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How do you know if you have true faith?

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-40
How do you know if you have true faith? If you are feeding your soul everyday with the Word of God, your faith will grow. Don't base your faith on how you feel from day to day, that's not a good measure. God is with you whether you feel it or not.
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Caller:  My question is how do you know if you have true faith?  Just like one day I'll wake up and I'll feel doubtful.  Then like the next day, then I'll believe.  It switches on and off.

Pastor Doug:  Well now first of all, if you're feeding your soul on the Word of God every day Chris, the Bible says, 'Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.'  That's Romans 10:17.

So your faith will grow as you continue to feed your mind on spiritual truth.  And don't base your faith on whether or not God has forgiven you and you're His child on how you feel from day to day, because if you wake up in the morning one day and say, 'I don't feel very faithful today' or, 'I don't feel very spiritual today' - but you know that you've confessed your sins and you've asked God to lead you - then He's still there whether you feel it or not.

Caller:  All right.

Pastor Doug:  You know what I'm saying?

Caller:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  Let me give you some Scriptures.  You've got a pencil?

Caller:  Yes.  Hold on a second.

Pastor Doug:  And also those who are listening, you may want to jot some of these down when you have those clouds move in that make you wonder.

Caller:  All right.

Pastor Doug:  All right - Hebrews 11.  Read the whole chapter.  Hebrews 11 talks about faith Romans chapter 4 verse 5 1st John chapter 5 verse 4 and we can read Acts chapter 13 verse 39.

I better stop right there.  I'm out of time.  Chris, I'm so sorry.

Caller:  Hey no problem.

Pastor Doug:  I've got a whole article that I've written on faith and I've got a tape on faith called Giant Faith.  And thank you for your call.

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