Grasshopper Mouse

Date: 07/16/2015 
Have you ever heard a mouse howl? Well, what do you expect would happen when a little mouse changes its destiny from hapless prey to mighty predator? Watch this video in the Amazing Facts of Faith series to see what all the howling is about!
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Have you ever heard a mouse howl like a wolf, but what would you expect would happen, when a creature changes its destiny from the hapless prey to mighty predator. From the outside they look very much like just an over-sized field mouse, cute brown fur, white on the underbelly, nice little beady eyes, but that's where the similarity stopped. Grasshopper mice are very unusual making them the objects of great interest for [sic] animal researchers. These furry little creatures are found in the harsh deserts of North America, a very territorial in nature and they will monopolize, and fend off 25 acres.

They don't build their own homes, but sort of confiscate the burros in the homes of other creatures. They're not called grasshopper mice because they hop around, but is because they eat a lot of grasshoppers, in fact, scientists have discovered grasshopper mice are the only mice that are purely carnivorous. They hunt much like cats or weasels stalking their prey in a predatory fashion, and when they pounce, they are ferocious. Sometimes even taking on snakes, and scorpions, and centipedes. When a grasshopper mouse gets into a fierce battle with a snake, or a scorpion, or centipede, they may be bitten or stung several times, but what is amazing to researchers is they've noticed when they are bitten they somehow shake it off because they convert the toxin and the venom to a painkiller.

I think you can understand why this information would be of special interest to scientists, that are trying to discover new ways for people to deal with chronic pain. One of the most intriguing characteristics of these little creatures is when they're defending their territory or celebrating a victory over some adversary, they'll throw back their head and let out this earth-shaking howl. It's a mousy howl, check it out.

The grasshopper mouse is not the only member of creation, that can survive encounters with venomous predators. In Luke 10:19 it says behold I will give you authority [sic] to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy nothing will by any means hurt you. We don't have to be the biggest and the strongest to defeat our enemy and let out that victory roar. When God called David to be king no human would have guessed that he had it in him he was young and insignificant from the outside he looked like there was no greatness in him, but when God looked at his heart he saw courage humility compassion and love.

David wasn't perfect and he made mistakes, but through God's power, he was able to conquer Giants, friend God does not intend that you live out the rest of your life cowering, and trembling like a little field mouse. But God can take the grasshopper mouse, and give him courage so that he fights snakes scorpions, and centipedes. If God can put in the heart of David the courage to fight giants like the lion, then he can give you that same courage.

The scriptures say God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of power love, and a sound mind, and you can have that peace in your heart when you invite the Prince of Peace in your heart. Why don't you do that right now?

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