Amazing Facts of Faith

Amazing Facts of Faith

These informative and fast-paced video devotionals with Pastor Doug feature dynamic illustrations of faith that will surely capture your attention and imagination. In every episode, you’ll enjoy seeing the insightful parallels made between the world around us and God’s transforming spiritual truths. A fun and simple way to introduce basic Bible truths and Amazing Facts with friends and family!

Duration: Varying minutes
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The Palace of Versailles

Louis XIV was destined to do something great. He wanted to live in the country instead of in Paris ... 12/31/2023

Mexico City

Mexico City was known as the capital of the Western hemisphere for about 300 years. It was called N... 02/01/2023


Ireland is one of the most religious countries in the world. The Wild Atlantic Way is the world's l... 01/12/2023


The Bible tells us that where your treasure is, that is where your heart will be.... 06/17/2021


There are over 50,000 alpacas in North America. Alpacas are so docile they are being used as therapy... 12/01/2020

Batu Caves

Revelation 13 warns us that in the last days we will be compelled to "worship the image of the beast... 07/15/2020

D Day

On June 6, 1944, liberation came to the shores of Normandy when thousands gave their lives to libera... 06/25/2020


Seeds are one of the greatest mysteries of life. Somehow they are able to contain the very essence ... 06/06/2020


The Bible tells us that when Jesus comes we will be caught up to meet Him in the air.... 05/21/2020


Tortoises are some of the most interesting animals on earth. They are the longest-living animals on... 05/14/2020

Nile River

Over 4,250 miles long, the Nile River is the longest river in the world but for thousands of years p... 01/23/2020

Napoleon and the Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most iconic monuments in Paris. It was commissioned by Napoleon B... 04/28/2019

Mona Lisa Smile

The most famous painting in the world is Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, painted sometime between 150... 04/22/2019

Catacombs of Paris

There are 200 miles of tunnels that were dug under Paris when they were excavating limestone. In th... 04/21/2019

Eiffel Tower

In the 1880s when it was decided to have the World’s Fair Exposition in Paris they commissioned Gust... 04/20/2019


There was once a time when people all spoke the same language but then they rebelled against God and... 07/21/2017

Sargasso Sea

The Sargasso Sea has some of the bluest water in the world and you can see 200 feet deep in some pla... 06/25/2017

Common Swift

For years scientists have known that the great Frigatebirds can stay on the wing for several weeks. ... 03/17/2017

Arecibo Observatory

Built in 1963 by Cornell University, the Arecibo Observatory dish is one of the largest curved focus... 03/09/2017


Iguana's come in a great spectrum of colors. They can be brown, green, blue and their skin will ofte... 02/02/2017

Giant Mirrors

In October 2013, Rjukan installed an array of three gigantic 550 square foot mirrors on a nearby mou... 10/17/2016


I'm here at a reptile park outside of Durban South Africa. I'm holding my friend here who is a red-t... 08/09/2016


What is it that people find so enchanting about lions? Is it their speed, their claws, their sharp t... 07/25/2016

Nelson Mandela

Every now and then in the panorama of history, we hear about individuals who go from the lowest dept... 06/29/2016


Did you know Fiji was once known as Cannibal Isle? In this not-quite palatable edition of “Amazing F... 05/25/2016


The coconut is a virtual "tree of life." Pastor Doug Batchelor explores this versatile, sturdy littl... 04/07/2016

Fence Posts

Do you ever wonder if you have a purpose in life? Even if you're looking for greener pastures, God c... 02/01/2016

Scuba Diving

Go deeper in your faith and prayer life with Pastor Doug Batchelor as he explores the incredible sig... 01/25/2016

International Dateline

Have you ever worried you don’t have enough time in your day? Have you ever wanted to add another da... 01/18/2016

Juliane Margaret Koepcke

Juliane Koepcke was a German Peruvian high school senior student studying in Lima, intending to beco... 01/12/2016

Corregidor Island

The island of Corregidor in the Philippines was a major flash point in the Pacific Theater during Wo... 12/11/2015

Remember the Alamo

Have you ever heard the saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas”? That might actually be true when yo... 11/14/2015

Halfway to Hell Club

What does the Halfway to Hell Club have to do with the Golden Gate Bridge? Everything. Learn the ast... 10/08/2015

Bowhead Whale

The bowhead whale is an extraordinary underwater behemoth—but also part of the menagerie of strange ... 08/07/2015

Grasshopper Mouse

Have you ever heard a mouse howl? Well, what do you expect would happen when a little mouse changes ... 07/16/2015

Taal Volcano

Once the biggest volcano in the world, now the Taal volcano is considered one of the smallest in the... 06/26/2015


Flags have been around for centuries, and over the years they have meant different things. Today fla... 05/22/2015


Communication today has been transformed by the use of SMS Texting. Did you know that the Philippine... 05/08/2015

Port Royal and Lewis Galdy

In the late 1600s, Port Royal in Jamaica was known as the "Wickedest City on Earth." Built on a sand... 04/24/2015


In the Philippines, the king of the road is the "Jeepney." Find out how that came to be and discover... 04/17/2015


More and more of the world is turning to renewable forms of energy to power their needs. But in many... 02/20/2015

Brightest Light in the World

The brightest manmade light in the world resides atop the famous Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas... 09/04/2014

Cliff Young

An Australian potato farmer proves that it's not how you start a race, but how you finish one, with ... 08/28/2014


The hummingbird has an incredible metabolism, learn how impressive this little creature truly is.... 07/17/2014