Should homosexuality in the church be allowed?

Scripture: Leviticus 20:13
Should homosexuality in the church be allowed? The Bible has clear and strong words to say against homosexual behavior. The church should reach out and encourage people to put this away. And certainly they should not be baptized or ordained to ministry while practicing this lifestyle.
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Caller:  Where I live, there an article in the paper talking about homosexuality in the church.  My question is in light of what the Bible has to say, which it doesn’t say very nice things about that, what should be the church’s stance when it comes to ordaining or putting into church office?

Pastor Doug:  I wouldn’t even take it that far.  I think the Bible is extremely clear.  For instance, Leviticus 20:13: If a man lies with mankind, as he is supposed to lie with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination this is one of the strongest words and God says they are to be put to death.  That, of course, was under a theocracy when the Lord led, and when they broke the religious laws under a religious government, they were to be killed. 

I would not recommend that under a democracy because we don’t operate that way under this government.  But you’re asking about the church, how should the church react?  First of all, if a person is struggling with gay tendencies, I think they can gain the victory the same way a heterosexual must control their sexual urges.  They can live a godly, pure Christian life and still be tempted—it’s not a sin to be tempted—but if they’re practicing a gay lifestyle, then they should not only not be ordained to Christian office, they should not be voted into membership.  If a man is living with a woman he’s not married to, should they welcome those people into membership until they get that straight? And if a heterosexual is not to be baptized while they’re living an immoral life, then neither should a homosexual that’s practicing.  Do you see what I’m saying?

Caller:  Yes, that’s pretty much where I’m standing also.  When I was reading the article, my only thought was, because they were talking about worshiping, that as far as worship, they have the right to worship where they want to.

Pastor Doug:  Yes, well, everybody can worship God.  And at our church that I pastor, we’ll welcome everybody through the doors.  We’ll welcome not only people who might be tempted with the gay lifestyle, we’ll welcome people who are practicing to come and hear the word of God.  Whosoever will can come and hear the word.  That’s assuming they’re not going to disrupt the service.  We practice open churches.  We want people to find the truth. 

But as far as being a member—when a person is voted into membership or any office, if they’re living in open sin like that, then the Bible forbids that very clearly.  Paul even tells us that a man who was sleeping with his father’s mother should be excommunicated.  Right?  I Corinthians.  We have a book on that if you want more information or for anybody else.  Gary Gibbs wrote a great book.  It’s a very controversial book but I think it’s a Biblical approach.  It’s called Return to Sodom, and it talks about how the views have been changed in society on something that is clearly defined in the Bible as a perversion.  You can contact our Resource operators for this excellent resource.

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