Will we have wings in heaven?

Will we have wings in heaven? I don't know that we will have literal wings, but there are references in Scripture that seem to indicate we will not be restrained in the way we are now. I think there is an unknown dimension that we may gain back that we lost in the garden of Eden.
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Co-Host: Second question: There is a popular concept among Christians that when we are taken to Heaven we will have wings based on the fact that Jesus told us that we will be like angels in Heaven and there will be no more marriage. Can you explain what your position is? Will we have wings?

Pastor Doug: Well I believe we will be able to fly. See, Adam and Eve, I think when God first made them, were not quarantined or imprisoned in the Garden of Eden.

Co-Host: Yes.

Pastor Doug: I think it’s God’s plan for us to be able to interact with the other creatures. One reason for that is you read in the book of Job, the Sons of God gather in this Heavenly Meeting. Lucifer says I came from the earth because it’s mine now. But these other Sons of God from other worlds perhaps, have come to meet with the Lord.

So, will we have bird’s wings? I don’t know. It does say in Isaiah 40:31, speaking of the saved, “They will mount up with wings like eagles.” I don’t know if that means if we’ll have eagle’s wings or if they’re wings of light. You know many of us have sung the song “Rock of Ages.” Of course, that’s not the Bible, but that verse says, ‘We will soar to worlds unknown. See Thee on Thy judgment throne.’

I do think that we’re going to be able to fly.

Co-Host: Well Jesus raised right up into the clouds.

Pastor Doug: Yeah – that’s my point. That’s a good example. He just went up into the sky. I don’t know that He was flapping stork’s wings. “Wings” is a term that can be used to mean “able to fly.”

Co-Host: I’ve heard you say oftentimes Doug that there is a dimension that we’re just not aware of, like a fourth dimension or something.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Co-Host: Maybe there’s something in there that we’re just not aware of yet.

Pastor Doug: Adam and Eve lost this whole realm of the spirit world. And we don’t understand some of those dynamics. All I know is I flew four hours today in a small plane with my family back from a meeting in Idaho, and, oh I love flying in the sky.

Co-Host: But his arms are not flapping.

Pastor Doug: No – my wings aren’t tired.

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