I'm confused about the Sabbath, can you help?

Scripture: Romans 6:14-15
Though we are under grace, freed from the penalty of the Law, we still need to keep God’s Ten Commandments, including the Sabbath commandment. Discover why!
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Caller: I have a couple of questions. I’ll make it quick. I remember you were talking about the Sabbath day and I was really confused. I love to learn things about biblical stuff. I have a friend of mine who goes to church on Saturday and she was telling me that that’s the right day to go, but I go on Sundays. And I asked my father and my aunt, and they said no-no Sunday is, because we’re not under the Law anymore we’re under grace. And I read the Bible and He was crucified on Saturday and He rose up on Sunday. I wasn’t sure because I know I talked to this man.

Pastor Doug: Well you’ve asked several questions. Let me answer some so we can catch up, ok?

Caller: Yes.

Pastor Doug: First of all, a little correction. Jesus was crucified on Friday and rose on Sunday…

Caller: You’re right, you’re right, right. I forgot.

Pastor Doug: …and I knew you knew that then the other part is when people say we’re not under the Law and that’s the reason we don’t keep the Sabbath, well I believe we are not under the penalty of the Law. We are living under grace. But being under grace Paul says, ‘Do we continue to sin because we’re under grace? God forbid!’

Do we break God’s commandments whether it’s the Sabbath or the commandment about adultery? Now that we’re under grace, is it ok to lie and steal? Of course not. So the argument that being under grace means that we don’t obey the Ten Commandments is really absurd. And anyone who uses that – it’s an argument of ignorance. But we are under grace.

Caller: Yes. True.

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