Isn't praying for something once enough?

Isn't praying for something once enough?

Isn't praying for something once enough? No, because prayer is more than informing God of our needs, it lifts us up to the Lord. God will place burdens on our hearts helping us know what to pray about.
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Caller:  Two or three callers back, he was talking about praying more than once—repetitious prayer.  What about when that guy was praying for 50 years?  Isn’t praying once enough?

Pastor Doug:  No, because what prayer does—it isn’t to inform God.  Prayer draws us up to God.  It increases our intensity.  It wraps us around God.  I think the Lord wants us to pray, even though He knows everything.  

Caller:  So it’s for our benefit, then?

Pastor Doug:  It’s for our benefit.  It lifts us to God.

Caller:  How do we know when we should stop praying for something?

Pastor Doug:  The Lord lays certain burdens on our heart, and as long as those burdens are there we should pray.  When we’re led by the Spirit, He’ll teach us.  Okay?

Caller:  Sounds good.



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