Is it a sin to worry?

Scripture: Matthew 6:25-27, Psalm 37:1-40, Philippians 4:6
Is it a sin to worry? It can be. The Bible tells us to not be anxious for anything. Jesus said not to worry. We certainly should trust God. It doesn't mean we've sin over every little worry. It can be a sin of we live in a perpetual state of worry and have no faith in God.
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Caller:  Is it a sin to worry?

Pastor Doug:  Is it a sin to worry?

Caller:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  Well it can be.  The Bible tells us that we should be anxious for nothing, but in everything through prayer and supplication make our requests known to God.

Jesus said do not worry what shall I eat or what shall I drink, the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew.

Caller:  Oh yeah!

Pastor Doug:  He tells us as the Gentiles do, seek first God’s Kingdom.  And King David in Psalm 37 says, ‘Fret not yourself…’ And I could go on and on.  So there’s quite a bit in the Bible that tells us to trust God, to have faith, and to not worry.  And it doesn’t mean every time that you worry about or ponder am I going to make it to the next gas station you’ve sinned.

Caller:  Yes, right.

Pastor Doug:  I mean God gives us practical sense where we don’t like reach out and grab rattlesnakes but if we’re living in a perpetual state of worry, it is a sin.  It’s an attitude where you have a lack of faith.

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