Why don't people use modern music?

Why don't people use modern music? We should sing a new song unto the Lord. There are new songs that are appropriate to sing. But, there are old hymns that are valuable as well. There is new music that isn't good. But, if appropriate, new music is good. It's a controversial issue.
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Caller:  God’s Spirit moves in every generation, and the Holy Spirit’s presence brings joy.  And as David tells us, it produced an inner song from within his heart and it says that it’s all that receive God’s loving presence inside of them and the Holy Spirit.  My question is this – His Holy Spirit is now moving and working and since He is now moving in our world today, why will churches sing songs from the 17- and 1800’s, when some of the greatest ways to touch people is through music?  And if the Holy Spirit is active and producing songs in people’s hearts, why wouldn’t a church be singing songs from the present generation?

Pastor Doug:  Well I think that Biblically, it’s appropriate to sing a new song unto the Lord.  And if a church is never learning a new song, then you question the vitality of the church.  But it’s not inappropriate to sing some old songs.

Some of these old songs – the words and the music – are just powerful!

Caller:  Oh yes.

Pastor Doug:  And so I would never want to negate the power of some of these mighty old hymns but I love a new song.  Now there’s appropriate and inappropriate music.  I’m sure we agree with that.

Caller:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  But there are some beautiful new songs that I’ve heard.  And David, who was a great songwriter himself, said, ‘Sing a new song unto the Lord.’

Caller:  And many of the new songs that are coming out are simply taking the book of Psalms and putting them to music – in present music.  But I had visited some churches where I agree with all their teaching, except for their music is out of a hymnal.  And it makes it difficult, because I was raised by a music teacher and I play several instruments.  And music is so important in the church and I just wanted to hear your reflection on how important it was to have fresh input of new music in the church.

Pastor Doug:  It’s as important as having the doors and windows opened to your house and letting the spring air blow through every now and then.  Otherwise things become pretty stagnant.

Caller:  Sure, sure.

Pastor Doug:  You know my mom was a songwriter.  She used to write for Elvis Presley.  And I grew up in a family where mom was – she taught herself to play the guitar and the piano and – I love music.

And now I’m a Pastor, Phil, and let me tell you, one of the most sensitive areas in a congregation is music because, people all draw the line in a different place and people’s appreciation and styles are so diverse, that to accommodate a growing congregation, you need new, you need old, you need diversity, and still have it be something that is Holy.

And that’s the challenge.  It’s one of the most constant challenges for a church and a Minister – is to keep the music new and fresh and vital, and still be reverent and worshipful.

But that’s a good observation.  I appreciate that.

Caller:  Oh I appreciate your response.  That does help me.

Pastor Doug:  Ok thank you Phil.  God bless you.

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