they are caught up to meet him in the air. If we're going to follow what the Bible says, it's pretty clear on what happens to a person when he dies. They're in the grave waiting for the judgment waiting for the second coming. Go ahead.

Bryan: Does their spirit go to God?

Pastor Ross: The Bible says the spirit returns to God agave it. Now that spirit that returns to God is the breath of life, it's that spark of life that comes from God that we all share. But that spirit of life, that breath of life is shared by both the righteous and the unrighteous and when the righteous dies his spirit returns to God and when the wicked dies his spirit returns to God. In other words God has given life to all people, to all mankind so that that essence of life that spark of life returns to God at the point of death. That's why there's a resurrection, it's at the resurrection that the righteous are raised and the wicked are raised at the end of that 1,000 year period that we're speaking about a little earlier and that's when they receive their reward. Somebody doesn't receive their reward the moment they die and suddenly they’re in heaven, no, they receive their reward at the second coming of Christ when they are resurrected, then they are caught up to meet Jesus in the air and then they go with him for a 1,000 years.

Bryan: Yes but Jesus said that whoever believes in him will never die, and he told the thief on the cross, he said that, "Today on this day you’ll be with me in Paradise."

Pastor Ross: Yes there was a promise that Jesus made to the thief that very day that he would be with him in paradise but I want you to notice Jesus didn't go to Paradise that day. If you read on in the Gospels, it says, "In the first day of the week when Christ rose from the grave he said to Mary Magdalene do not detain me, do not cling to me for I have not yet ascended to my Father in heaven." Jesus gave the thief the promise that very day that he would be with him in paradise. Now the thief wasn't planning on going to paradise that very moment when he died because the thief asked the question Lord remember me when you come in your kingdom. That repentant thief understood that his reward was to be given when Christ comes back again, when he comes in His Kingdom which is at the second coming of Christ.

We do have a free offer on the subject and it deals with the specific thief on the cross and then some of these other questions that you raised, it's dealing with the state of the dead, it says, Do the Dead know anything? What does the Bible teach on that subject? We’ll be happy to send that study guide to you if you would call and ask for it it's 800-835-6747, the study guide is, Is the dead really dead? It's what the name of the study guide is. We also have a website called, you can go take a look at it right now and look at what the Bible says on this important subject. Thank you for your call Bryan, we appreciate it. Our next caller is Harry and Harry is listening in Bartlesville, Harry welcome to the program.

Harry: Yes hi.

Pastor Ross: Hi.

Harry: Thanks so much for taking my call.

Pastor Ross: You're welcome.

Harry: I have a question in Matthew, it's the parable of the an unforgiving debtor, and it really my question starts in verse 25 where he talks about he has to repay the debts. In my margin, I've written the words sin to repay the debt, that would be our sin. Then in verse 27, the servants master took pity on him, canceled the debt and let him go and I wrote down that forgiveness, God gives us that thus forgiving our sins, he canceled the debts.

Pastor Ross: : Absolutely.

Harry: Now my question really starts over on verse 34.

Pastor Ross: Now what chapter are you in, what book and chapter?

Harry: I’m in chapter 18, it's the debt of the unforgiving debtor.

Pastor Ross: Okay yes I got it.

Harry: Okay and then in verse 34 it says, "In anger his master--", this is after that the guy didn't forgive the other-

Pastor Ross: : Yes sure.

Harry: - this other fellow the debt, a smaller debt. And the Master says, "In anger his master turned him over to the jailers to be tortured until he should pay back all he owed." I know I'm misreading this, is that-- it sounds like Jesus is jumping my debt back on me if I don't forgive somebody else–

Pastor Ross: Well--.

Harry: -is that what its saying?

Pastor Ross: Yes, Jesus is pointing out that if we really understand the gift that God has given us in forgiveness, when we really understand how much we have been forgiven for our sins by Christ and what he paid for our forgiveness, when we look at others through that perspective and even though they have done things to us and have hurt us, when we look at what God has done to forgive us, we need to pray and say Lord give me a forgiving spirit that I can forgive another. If-

Harry: Amen I do believe that too.

Pastor Ross: -we refuse to have a forgiving spirit and we are like the parable says we are unkind to our fellow man but then how can we really believe or receive the forgiveness that Christ wants to give us? It’s having a forgiving spirit that we can really recognize how much Christ has forgiven us. In the Lord prayer--.

Harry: It’s really us it’s not him?

Pastor Ross: : Yes it's us. In the Lord's Prayer it says forgive us our sins as we forgive those that sin against us. When we have a spirit of forgiveness to others, then we can appreciate the forgiveness that God gives to us but if we refuse to forgive another we mustn't deceive ourselves to think now that we can claim God's forgiveness and be unkind to our fellow man.

Harry: That's great that explains it, man I was confused there for a little bit but thank you so much for straightening that out for me.

