What was God's original diet in the Garden of Eden?

Scripture: Genesis 1:29, Genesis 3:18, Joel 2:28
What was God's original diet in the Garden of Eden? Genesis speaks of a diet of fruits, grains, nuts, and legumes. After sin God introduced the 'herb of the field' vegetables.
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Caller: Yes my question is what was God’s original diet in the Garden of Eden?

Pastor Doug: Well if you look in the book of Genesis, it tells us in chapter 2, that God gave man to eat from the ground basically a diet of fruits, grains, nuts, and that would include legumes.

After sin, God said that man was also to eat the herb of the field, which is the King James’ way of saying “vegetables” as the beasts do.

The original diet for man before sin was fruits, grains, and nuts. After sin, it was not only the fruit of the plant, but the plant itself, which would be the roots, the leaves, the stalk – that would be vegetables. So the original diet was a vegetarian diet.

Caller: Oh. And what about milk? Did God allow people to drink milk or eat eggs?

Pastor Doug: Well obviously as babies, all mammals drink milk even humans drink their mother’s milk. But as time went on and man became nomadic, he began to use the dairy products of the clean animals, goats and sheep, for milk.

And the Bible says butter and honey shall he eat where God’s taking us to a land flowing of milk and honey. So there’s certainly no sin Biblically in drinking the milk of clean animals. I mean I wouldn’t want to drink camel milk. I know when you live with the Mongols, they drink mare’s milk and they make a wine out of it.

But, a bottom line for health is that the fewer animal products, even the clean animals, the fewer animal products in your diet, the less chance you’ll probably have of disease.

Caller: Can I ask you something? I’ve heard people say that if you don’t drink enough milk, you won’t get enough calcium.

Pastor Doug: That is a fable. That is a myth.

Caller: Oh really?

Pastor Doug: Yeah there’s more calcium in broccoli than milk.

Caller: Hm.

Pastor Doug: Yeah the people who put that out are the American Daily Association. That just is not true. You do need calcium in your diet, but the idea that you have to drink cow’s milk to get it – you think God made humans where if they don’t drink cow’s milk they won’t be healthy? I mean why would He wire any creature like that? Even evolution couldn’t explain that one.

Caller: Yes. Ok.

Pastor Doug: So I hope that helps ok?

Caller: Can I ask you one more question? Real short.

Pastor Doug: Well if it’s quick because we have three people waiting.

Caller: Ok. Are there going to be true prophets now in the last time?

Pastor Doug: Joel chapter 2 says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit in the last days. And your sons and your daughters will prophesy.’ So yes there should be prophets – it’s a gift to the church.

Co-Host: Amen.

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