Why does Satan attack God's followers?

Why does Satan attack God's followers? The Bible tells us Elijah went to heaven in a fiery chariot, but Elisha died of a terminal disease. When we share in the sufferings of Christ, it is something to rejoice in. People who suffer may have more faith than those who do not.
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Caller:  I am critically ill and have been told I am terminally ill, and I have worked for the Lord for 26 years and I’m suffering more and more in every possible imaginable way, and it seems that the more I work for the Lord and the kinder I am, the more compassionate I am, lead people to Christ or share the gospel, that the more I do, the more heartache there is in my life, the more sorrow,

Pastor Doug:  You’re wondering why.

Caller:  I’m wondering why?  And people who are Christians come to me for strength and people who are not Christians look up to me, but I don’t want them looking up to me, but I don’t know why I’m—I feel like I’m at the point where I’m almost going to—I’ll never lose my faith but I feel like I’m—

Pastor Doug:  You’re ready to give up?

Caller:  I’m ready to give up, yeah.

Pastor Doug:  Let me share a thought with you.  I think the Lord gave me something today that may just be for you.  I was thinking about a loved one that we have, a church member that is suffering with a terminal disease in the hospital Karen just went and saw her tonight, dear saint, and, you know, you’d like to have these people either go to sleep peacefully or to be translated without dying.  The Bible tells us that Elijah went to heaven in a fiery chariot, CJ.  Elisha received a double portion of Elijah’s spirit, but he died of a terminal disease. 

Why would God have the man with twice the Holy Spirit die of the terminal disease?  You know, the Bible tells us that if we share in the sufferings of the Lord, it’s something for which we can rejoice.  I think, Pastor Dick, you know Morey Vendon, one of the speakers for the Voice of Prophecy, he said something that is thought provoking.  If we have enough faith, does God heal us, or does it take more faith to not be healed?  In other words, sometimes God will allow people to suffer—not because they don’t have faith but because they do have faith. 

And He knows that they can handle it.  Here’s the promise, CJ, in I Corinthians 10:  God is not going to allow you to suffer beyond what you are able to bear.  He promises that.  He knows, He weighs, He measures however He allows you to suffer.  And when you think ‘I’m reaching the end’, God knows and then His strength will come in.  There’s a story in the Bible, and I’ll close with this thought, Jesus sent the disciples across the Sea of Galilee.  Halfway across they got into a storm and the wind was blowing against them.  They might have said, ‘Why did He send us across and then get us all wrapped up in a storm?’  Well, it was strengthening their muscles while they were rowing. 

Then they saw Him coming to them on the water when they could go no farther.  They rowed until their arms felt like rubber.  They couldn’t row another stroke.  They saw Jesus coming.  They invited Him into the boat, and then the boat met the other shore.  He took them the rest of the way when they couldn’t go any farther.  So when you think ‘I can’t go any farther’, just ask Jesus in the boat and He will take you the rest of the way.  He’ll not ever allow you to suffer more than you can bear, okay? 

Caller:  Okay.  Can I ask you just one question?  When the depression and the physical pain is torturous, is there any particular way I should pray?  Should I say ‘Take me home’? or ‘I accept Your will’, or is there something you could say about that?

Pastor Doug:  Yes, I’ll tell you what I have peace with when I’m suffering or ill, or others, is say ‘Lord, I don’t even physically, mentally feel clear enough to know how to pray, but I know in these times when I can’t see You, I can just give it to You.  Lord, I’m putting myself in your hands.  I’m a problem, but I’m Your problem, so take me’.  And it’s a total surrender.  Say ‘Lord, you know all about it.  I know that You know all about it.’  Just give it to Him.  And you know what, I believe that that is a prayer that really moves the heart of God, okay? 

Caller:  Thank you so much and God bless you

Pastor Doug:  Let me pray with you now.  Would that be okay, CJ?

Caller:  Thank you so much.  They tell me that I have only eight months left to live.

Pastor Doug:  We’ll pray that the Lord will work through you that you can be a witness during this time. 

Caller:  I’m lonely.  Very lonely.

Pastor Doug:  Father in Heaven, we just pray that you’ll be with CJ.  We ask, Lord, that You’ll comfort her.  We know it’s not beyond Your power to heal her and lengthen her life, and if this is Your will and Your purpose that she can continue to serve You here, then, Lord, we pray that You’ll bless her and perform a miracle.  Otherwise we ask that You’ll continue to give her grace.  You promised that Your strength is made perfect in weakness and I pray that she will experience Your perfect strength.  In Jesus’ presence, we ask in His name.  Amen

Caller:  Thank you so much.

Pastor Doug:  You’re welcome.

Caller:  God bless you.

Pastor Doug and Co-Host:  God bless you, too, CJ.

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