Is God pro choice or pro life?

Scripture: 2 Samuel 11:5, Luke 1:41
Is God pro choice or pro life? Human life is sacred. An unborn baby is sacred to God no matter what size a person is. Life begins at conception.
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Co-Host:  “My husband and I had a discussion of whether or not God was pro-choice or pro-life,” this lady writes.  “He thinks that God is pro-life because God took the time to make man and not destroy him.  I think that God is pro-choice because He gave us the tree of life to test us and we failed God with our free will of choice.  Without choice, we would be robots, and that includes this issue as well.  What does the Bible say to support either view?”

Pastor Doug:  Well typically, the titles “pro-choice” and “pro-life” are dealing with the subject of abortion of course.  There are issues in Christianity where people wonder if we’re predestination…

Co-Host:  Yes.  Polynistic [sp]

Pastor Doug:  right…or the Wesleyan view that we are all free to choose – freedom of choice.  And we subscribe to the view that God has created us with the freedom to choose.

Co-Host:  Right.

Pastor Doug:  The Bible says, “Choose ye this day whosoever will.”  God has given us a will.  But in the issue of abortion, just because God has given us freedom of choice does not mean that it is the [right] choice to choose abortion.

Obviously, human life is sacred.  We cannot say that an unborn baby is not a sacred entity to God because it’s small, or because it may not be thinking in abstract, complex thoughts as we are.  Human life must be treated as sacred, and the only place that you can point to where human life begins, is at conception.  That’s where you’ve got all the DNA and all of the genes that are co-mingled to create this new life.  And that’s a sacred life that I believe should be respected.

And so the Bible says – they were asking for some Bible evidence – you find in the story of David when he got into trouble with Bath Sheba, she did not say, ‘I am with fetus,’ she said, ‘I am with child.’  Of course that was months before it was evident.

When Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit, the Bible tells us that when Mary and Elizabeth were visiting, that John the Baptist leaped in his mother’s womb at the tidings of Mary.  Well that’s obvious – that’s intelligence and consciousness – and so the Bible clearly teaches us that unborn children are persons and are not fetal tissue, as some would have us believe.

So I would say the Bible teaches pro-life that abortion is a serious mistake.


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