Explain about the significance of the year 1844 and the heavenly sanctuary.

Scripture: Hebrews 10:19, Daniel 8:14
What happened in 1844? What was the significance of it and is there a sanctuary in heaven?
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Caller:  Hello.

Pastor Doug:  Hi - welcome to the program.

Caller:  I was wondering if you could help me with a question.

Pastor Doug:  That's why we're here.  We're going to try.

Caller:  Ok.  I went to the library the other day and I checked out the religious section and I found this book.  It said that, if I understand it right, it said like in 1844 that Christ was suppose to return but for some reason, He didn't.  And they said what happened was that He didn't come to the earthly temple with His people but went into the earthly Temple in Heaven.  I was checking out the Scriptures and in Hebrews 10:19 - it was saying let us have boldness to enter into God's presence by the Blood of Christ.  And it really confused me because, you know, how could that be that Christ had to wait that many years to enter in to the Temple, when His Christian people could by His Blood anytime?

Pastor Doug:  Let me catch up our listeners on what we're talking about.  I know what you're talking about and you know do, but a lot of people listening right now have a big question mark about their heads.  There was a movement in the 1800's lead by William Miller and he had followers that were called Millerites.  And they read the prophecies in Daniel chapter 8 and 9 that seemed to talk about the second coming of the Lord.  In Daniel chapter 8 verse 14, the Angel Gabriel said, 'Unto 2,300 days, then shall the Sanctuary be cleansed' - and this ties in with our study tonight Dick on the Temple.

Co-Host:  That's right.

Pastor Doug:  Many dear Christians thought the Sanctuary was the earth and that God was coming to cleanse it with fire.  Well when you add up the 2,300 years from the commandment to rebuild Jerusalem that's given in Daniel chapter 9, that was 457 B.C. - that reaches to 1844 - and they said that means Jesus is going to cleanse the earth, the sanctuary, with fire - that means Jesus is coming in 1844 and there was a movement from Christians from all different denominations.  They called it the Great Advent Movement.  They believed that Jesus was coming in 1844 and many people believed in the second coming.

Co-Host:  Millions. Millions of people.  All over North and South America, Europe, all over.

Pastor Doug:  Yeah all over.  And when He didn't come, a number of people reacted in different ways.  Some got discouraged, some discontinued studying, some went back to their respective churches.  One group that continued studying found out there's nothing in the Bible that calls the earth the sanctuary.  And when it said the Sanctuary will be cleansed, the Sanctuary is two things.  There's a Sanctuary in Heaven - Hebrews tells us Jesus is our High Priest in that Temple.  There's a sanctuary on earth, and that's the church now.  We are the temple of God.

In 1844, Christ entered into His last phase of cleansing His people on earth from the false doctrines of the Dark Ages.  The Bible says in Daniel chapter 8, 'The truth would be cast to the ground.'  Well a lot of truth was lost during the Dark Ages and - if you study the Sanctuary in Heaven, the Bible tells us that the last phase of that Sanctuary cycle, the sacred cycle, was the cleansing of the Sanctuary 10 days before Yom Kippur or, the Day of Atonement.  They blew the trumpets it was a time of Judgment.  And in 1844, it's believed that Christ entered the last phase of that Heavenly Judgment.

Now, there's a misconception.  Some people think that Jesus never entered the Holy of Holies before then but when Christ first ascended to Heaven after His resurrection He temporarily, in any event, entered the Holy of Holies to present Himself and to activate the Heavenly Sanctuary where He's offering His own Blood that His sacrifice was accepted, and He serves as our High Priest there.

So now I've said a whole lot and I hope that's clear, but we can go now through the Blood of Christ into the Presence of God.  We always have been able to go into the Presence of God through the Blood of Christ into the Holy of Holies by faith.  And that's always been true.

Caller:  Ok.  That's right.

Pastor Doug:  You're asking a deep question and we have people standing by.  The lesson we're offering tonight, our special gift lesson tonight, specifically deals with the very questions you're asking and it gives a lot more Scripture.  Would you mind calling our resource number?  We'll send you that lesson free and it's a free phone call.

Caller:  All right.

Pastor Doug:  It's called, God Drew The Plans, and the number Pastor?

Co-Host:  1-800-835-6747

Caller:  All right.  Thank you.

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