Why did Israel and Judah always go to Egypt?

Why did Israel and Judah always go to Egypt? Its because Egypt was the cradle of civilization at that time. There was always food there, even in times of no rain. It often happened during times of famine.
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Caller:  I was just scanning through the radio and heard you and called your number because I was wondering about Judah and Israel and how they seemingly always went over into Egypt for whatever reason.

Pastor Doug:  Well, you know, it’s because Egypt was the cradle of civilization during that time, typically like Abraham, Isaac, the Children of Israel during the time of Joseph—they went to Egypt because- Because the Nile River ran through that fertile area there was always food there. 

They could water by—you know, they had these treadmills, Pastor Dick, that they’d walk on, dating back to the time of the Pharaohs that would irrigate and so because there was the river there, there was always food in Egypt, even during times when there was no rain, and so you always have these nomads bringing their sheep down to Egypt so they wouldn’t die off during the famines.  And that’s principally why they went—it was during times of famine there was food in Egypt.  Okay? 

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