Are the Egyptians in the Bible the same people who built the pyramids?

Are the Egyptians that the Israelites were delivered from the same Egyptians that made the pyramids? Egypt has been conquered by different nations. Current Egyptians are a melting pot of several races. We do not know for certain.
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Pastor Doug:  Hi.  Welcome to the program.

Caller:  The Eqyptians that the Israelites were delivered from, were they the same Egyptians that made the pyramids?

Pastor Doug:  Well, they're not sure, Edmond.  During the time before Moses, there were a race of people who ruled in Egypt, that would never have, or I should say just before the time of Moses, during the time of Joseph, they think it may have been the Hyksos, which was a separate race of Egyptian people that would have allowed a Hebrew to co-rule with them.  But the ones who built the pyramids were a very isolated group of Egyptians and from what we read in their history they never would have allowed a Hebrew to rule with them.  So there have been a few different races of people that have had the power in the nation of Egypt.  Now today, it is basically the Arabs that are living and ruling in Egypt which is another race completely different from those who built the pyramids and the great monuments.  The power in that country has turned over several times as a matter of fact because Egypt has been conquered by the Persians, and the Babylonians, and the Israelites, and the French, so the people who live there today are a melting pot of many different races. 

Caller:  Okay

Pastor Doug:  Good question.

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