Pastor Ross: : Good question, thank you for calling Harry. You might also like that book that we mentioned that, Teach us to pray and it deals a little bit with the principles of prayer and when it comes to forgiving another, how we receive God's forgiveness, I think you'll find that interesting. The number for our resource line is 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book, Teach us to pray. Our next caller is Ken and Ken is listening from Chattanooga Tennessee, Ken welcome to the program.

Ken: Hello thank you. I have a prophesy question that actually has two parts. The first one is in Ezekiel 39, [unintelligible 00:49:07] God war and I've heard it in terms of when it occurs and I've listened to a couple of people who deal in that and just who speak on prophecy and the two that I listen to put it the first of the seven year tribulation. But when I read it and I read it, they burn the products of that baal God miraculously preserved Israel and the people around including what many say is Russia involved in some of the Islamic countries attacked Israel, God miraculously saves Israel and destroys the invaders. It takes seven years to burn the products of their tools and things like that and seven months to clean up the the bodies, I don't understand how does that affect the [unintelligible 00:00:03] seven year tribulation, if they're going to be three and a half years, the great tribulation takes over, they're already going to have their friends full.

Pastor Ross: Okay, Well, let me address first the term Gog and Magog. The word Gog and Magog is found also Revelation chapter 20 and it describes the enemy of God's people at the end of time. It's a broad term, it's not referring specifically to certain nations, but in a general sense Gog and Magog represent the enemy of God's people. According to Revelation chapter 13, just before Jesus comes, there is a death decree that is passed against the true worshipers of God, those who refuse to get the mark of the beast finding there's a death decree that's passed against them. They set a date when they're going to try and destroy those who are worshiping God in Spirit and and truth.

Before that death decree can actually be put into effect, Jesus comes to deliver His people. The wicked are described as coming up against God's people at the end of time and the words Gog and Magog, it's the enemy of God's people, but God comes to the rescue of His people and as a result the enemy of God's people, they're destroyed and that's this prophetic picture that you see in Ezekiel chapter 39--.

Ken: The Ezekiel war and the-

Pastor Ross: Revelation 24

Ken: [unintelligible 00:01:26] war are the same battle or--?

Pastor Ross: Revelation is drawing imagery from Ezekiel. It's drawing certain symbols from Ezekiel but in Revelation it has a far broader sense. We're not just talking about the Nation of Israel or specific nations as far as Gog and Magog like Russia or China or something like this, rather we're talking on a universal scale at the end of time. Those who are attacking or coming against Gods people, they fall into the category of Gog and Magog and Israel would be symbol of God's people, whether they're literal Jews or whether they symbolic Jews, those who believe in God, those who believe in Christ, that's His people and He comes to their deliverance at the end of time. God and Magog are destroyed, they're finally overthrown and they can't persecute God's people anymore.

You know, we do have a study guide that deals with this whole subject of A Thousand Years and an attack by the enemy of God's people against the true followers of God. We'll send that to you Ken or anyone who wants to study the subject, its a deep subject. If you want to study this a little further, the number to call is 800- 835- 6747, you can ask for the study guide called A Thousand Years of Peace and I think you'll find that an interesting study. We have Rob who is listening from Colorado, Rob, welcome to the programme. Rob are you there?

Rob: Yes.

Pastor Ross: Hi, we've got about two minutes, what's your question tonight?

Rob: My question basically is suicide and if there is any scriptures that pertain to suicide and where someone might go if they commit this act?

Pastor Ross: All right, well, that's a good question, I think all of us I think at some or another in our life have known somebody or maybe even a family member who has committed suicide, perhaps we've even entertained the thought from a time or two. The truth of the matter is, as long as there's life, there is hope, even if things are going hard, we want to be able to cry out to the Lord and he's able to help us, he's able to give us strength and carry us through.

Now, what about somebody who has committed suicide? First of all, we don't know the heart, God knows the heart and there are different circumstances that might occur in a person's life that leads to it. I don't know, sometimes they're suffering severe depression, or maybe it's because of a medication that they might be taking where they can't think clearly. That is something that as Christians we never want to pursue, you don't want the last act of your life being giving up on God or an act of faithlessness where you're saying, "You know what Lord, I'm just going to take my life and end it all"

No, God's able to help us and guide us through every situation that we face. However, somebody who has committed suicide we can't judge the heart, we don't know the circumstances and we just place that in God's hands, say, "Lord, you know." It's comforting to know also that God is in the business of saving people, He's not trying to keep people out of the kingdom, He's trying to get as many people as He can in the kingdom. Man looks at the outward but God looks at the heart and He knows the struggles, all the pain or the turmoil that each individual might be going through. We can just place these situations in God's hands, knowing that He loves everyone and He will do the right thing.

Thank you so much for your call Rob, you can hear the music playing in the background, friends, we are out of time for this edition of Bible Answers live, it's always a joy to study God's word together and friends take a look at our website, for more information and God willing, we'll be back next week to study more.


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